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When I started out in the building business, interest rates were low, money was easy to borrow, and custom homes were the way to go.
No matter how high-end a home, the closets always share a lot in common—at least the ones outside the master bedroom.
To allow enough room for medium-length coats and shirttails, double pole should be spaced a minimum of 40 in. These simple design rules apply to even the most complicated closets, from reach-ins, like the one in the previous illustrations, to elaborate walk-ins, like the one above. Obviously, the trick to making money in closet organizers is being organized yourself, and that starts with the design. With good design control and a story pole, a single carpenter can layout all the closets in a typical home in less than one hour, and even make a cut list, too. The Sector 9 69mm Slalom Top Shelf longboard wheels have a sharp, flexible lip and soft durometer.
But I wouldn’t trade what I learned from those 200-plus unit buildings, not a bit of it.

Once the exterior doors are in, before installing any interior doors or trim, we like to get the closet shelving in place, if it’s paintgrade. Just remember one thing whenever you turn a corner with shelving: All closet pole requires a minimum 24 in. Whenever possible, we try to keep linen shelves the same width, so they can be cut in packages.
Our approach to every high-end custom job—from the big ones to the little ones, and our profit margins, still depend on the lessons learned from production work. The three most common types of shelving arrangements are (see above): Double Pole, Single Pole, and Linen Shelves. After all, metal supports for single and double pole are easy to install, but installing supports for linen shelving isn’t so easy and there’s a lot more shelves! The same with double pole arrangements, especially if there are several closets roughly the same size.
We wait to install the baseboard until all the shelving is in, too, because the baseboard has to be cut around the dividers.

Economics and demand dragged us into multi-family housing—we started installing finish work on apartment complexes, condominiums, and townhouses.
Slap these on your carver with some smooth bearings and wipe that tear of joy away, because you're cruising. The work was hard, the prices competitive, but the profits were good if you had your act together, if you were fast and didn’t make mistakes. Whether the customer wants wood, melamine, or MDF shelving, we limit the span—anything over 34 in.

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