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Yamaha entered a 2x2 motorcycle in the 2004 Paris Dakar off road race, utilizing a hydraulic drive to the front wheel.
Yamaha has however shown the world that they are capable to produce durable and lightweight hydraulic drives. Yamaha patented system uses a hydraulic pump located on top of the gearbox and driven by a chain in oil bath (see red circle) which actuates hydraulic fluid via high pressure hoses to the front wheel. This construction allows a "smart operation": the pressure and consequently the pulling power on the front wheel varies the more the rear wheel slips. Submit an article on Hydraulic DrivesContact Hybrid-Vehicle.orgYou are welcome to submit an article on lightweight hydraulic drives. The 2×2 drive system and unusually large tires allow even the less experienced riders to cross the most difficult of terrains.
The 2X2 Cycles Motorcycle Bicycle Rack lets you carry a bike on the back of your motorcycle. If you really like your motorcycle, then perhaps you might be keen on the idea of using it as your one and only source of motorized transportation – for part of the year, at least. The brake light-equipped steel rack mounts on the rear of the motorcycle using supplied bolts – no drilling or altering of the vehicle is required. Finally, a strap is run over the bike’s handlebar stem, and attached to the motorcycle’s frame or passenger foot pegs.

The 2X2 Cycles Motorcycle Bicycle Rack works with Honda, BMW, Kawasaki, KTM, Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Yamaha, Triumph, Aprilia, and Ducati motorcycles. So what that really means is we wait 3 years then we will have to jump through 500 hoops and have a waiting period of 6 months which will actually be 11 months. If only these folks could release the plans and those who are technically inclined can DIY themselves. The special hub in the front wheel is a "hydraulic motor" (see blue circle), which is set in motion through the pressure of the hydraulics.
The system can regulate itself and applies always the best ratio of power between front and rear. Additional perk is the fact that its weight varies from 47 to 74 kilograms, so even the surfaces that are literally impassable, even for a vehicle that is this able, can be covered simply by carrying the motorcycle over. Although the Taurus is still a concept, the price is already known and it should be just under $980. The process starts with the front wheel being removed, and the fork getting clamped into a lockable quick release at the front of the rack.
This is for added security, and – according to Blake – it helps keep the bike’s weight concentrated on the back of the motorcycle, as opposed to hanging out behind it. It will actually cost 2 or 3 times that and will only be produced for 10 months then go bankrupt ergo no replacement parts or service.

You can also adjust the system, depending on usage of the machine and apply more basic thrust in front or less.
The Taurus 2 is lighter and it has low-pressure tires, while the Taurus 2M packs more weight, but also more power and more heavy-duty tires.
The transportation of the bike and its storage have been made easy by the option of easy disassembling which allows you to store the bike in two bags and fit them in pretty much any car out there. Buyers will be advised on the mounting method for their particular motorcycle when they order the rack. Next, at the rear of the rack, the left-side crank is lowered into a rubber-coated sling, and secured in place with another quick-release mechanism.
Another motorcycle bike rack, the Johnny Rack, was available as recently as last year, but the company is no longer in business. The detached front wheel is then attached to a receptacle just above the sling, using its own quick-release.

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