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Incredible eBay Find: The Biggest Ardun Treasure Trove We Have Ever Seen – Heads, Cam, Carbs, All Of It! One of the neatest mechanical features is the clutch system used on the front wheel allowing it to spin faster or slower than the rear for cornering. Submit ContentWe are always looking for good bang shifty stories, projects, photos & videos. If you need a vehicle that will go up, over, and through anything in its path - ROKON is the only choice. A 1972 Rokon Trail-Breaker – an 8hp 2-wheel drive all-terrain motorcycle – restored by Robert Galbraith. The concept of a two wheel drive motorcycle is one that has held a fascination for motorcycle engineers over the years and has resulted in production machines appearing. So what that really means is we wait 3 years then we will have to jump through 500 hoops and have a waiting period of 6 months which will actually be 11 months. If only these folks could release the plans and those who are technically inclined can DIY themselves.
We thought something this weird would have been made for a couple years and then gonzo, we were wrong. They were geared to crawl, climb, and slog through whatever junk you ran into in the backwoods.

Narrow with high ground clearance and excellent traction for its lightweight --- ROKON will get you into places no other vehicle will. Perhaps the best known examples are the recently announced Yamaha system that has been applied to some of their off road machines with a degree of success and the Rokon motorcycle tractor. It will actually cost 2 or 3 times that and will only be produced for 10 months then go bankrupt ergo no replacement parts or service.
The vehicles being made today are updated, but very close to the ’69 bike we found for sale on eBay. We'll give you credit for the submission (of course) and what is cooler than showing all your gang that you have a story on Bang Shift? The Drysdale offered here took the concept to a much higher level incorporating not only two wheel drive but alo two wheel steering.
You have to admit these little bastards make one heck of a first impression with those big tires. Military buyers from around the globe seem to be the main customers these days and we can see why.
The narrow width and balanced weight allows ease of operation, even in the most difficult situations.
The machine was conceived and built by the Drysdale Motorcycle Company of Dandenong, Victoria, Australia. Intended for desert use the prototype is reputed to have absorbed over 3,500 man hours in its design. Later models came with a 2-stroke snowmobile mill, one cylinder Kohler engines, and whatever else the company could get deals on.

At the heart of the machine is a 250cc two stroke engine based on a 1977 Maico power unit, with new crankcases machined from solid by Drysdale. In order to achieve the two wheel drive required, the designers adopted an hydraulic system utilising a Vickers aerospace nine cylinder bent axis piston pump originally fitted to the North American Sabre jets land gear to provide the hydraulic pressure. The pressure provided by the pump is supplied to independent front and rear motors of a five cylinder design with a rotating housing and stationary shaft. Two drive options are available one in parallel split between the two motors giving a top speed of 50 kph and the second in with the two motors being driven in series resulting in a top speed of 100kph.
A valve in the return to the main pump, activated by a right foot pedal provides the braking with the system acting on both wheels simultaneously. The steering system is again hydraulic utilising a pre-pressurised system that is independent of the transmission. A delay of 5 degrees has been designed into the steering box to enabling normal countersteering to be employed.
Controls are restricted to the brake pedal previously mentioned, a left foot pedal that must be depressed and held down to keep the bike in drive and a conventional throttle mounted on the unconventional handlebars that were specifically designed to protect the riders hands.This intriguing machine has been housed in the Donnington Grand Prix Collection for the last twenty years.

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