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Garden walls and walkways are a couple of the ways we create curb appeal, but sometimes we often overlook these places around our homes and gardens, especially in smaller spaces or lots, that can add interest and details to our homes.
A pleasing combination of Asian inspired elements and eclectic decor items like the mirrors, with the plants-all attached to the fence to make it interesting for the homeowner or visitor. This certainly would not be an terribly attractive fence by itself, but with the simple addition of shutters and a plant stand, watering cans and a few plants, it is transformed. Imagine standing at the bottom of these stairs and facing the wall that connects the house to the garage without the shrubs or the singular yet colorful piece of art. This looks to be a courtyard and it is certainly a happy way to welcome visitors from the street via a colorful walled entry. If you were walking between spaces in this yard, it would not be nearly so interesting as it is because the owners have chosen to break up a long brick wall with a lattice planter.
In between these very tall walls, containers add not just interest, but the varied plants add texture and beautiful, cooling variable green color.
Another creative use of framed boxes along a fence wall, this a bit more complex than the one above.
Here the owners created a privacy fence between garden and drive by using planting boxes with climbing vines to obscure the view as well as create a more intimate space.
These owners did the same thing, but with the addition of benches, and by putting the flower boxes on top!
Instead of the usual open space on this porch, or the often used privacy curtain or shade, the easy addition of lattice and a metal table filled with blue and lavender plants makes for a more inviting and serene space. In a big space or a small space, adding this planter with herbs makes going between house and garden a pleasure. Look here and think how totally uninteresting this wall would be without these simple additions. In a long expanse of wall, or along the side of a garage or side of a house, the addition of a single area of espalier like this can create a far more interesting connection between buildings and gardens. Although I am not wild about the white stone and pavers, this is still a good example of how a narrow space between two buildings can be transformed by greenery.
If you have a wall or side of a building, even placing a colorful old chair and a potted plant breaks up an expanse of boring. This owner decided to not just decorate the wall, but to also paint the wall with a bright color to serve as a background for an old door and potted climbing vines. From cottage to modern, this wall is transformed by the addition of a sleek and contemporary box with uplighting that must surely be dramatic at night. A bit more complicated, but a wonderful way to connect two buildings and create a welcoming entrance that leads to both.
Here we have two completely different walls, one of wood, one of stone, but symmetry is created by the alle of trees on each side that form a welcoming canopy, as well as the centered stone and pebble walkway bordered by plants and plant covered benches. And if all you have is a small corner or short expanse of fence, you can still pretty it up. Color blocking the fence here really works, especially because the house behind it is a cream color. This is one of the most creative ways I have seen in a long time to break up a tall and long fence. I am not sure this really qualifies for the intent of this post, but I just love New England, and I just loved how the use of a long row of pots on each side of the walkway leads one to the beautiful front entrance. This space would be beautiful even without the table, but the decorated table vignette makes it outstanding. SORRY Emma, I was relying to another comment and thought I was replying to them, but it was yours, to which I had already applied when you commented! Timothy’s background includes stints at This Old House, ELLE DECOR, Metropolitan Home and Woman’s Day. TrendsRoom & Board Colors by Valspar – New Paint Collaboration Wagner FLEXiO 890 Sprayer Review Save Your Deck or Concrete Patio with Olympic Rescue It! How-To2016 Kitchen Trends Kitchen Countertop Pricing and Materials Guide An Evening in the Kitchen with Miele June Oven 6 Benefits of Custom Cabinetry What’s the Difference Between a Range, Stove and Cooktop?
If you’re interested in going vertical with your greenery, why not make one of these vertical wooden box planters? We are a licensed and insured landscaping company that installs everything related to your outdoor spaces from patios to ponds, barbecue islands to concrete driveways. This Garden Grove Landscaping project transformed the customer’s backyard into the perfect place to relax and unwind.  We were happy to take an unusable and unattractive space and turn it into a yard the homeowners can truly enjoy.
On the next day we started to replace the dirt with road base.  For the right compaction, we install Road Base in small layers. To complete the project, we installed the new sod, and there it was, a brand new backyard.  We met with the customer to answer any questions they might have.  Because they were so happy with our work, the customer referred us to their neighbor as well!
On day two: our Hardscape crew started with installing the rebar and concrete in the footings. TRU Landscape Services has been performing landscape services throughout Orange County, California for the last 25 years. Please check it out using the above link, because the following blog post does not display properly. A big word of advice for new real estate agents; advice that could be the difference between making the big sale and sitting with a property for too long.
Another landscape option to consider is drought tolerant plants because Southern California is a semi arid climate and water is naturally scarce.  Many home buyers are searching for landscapes with native drought tolerant plants, yet few new homes have this unique landscape feature.
Call us at 866-487-1359 or click below for a landscaping estimate on one of your Orange County real estate properties. Are you living in Seal Beach and looking for a licensed landscaping contractor near you to get the job done right? Landscaping companies sometimes neglect this city, but TRU services all of Orange County California.  Like many projects, this Seal Beach landscape project consisted of installing Hardscape (concrete, flagstones) and “soft scape” (plants and lawns). First the foundation: We began by removing all of the old plants and concrete because the owners had decided to have the front and backyards re-landscaped.
After the entire backyard and portions of the front yard had been stripped clean, our crews set up the forms for the landscape concrete to be poured.
In the backyard, concrete was poured in preparation for the flagstone patio we would install near the homeowners Jacuzzi and pool. After all of the Hardscape was finished, we moved onto the “soft scape” (plants and lawns) of the landscaping. Off of a referral, TRU Landscape Services was called out to Cypress California for an estimate on a new landscape design. Our customer was looking for a custom designed wood patio cover to provide shade for their outdoor living area and the rest of the backyard. A properly balanced landscape is an important aspect of TRU Landscape Services landscape design. TRU Landscaping Services knows how important it is for families to spend quality time together, so when we are designing your landscape we always try to include spaces that encourage conversation. One project in Cypress California offered TRU Landscape Services a clean slate to remodel an entire backyard. TRU Landscape Services works in Cypress California as a landscape company on a regular basis. Proper fire pit construction requires experience and certification and isn’t a project for the average do-it-yourself er.
The company that supplies TRU Landscape Services’ lights has been in business for the past 20 years in California.
These homeowners in Cypress California made the right choice going with TRU Landscaping Services for quality construction and reliable, long-lasting installations!
TRU Landscape Services has offered a large variety of interlocking pavers in Orange County for the last 15 years.
The following day we received a call from a couple that lives in Cypress who wanted a free estimate to remodel their backyard.
These areas often connect various buildings or outdoor spaces, yet without embellishment these areas can seem disconnected. This is a mix of things that ordinarily wouldn’t be put together, yet the arrangement is quit pleasing, again along a fence.

The old corbels flank an equally old shutter, and the grays are a perfect backdrop for the purple and green of the plants. However, all the color on the wall and the floor seems to be somewhat visually balanced by all blue pottery and just green and white plants, allowing the eyes to rest, even among all the pattern and color.
Although the stone path and beautiful walls are lovely, the walkway is greatly enhanced by these additions.
What makes it work is the variation in the size of these simple framed boxes, and also all the containers being one color tone with an additional pop of white. Old windows and shutters placed on the wall, with vines and climbing flowers, metal flowerpot hangers, together create a vignette in purple. The plain white brick walls behind that amazing outdoor sectional, would be incredibly sterile without the plants. Living sculpture like this is fun, whimsical and serves  up interest in even the smallest of spaces. With a little imagination, this person recycled some cups and mugs onto a mosaic and created tons of fun in a tiny space. Instead of scattering the furniture around the yard, concentrating them along the wall, with the addition of a few colorful pillows and a mirror, almost calls to you to come and sit a few minutes. Pinks and blues combine to lend a sweet, cottage feel to a leaning old window transitioned to a bulletin board and decorated with blue colored photos. The plantings on each side soften the edges and the lights in the ceiling must be lovely at night while adding visual interest to this structure.
It saves space, which makes it ideal for those of you who are living in apartments or studios. This process takes a couple of days because it is so crucial to ensure proper compaction so that the pavers, once set, do not sink, move, or shift.  For each layer, our tractor brings in the road base as our crew levels it out and then we compact the base. We installed these drip lines with filters and pressure regulators to ensure water savings and even watering. After giving the concrete some time to start hardening we installed the first course of block.
When it comes to landscaping slopes in Orange County hire a professional landscape company that has proven themselves. We offer competitive landscape contracting services including general landscape construction, hardscape construction, water features, ponds, Putting Greens, we also offer Low Voltage Lighting, Synthetic Turf, Fire Pits, plus many other services. The project consisted of installing retaining walls on the slope and landscaping the slope after the walls were finished. Pay attention to the landscaping of the property and ask yourself if it might be keeping buyers at bay.  Is the pathway to the home safe and unobstructed?  Is the entrance way inviting and the grass green? In the front yard, our crews installed the new concrete walkway to the front door and a new concrete porch. TRU Landscape Services has been installing flagstone in Orange County for over 20 years and we know that the best method for installing flagstone is to pour a concrete pad first.
See our next blog (Seal Beach Landscaping – Part 2) to hear how we properly fertilized and installed a tropical landscape and a sustainable lawn.
Shade from a patio cover not only benefits the backyard landscaping, but may also have an effect on the temperature indoors.
For example, we seek to soften hardscape and concrete installations with grass and plants, and structure your garden with pathways and other elements. In summary, we filled in a pool, installed a fire pit, and bordered the new lawn with block walls, lighting and plants to line the fence. Installing a gas line, properly constructing, and adding a veneer to a fire pit takes the experience that we can provide. Although LED lights made outside of America may be cheaper in price, there are many benefits to using quality American LEDs. The LED lights we install only use 20 % of the electricity that a conventional halogen bulb consumes.
You grill up a delicious backyard dinner on your barbeque island while the kids splash in the pool. Lake Forest is a small city surrounded by Mission Viejo and Irvine, nestled in the Saddleback Valley.
Our BBQ islands are made out of block and concrete and built to last. Our customer already had two BBQ islands, but the tile on the islands was outdated. The bare concrete put off a very hard and uninviting appearance.  To make space and add elegance to the design, we saw cut out about a foot of concrete and installed a planter wall. They shared with our office that they were at their friend’s house and we had landscaped the backyard last year. After the driveway was removed, another crew installed all of the pipes and wires under the future concrete driveway and walkway.
Grass pavers come in several different types of materials; the most common are plastic and concrete. Look closely and you will see an alligator hanging on the shutter, right next to a head of a child! The clever use of a solid concrete wall placed in between the wood fencing acts like a frame for the art. The combinations of blues and greens and different varieties of plants and shrubs appears almost like a giant work of art.
The variety of color in the plastic bottles and caps and their shear numbers makes this so cool. It’s also an efficient way of watering plants as excess water from the boxes above drip into to the ones below. After removing the debris we started digging the footings for the walls and installed the drain pipes.
Are the plants pruned?  Is there a special hard scape element such as an outdoor fireplace that could become a selling point of its own?
The landscape concrete was finished in two days and the customers were happy to have a more accessible and safe front walkway. So many times, we have seen flagstone set in sand or a thin layer of concrete fail in a short time.
Because they had already seen our work at another project in the Cypress area, this customer knew what they wanted.  Whether you have a detailed idea for your landscape, or just a general notion, TRU Landscaping takes pride in crafting the perfect environment for you and your family. After the custom patio cover was installed, our customer estimated that the temperature in the house went down by 10 degrees because of the addition!
There are several popular fire elements that could have been used on this particular landscaping project. Find out how the homeowners decided to take these drastic steps to reclaim their outdoor space! The backyard had an old damaged swimming pool that was going to cost several thousand dollars to repair. Our builders construct with attention to quality craftsmanship and use the best materials to build a solid wall.
They liked the backyard so much that they wanted TRU Landscape Services to install their own backyard. The grass pavers go under the new sod and support the sod so that you can drive a vehicle over it. A blank wall on your home or garage or walkway-path, that could use some additional details that might add curb appeal or architectural detail to a bland space?
Look at the bottom of the shutter and there is a baby elephant statue and all sorts of quirky accessories.
The gray wall is smooth while the fencing is highly textured, adding dimension and further interest. Once you've joined, you can either continue to use your social credentials or you can login with your username and password if you prefer. Thank you.Barbara Schmidt Reimer, Wisconsin USA Brilliant and thanks - really useful tool! When were installing a landscape slope project we keep our eyes on the weather, last thing we want to happen is for a large rain fall to hit the slope.
These are some of the things that our professional landscapers take into consideration when helping our customer create a balanced landscape design.  In a city like Cypress, outdoor living is just a phone call away.

Our customer really liked the fire pit their friends had in their back yard, so we designed a similar one for this space. There are several types of these tables on the market; however, TRU Landscape Services builds a fire table that will last for several years to come unlike those sold by the big department stores. On top of that, the family was not using the pool, and it was costing hundreds of dollars a month to keep it clean and filtered. On the second day of the backyard remodel, our hardscape crew started the fire pit installation along with the planter wall.
All of our planter walls and retaining walls are filled completely with concrete whereas other companies in Orange County may only fill up every other block.
Most of these cheaper lights are made overseas and most of the companies don’t stay in business for very long.
One Lake Forest customer had TRU Landscape Services provide that vision with various hardscape installs in their backyard. The customer already had a beautiful pool and a nice BBQ, but the rest of the back yard was in need of a face lift. One of the most common problems we see with interlocking pavers is not installing enough road base. TRU Landscape Services installs the most efficient sprinkler systems in Orange County to help save our customers money on their water bills. He was so pleased with it that he called us back out and told us to give him an estimate for the landscape in the front yard. After setting up the concrete forms, we called in the concrete truck and installed the concrete driveway and walkway at the same time.
We have installed them in many front yards, where the customer doesn’t want to see a concrete driveway across their front yard.
I absolutely love the table and the placement of even more potted plants, yet still lots of room for people to sit and enjoy drinks and food. With all of the blocks filled with concrete we started forming the cap for the top of the walls.
We not only install plants that the customer likes but we install plants that will last over time.
Different models from open lattice to pergola and different woods and stains can give your yard a unique feel.
Fire pits not only provide a unique elemental flare, but more practically, they provide warmth to those enjoying the backyard. After a discussion with TRU Landscape Services, they decided their best option was to fill in the pool and renovate the backyard.
The basic materials we use to build fire pits and planter walls are concrete blocks and rebar. It took our crew a few days to finish the new granite on the BBQ islands to ensure a long lasting outdoor experience.
The problem when a company shorts you with road base is that the problem doesn’t show itself until awhile after, by then the company is long gone. As one crew was finishing the concrete driveway at the first project, another crew was forming the backyard at the second project.
Orange County can get a little cold during the winter months, but having one of our custom built fire pits will extend the use of your outdoor living space year round. Click this link to find out the difference between our custom fire tables and those sold in stores. Our salesman had the estimate over the next day, and we began the project shortly afterward.
After a couple of days, the crew had the entire structure of the fire pit and planter walls built. Another factor that sets TRU Landscape Services apart is that we use the right size rebar on every wall we build; never too small. If cheap LED lights without a warranty have problems, good luck finding a person to fix them.
The lights have a beautiful white color to them that accents any outdoor space.  We can also provide custom lights in different sizes depending on your landscaping needs. The customer called us back a few days later and hired us to remodel their back yard by installing a granite counter top on their barbeque and installing planter walls. There are several accessory options that we can install on a BBQ island, besides the regular BBQ grill.
There are several different styles of stack stone that we offer for the side of a wall or the side of your house. TRU Landscape Services takes every precaution to make sure your pavers last for many years of enjoyment. They will hire their gardener to install the sprinkler system and it will end up watering the streets and everything else except the grass. When our salesman had a meeting with the customer, the customer told hus to design the front yard however our company felt was best. TRU Landscape Services can manage several landscape projects at once in an efficient manner.
The first thing we do is remove the top 8” inches of soil and then we install 6 to 8 inches of Road base.
This project took our crews 2 weeks to complete and the customer was already talking about having another part of their yard landscaped by us. Within a handful of days, our construction team had removed the old concrete and filled in the swimming pool. Once the structure was completed, we installed stack stone on the sides of the wall to give an elegant and finished look.
We also build most of our footings bigger then what is needed because everything starts with a good foundation.
Just adding a four foot high veneer stack stone siding to your house increases the beauty and value of your property. We offered different designs to our customer, but they really just wanted to keep it simple.
With the western states already in a serious drought why pay a huge water bill and have all the water running down the street. The customer was so happy with the backyard design, that he figured the front would come out just as excellently. It’s important to get the road base to proper compaction, after getting the base compacted we install the grass pavers.
Wow,,I work around them and can't wait to start setting some "as perfect as I can get" ones aside. A basic fire pit only has stucco on the side, but there are several options for stack stone and other products that we can install to spruce up a wall or fire pit. Get outside and whip up some food on a well crafted barbeque island with all of the necessary features.
TRU Landscape Services has been installing planter walls in Orange County and outdoor living spaces for over 20 years.
After sending him a estimate for the design that we thought would work best, the customer signed and returned the estimate right away. After installing the concrete pavers we install the sod in the holes located in the middle of the pavers.
I can't wait to give my teenage boys the news for there next mommy project lolMarie Gennoe, Stellarton Nova Scotia Canada hello , i am arali from south algieran (tamanrasset ) you have good idea thanks for all knowledje araliArali Sidi, Southern Algeria Love this site. When the last touches to the stack stone siding were finished, the customer was extremely happy with their new outdoor fire pit. When you plan on driving over your grass pavers, we always recommend shutting off the sprinklers a couple of days before driving over your grass pavers.

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