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A special thanks to Hethe Berg, the local distributor for Send Out Cards here in Omaha, NE. I think direct mail is such an overlooked and valuable marketing option that is deserves important attention in your marketing plan. I'd like to share what I've learned, what I did wrong, and my recommendations to get new clients the right way - and inexpensively - with direct mail. I completely ignored my database to ask for referrals because it was too uncomfortable, so I decided  to spend a lot of money and take a bunch of risk to buy the attention of prospects.
First, segment your database into two groups - the people you've 'met' and the people you 'haven't met'. I recommend you include a fun picture of yourself on the front of your cards, which is fully customizable using Send Out Cards - use pictures that bring out your personality and excite people to actually open your card when it arrives in the mail every month. 1.) Terry Williams (Mortgage Broker) - Omaha, NE2.) Our Send Out Card we sent to 125 people in May 2010! I recommend an entirely different strategy when marketing directly to your prospective 'haven't mets.' To keep your cost low, I recommend you send a quarterly, then when you can afford it, a monthly JUMBO sized postcard to your ideal prospects.
I love the mailing service at ExpressCopy - they will send a full color, front and back jumbo postcard with first class postage to 200 people for about $0.68 a postcard. Business hiding in your database?Let's talk about the results you can expect with The Vyral Marketing Plan. Longtime fashion curator Judith Clark talks about the 1971 costume exhibition that changed the relationship between fashion and art at some of the world’s greatest museums.
He bought this wonderful service to my attention and is a true professional when it comes to relationship marketing.

I'm sure you've had a bad experience with direct mail; you purchased an expensive list, spent hours on the design and copy, sent the mailing, and waited for the phone to ring.
So, I went to InfoUSA Sales Genie and purchased a mailing list of everyone who fit my perfect client description (this was back in the days of my fitness business). These people had no idea who I was, I wasn't clear about what I was selling, I didn't include a time-sensitive offer, provided no proof of my results (testimonials), and didn't offer a guarantee. The people you've met are your sphere (your circle of influence - friends, family, close business contacts, etc) who are most likely to refer you to the ideal client you seek.
Your benefit: you stay top of mind with the people who are most likely to refer you and remind them to be your salesforce. Remember, these people DON'T know you; so we're going to treat these postcards as an infomercial . Corey Cain (Personal Trainer) Omaha Boot Camp - Omaha, NESo, at the end of the day, with both direct mail strategies you'll invest $200-300 a month on a consistent direct mail campaign. Retarget your web visitors, promote videos to your email lists, and reach niche audiences to build your database. After a way-too-long winter, we decided to film this on the golf course on a BEAUTIFUL Friday afternoon at one of our finest local social establishments, the Prestige World Class - watch the video and join us for a few beers as we discuss direct mail marketing best practices! I spent hours in Photoshop to develop a beautiful postcard and sales letter to send to the list - I even wrote handwritten notes to these people who had no idea who I was.
I don't even think I had a clear call to action - my phone number was hidden at the bottom and my logo took up all the space!
Your list of 'haven't mets' is a very targeted list of your ideal prospects that, ideally, you want to use the connections and influence of your 'mets' to get in front of these people.

Inside of your card, include a teaser to your most recent blog article (and if you're really savvy a screen shot of your most recent educational video). Plus, we go the extra mile to make our cards memorable with ridiculous pictures of John and I on the front. In short, every postcard will feature a new client and the fantastic results they are seeing on your program (VERY IMPORTANT). Remember, it all starts with a strong list of ideal prospects when you identify your 'haven't mets' and start your infomercial postcard campaign; so I recommend you first see my friend Jared Wright with Wright Direct to find a list, then give me a call and I'll help you craft of the copy and design so you get results. Believe me, I've been there - I've spent WAY too much money on direct mail back in the day.
I spent thousands of dollars and countless hours of time; and didn't get a single response. The list goes on of all my mistakes, but from this experience and after much research; now I've learned how to do direct mail right the very first time for results.
Remember, you're not selling to your 'mets', these people are your leverage to get the attention of your ideal 'haven't mets' (i.e. Also include a very personal message about what's happening in your company, a success story of a client, or a relevant and useful tip to help improve your sphere's life (financial, real estate, marketing tip, etc).
It must include a special offer, a headline, testimonials, a special offer, and a strong call to action.

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