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Beautiful keepsake boxes for memories and toy boxes to keep their rooms tidy, made extra special with your child's name. I can’t tell you how happy I am though, that I told HomeRight yes to reviewing their paint sprayer. Before painting the chest, I gave it a good sanding to remove loose paint and wiped it down with a tack cloth to pick up all the dust.
One of the great things about the Finish Max┬áis that it comes with this awesome tool, technical term is a viscosity cup) that helps you determine whether or not your paint needs to be thinned. You fill up the funnel (viscosity cup) with paint and then count how many seconds it takes for the paint to empty out of the funnel. To add some character, I stenciled on some cute little birds in pink and blue with a stencil from Royal Designs Studio. I can’t tell you guys how much easier this paint sprayer has made my furniture painting.

I too hate paint sprayers for the same reason, so I am thrilled that you found one that really works! I have always been scared to buy a paint sprayer because I’ve heard horror stories like your first two experiences. Kids will have fun keeping things tidy and organized with our Harley-DavidsonA┬« Flames Toy Box. When HomeRight first contacted me and asked if I was interested in reviewing a paint sprayer, I was a bit skeptical. One would never spray quite right, it always spit out globs of paint despite me following the exact directions on thinning the paint. The instruction manual gives you the amount of time it should take for primer, enamel, etc.
I decided this old chest was the perfect thing to get started with using my new HomeRight Finish Max.

The paint comes out very fine to create a beautiful finish, so it may take an extra coat to get full coverage. We really appreciate you reviewing the HomeRight Finish Max and love that you gave a step by step guide on how to thin the paint.
If your paint doesn’t run out of the funnel in the given amount of time, it needs to be thinned.

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