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Streaming media is a technology which allows real-time "broadcasting," or distribution of multimedia files via the Internet.
Another bonus of using streaming media as opposed to just serving a file off your hosting directory is its inherent copyright security.
This is the perfect low-cost, affordable streaming media hosting solution for a small band, music group, or personal web site.
Streaming Applications - The most common implementations of streaming media include using RealMedia, Windows Media Services, and QuickTime. Both Linux and Windows shared and dedicated hosting packages are capable of using any of these streaming applications, although it may be hosted by a different server.

This is the continuous download of data containing digital media allowing for viewing or listening while the download is still in progress.
While any hosting account is typically capable of hosting digital media, making your media "live" and immediately available at the click of a button is much more pleasing to your audience. It is extremely difficult for people to receive your media stream and save it on their own systems for re-use or modification. Most providers will not sell anything less than a full dedicated server to do streaming media hosting, but since this is beyond the needs of many of our customers we have begun this "shared" service. After encoding, the videos are transferred to Flash, Windows Media, Real Helix, or QuickTime streaming servers according to their finished format.

The result is clicking a hyperlink and in seconds beginning to see or hear what you requested.

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