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Personally, I think that the experience of coffee is the entire process, and grinding it manually would provide just that experience.
There are serveral styles for these grinders, some are wall mounted and some simply sit on your counter top.Usually made of unpolished wood complete with cast iron handle (used to grind the coffee beans)it compliments any kitchen top setting. I wanted to tell you that we got a Thank you note from the new Mom, and she referred to the hat you made as “The best baby hat in the world”, I think that means she liked it!!

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There is something "coffee" about the grinding that produces the "not so fine" grind.Sure, we all know that these coffee grinders would not produce the ideal coarseness and aroma. Different from the traditional grinder, these has sleek designs with clean lines running through the mill, a very clear reflection of the art deco movement.I mentioned earlier about the wall mounted, and mysterious is the word I would use on these traditional coffee grinders.
I’m adding this one to the Instant Art series, wouldn’t this one look fabulous framed and hung in a kitchen!
But, do note that it is also one of the few grinders that can grind without producing any heat, thus locking in the coffee flavor.Or, how about that loud grinding sound? Being mount on the wall, these grinders features a porcelain background with some olden day scene.It is difficult (yes, even in ebay, I do not see them at all) to find, so if you see one, seriously consider buying and keeping it.

A custom furniture can be derived from previous models such as Louis or Victorian style furniture or unique carvings of Baroque and Rococo furniture classics. You could either keep it to your collection or turn it around and sell it for a tidy profit!
For coloring can choose natural color of wood, painted, gold leaf or silver leaf, combined with the French style or Italian style furniture.

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