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YouTube's video editor offers many of the same features you might find in traditional editors such as the ability to add a soundtrack or transitions between clips. Until your video reaches 10,000 views, you can revert back to the original unedited version at any time. While searching for YouTube Upload Specs the other day I stumbled upon the YouTube Video Editor.
When you are all done click Publish and your Edited Video will be added to your YouTube Channel. Before your video becomes available for viewing, however, it needs to be processed up there in the cloud, an operation that currently takes a hefty chunk of time: our three-minute-plus test video was still processing two hours after we completed our trims. In addition to the trimmer's rudimentary editing capabilities, you can also add audio from a vast AudioSwap library of tunes, which range from Bach to Snoop Dogg. If you've edited video before on your Mac or PC, you won't be impressed by the YouTube Video Editor's uber-basic capabilities. For the last decade organizations have been trying to protect their networks by building defenses across the borders of their network.

Highly efficient general-purpose virtualisation platform is easy to use and hybrid cloud-ready. WAN architectures have been evolving in response to major shifts in telecommunications and information technologies.
The editor now has a quick-view for all of the available filters, and as you’re editing your video you can check out a real-time interactive preview of any enhancements you’ve made. Unlike most other editors, however, you are still limited to just one video track rather than several — and you are unable to control how long transitions last between clips. After you pass the 10,000 mark, you can still access your original upload and save it under a new name, but your edited version will be stuck the way it is. You can check out the new features by clicking the Video Manager button followed by Edit and then Enhancements. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
You merely drag a video that you have previously uploaded to YouTube from a My Videos pane into a video timeline, click a scissors icon that appears on top of it, and the video then opens in a new window above your browser.

So much for the awesome power of the cloud — although we can only assume that GooTube will throw more processing cycles at the service after it emerges from the TestTube. Unfortunately, you can't mix your own audio with the AudioSwap tunes, and if you add a tune, your original audio is permanently replaced.
But for casual users who simply want to snip off chunks of homemade clips, this cloud-based service might be perfectly sufficient. The videos that can be used in the Editor are all of the videos that you have uploaded to your YouTube account.
There you drag trimming bars on either side of the timeline to your chosen trimming points, fine-tune the trim with forward and back arrows, click Save, and the video is added to your My Videos collection.
After adding it to the timeline there are three different tools that appear when you hover over it.

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