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The outcome of the design stage is the blueprint that will be used as a reference to develop the course. Storyboard development: integrating instructional methods (pedagogical elements needed to support the learning process) and media elements. Courseware development: developing media and interactive components, producing the course in different formats for CD-Rom and web delivery and integrating the content elements into a learning platform that learners can access. Brainsalad Software recommends an evaluation stage to better understand what worked and what didn’t in order to improve the attainment of your learning objectives.
Although Brainsalad Software carefully selects the appropriate technology for your project, content management systems periodically require security updates, system upgrades, version upgrades and other general website maintenance. Formulating and executing perfect hair color can be tricky business, but only if you don't take the proper steps!
The first step to formulating perfect hair color is to determine the natural level of your client's hair. The last step before formulation is to determine your client's texture, porosity and density.

Once you have shampooed the color out, you can determine if you will need to break the base or do a gloss. Make your life a whole lot easier by recording your client's formulas in a client book. This entails information gathering to better understand how best to serve your business goals and objectives.
We have the expertise and experience you need to ensure you get the customer support you deserve long after the initial development and launch of your eLearning program.
No problem, Brainsalad Software is also here to help you with your questions and training to ensure you get the support you need from start to finish. Level 1 is the darkest and 10 is the lightest (level 12 high-lift blonde is not included in natural levels). Once you've applied your color, make sure to double check that the hairline in completely saturated as this is the area that gets missed most often. Nothing is worse than a beautiful hair color with big telltale color blotches on the face or neck.

It takes two seconds, and when your client comes back asking for that perfect hair color you did last time, you'll know exactly what they're talking about! The needs analysis reveals the identification of course objectives and high level course goals.
In facilitated and instructor-led courses, this stage also includes managing and facilitating learners’ activities.
Whether you’re looking for a one-time fix or customized scheduled maintenance, our simple website support and maintenance plan will keep your website secure, reliable and up-to-date. If the client has very porous hair that will grab color in an instant, then you will have to formulate accordingly. Hot water opens up the cuticle and allows the color to fall out, while cool water seals the cuticle and the color in it.

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