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Once we had the frame where we wanted it, we used every heavy object we could find to add weight while it sealed overnight.  Yes, we might have even gotten a couple rocks from the woods to help out. To get the herringbone-ish pattern we wanted, we cut the planks at 45 degrees on both sides with this miter saw.  We started in the corner and just worked our way up. Seriously, our dog has a staring problem to the max.  It was a little creepy for the first couple months we got him. 2 – What did you use for the trim around the outside of the door so that you dont see the plywood edge? I just came across your door project on Pinterest and wanted to say how much I love it, you and your hubby did a beautiful job. Suzi, now that you have had the door made and installed for three years, it has had enough time to season out a bit.
The biggest potential problem is using pressure treated lumber, because it is injected with a lot of liquid. I am getting ready to make sliding doors for a designer client, who is a partner in a furniture store.
Good replies in return of this matter with firm arguments and telling everything regarding that. Other parts include a site-made Z-brace, lag screws (which we painted), and a fruitwood stain we used to mimic assembly details of a door youa€™d find on an actual bar. On the wall in the backer location, make a small mark showing the center-line of the backer on the right side. There’s really nothing that says a€?I did thisa€? like making all the pieces to a project such as a doora€”something people touch and use everyday.

Three winners will be chosen to receive the following prize packages, each will include: 1. Images, text, or other content downloaded from the collection may be freely used for non-profit educational and research purposes, or any other use falling within the purview of "Fair Use". In all other cases, please consult the terms provided with the item, or contact the Libraries. He knows me so well.  Not many girls will get this giddy over hardware for a birthday present. I would be cooking or something similar, minding my own business, then I turn around to do something, then BAM! We stained it a mixture of Dark walnut (which can be found here) and Provincial (which can be found here).
We don’t have the space to do a sliding barn but i wonder if this would work in a standard door frame.
The rail backer is a piece of 1-by and its job is to project the rollers and door slab past the existing door casing. Because the University of Wisconsin Libraries generally do not own the rights to materials in these collections, please consult copyright or ownership information provided with individual items.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Then, we sealed it with this poly.  Sorry for the harsh shadows, but I promise you some better pictures of the finished door will follow soon! Granted, if we hadn’t added the two 2x4s to the wall, the bolts would rub on the wall.

The door makes the space private, helps to deaden noise coming into and going out of the kitchen, and works great with kids. Having the rail 6 inches above the head jamb looked great, and projecting it 3 inches proud of the rail on each side worked nicely, too.
The noise from our five kids in the family room makes it hard to hear the TV in the living room so we wanted to somehow cover the doorway. A barn door is a door slab that slides left and right on wall-mounted hardwarea€”stout rollers suspended from a steel bara€”in front of the door opening. From a design standpoint it adds color, texture and function to an otherwise empty doorway. That’s wide enough to cover a little casing on either side of the door, but thin enough to slide fully open.
My concern is since we are trying to reduce noise should we make the door wider than 1” over the frame? Also, any “lessons learned” now that several months have passed since your installation?

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