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On January 7, 2008, Xerox unveiled a completely overhauled corporate identity, after 40 years of relatively minor changes. Numero monografico sobre revitalizacion de marcas, en el que analizamos y describimos diferentes vias de actuacion tanto a nivel de estrategia de marca como de rediseno de logotipos y de sistemas visuales de identidad corporativa. Charged with the launch of Xerox's "Work Can Work Better" campaign, CMO John Kennedy shares what he's learned and what he hopes to achieve. In the same way Kleenex has been synonymous with tissue, Xerox has owned the word for printed copies for more than half a century. After serving as a Vice President of marketing for IBM Global Business Services, Kennedy joined Xerox in August of 2014. Selling cycles are long — so it should always be clear how and where your marketing activity is contributing to what part of the selling cycle at what time.
Employees are often the face of the organization, so it’s important to enroll your employee population in everything that you do. Today, we compete in a large and growing $400-billion market, with most of that growth coming from our services segment.
As the business environment becomes more complicated and technologies shift, companies are increasingly looking for Xerox to help them manage their complex business processes and drive greater productivity.
That knowledge of the perception gap directly influenced the creation of a new brand strategy that defines what makes Xerox authentic, differentiates us from the competition and makes us relevant to business and public sector leaders.
Amy Gesenhues: Did any other company functions, beyond marketing, play a role in helping shape Xerox’s new brand strategy? John Kennedy: The senior team was involved from the very beginning of our work on this strategy, and that was key to gaining their buy-in and support.
In our experience, when you show the C-suite and sales that you focused on learning more about the customer and in turn can speak to them in a more authentic, meaningful way, they’re apt to follow. Our goal is that all employees understand, embrace and communicate our purpose — both what is Xerox and why is the work we do important.
Amy Gesenhues: I know Xerox has rolled out an extensive campaign to launch the new brand strategy.
Highly visual, shareable stories emphasize Xerox clients and their industries in a more personalized, easy-to-understand presentation. We’re also examining our approaches with vehicles like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and continue to take risks, and meet and inspire our clients and prospects whenever they’re gathering and having discussions.
So we’ve set out to communicate and inspire through a uniquely Xerox user-centric digital experience – one that is more representative of our focus areas.

While an entire re-launch of a website, including site design, experience and technology platform, is significant in its own right, we know that websites today are just containers for content that can live anywhere on the social Web. To drive this strategy, we hired a new digital leader, Josh Golden, who was previously the CMO at Story, a content agency based in New York. John Kennedy: Social media is a two-way conversation, and a successful conversation can’t happen if one person isn’t listening.
We’re constantly exchanging ideas with our followers and using their feedback to ensure we’re providing valuable insights that can help improve the way they work. Growth in the way our clients and prospects respond to us and are more open to doing business with us. Growth in the stature and contribution of the marketing and communications function as a result of having led this work.
Amy Gesenhues: One last question: Can you speak to how a long-standing, reputable brand like Xerox manages a new branding strategy and the challenges you have faced? John Kennedy: While there’s certainly no shortage of challenges, I’d say these challenges are in fact unique in the sense that we’re trying to celebrate a heritage and continued leadership in document technology, while also showing an evolution as a services company that is literally changing the way the world works.
The obvious challenge is to evolve the Xerox brand into something that is broader than just printing and copying. At the same time, we’ve contended with the idea that our brand is synonymous with photocopying. Other challenges were fairly predictable for a brand strategy shift of this magnitude: How do you get senior leadership on board?
Amy Gesenhues is Third Door Media's General Assignment Reporter, covering the latest news and updates for Marketing Land and Search Engine Land.
MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23.
The new logo consists of the name of the company in lowercase with a red sphere which has two lines ("connectors") that cross to form an "X". Brands must be based on enduring ideas, not on the businesses that a company participates in. Partner with different segments of the business when developing a brand idea, such as sales and HR. My role as CMO is to lead the marketing and communications team in supporting that transition by developing strategic and user-centric content that attracts the interest of C-level executives, and influencing purchasing decisions reflective of the buyer’s journey today.

And this growth is driven by the significant amount of change that’s happening not only in business but in the world — in healthcare, in transportation, in financial services. But what’s most important about the new strategy is that it isn’t about document technology or services or anything else that we market or sell.
We’ve been fortunate to have the kind of time that’s been provided to work with the senior team and the Xerox Board of Directors, as well.
We’ll lean on our senior leaders to speak with as many employees as possible to get them energized and activated as brand ambassadors. Dozens of new responsive and intelligent pages are devoted to Xerox’s services offerings to better reflect the company’s evolving business strategy. Practically speaking, we’re creating content that speaks directly to our customers, not about ourselves. We’re sharing content, but more importantly, we’re listening to the conversations happening about and around our brand. The acquisition of ACS more than five years ago gave us an immense reach with our portfolio of services in particular, and it translated to Xerox meaning a lot of different things to a lot of different audiences. From 2009 to 2012, she was an award-winning syndicated columnist for a number of daily newspapers from New York to Texas. Ademas, unas lineas conectoras alrededor de una esfera representan en una X la conexion de la empresa con los distribuidores, clientes, colaboradores, etc.
It is something that made Xerox such an important part of business history and led to incredible name recognition.
For quite some time our Web traffic wasn’t reflective of our revenue, particularly in that traffic on services pages lagged far behind other areas, despite those offerings generating more than half of our revenue. And we’re doing it in part with bite-sized stories that make us relevant and easily understood. We’ve cleared many of those challenges in an extremely compressed time-frame — something we’re all very proud of.

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