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Since I already showed how we dealt with the support poles of the house, I'll show how the structure went up here. As long as there isn't a gale force wind, and the support poles are anchored well, they can free stand in the supports just fine. Since the support poles are cut to create a 1" in 12' slope end to end on the roof, the hoops have to be anchored in the same relative way.
When the hoops are just connected to the support poles, everything is really flimsy, since the fit is loose. The corner brace runs diagonally from the bottom of the fifth hoop to the outer connecting pipe, and attaches with a different kind of clamp.
The first stud is notched out and attached to the hoop with a wood to metal screw, and toenailed with screws to the soleplate. Here is a little better view of how the double soleplate looks and how it's attachment lines up with the studs. Breather vents are added to the end walls to allow the building's interior to normalize with the temperature outside. Two 2x4's are screwed together at right angles, then attached across the entry doorway to hold the wall flat. The inside form is set level to a 2x4 sitting on the soleplate foundation, in other words, level with the top of the first soleplate.
Screed with a 2x4 as you go, and pull the mix back with the float tool, and continue screeding. Using the edging tool, I'm giving the slab a rounded corner where it will meet the next slab.
We start with around 15 shovels full of ag from the pile into the mixer while it's shut off. Keep shooting water into the mixer 'til the mix looks sort of like this, with water obvious at the front of the mixer. Even the ends and screw together there, then use additional clamps where neccessary to pull warped boards into line before putting the final tightening of the clamps for the glue. Well, we managed to put in a whole new bathroom floor this weekend, although we still have lots to do to put our bathroom back together. The penny tile looks great, and more importantly, there's nothing disgusting, smelly, moldy or rotten lurking underneath our toilet.
If you'd seen what was under the press-on tiles, you'd understand.The smell - I can't even describe it, although I'll try.

We also discovered that we had a leaky toilet supply line, which probably contributed to the rot.
The boards underneath the plywood hadn't rotted, which saved us the time and hassle of replacing them. Rob later marveled at Larry's skill in measuring and cutting the pieces, especially the gaps for the toilet and heating vent. Then, we mixed up the mortar according to the manufacturer's directions and installed the tile.
I'm honestly exhausted today (although with two men working on a 17.5-square foot space, I didn't actually do much), but this project will be so, so worth it.
This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. One sheet of BEADED Stain Grade, Raw, Red Oak, Maple or Cherry veneered board, with the beads 2" on centre.
Sheets can only be shipped by transport truck, call for a shipping quote or we can cut down into panels which may be shipped by UPS.
The Derksen Best Value Shed is a great solution for those seeking a quality metal storage shed at an outstanding value. AboutOverholt Metal Sales is dedicated to providing you with the BEST customer service you've ever experienced, and as if that's not enough, we guarantee you the best quality product at the BEST price in town! Rob and I ran to the hardware store to buy replacement parts (we try to only DIY when the store is open, for this very reason).
Larry and Rob measured and cut the treated plywood in three sections and installed them from north to south across our bathroom. I never would have thought about that, and it was one of many times Saturday I was so glad to have a professional helping us.
We grouted with Mapei Keracolor sanded grout in slate, which is the same color Rob and his dad grouted our shower with. With work looming today for both of us, we stayed at home and made many gas station and grocery store trips to use the restrooms.
Rob used something called a PVC Spacer Closet Flange Spacer kit for the soil line, because we raised the height of the floor with plywood, cement board and tile.
We didn't need to trim the bathroom door, because our barn door's track runs over the hallway floor, not the bathroom floor. We welcome you to contribute your ideas, opinions and comments, but we ask that you avoid personal attacks, vulgarity and hate speech.

No two pieces of veneer will match exactly in colour, character and appearance, the desired look when installing natural wood.
Studebaker used the Conestoga name for these two years for its wagons to honor its history as a builder of horse drawn wagons in the 19th century.
We just cut the mesh they came on to make them smaller and fit around corners and the toilet's soil line.
It needed to dry for 16 hours and since we live in a one-bathroom house, we stayed with Rob's parents for the evening. Larry said it will be easy enough for us or the next owner to trim the bathroom door to make it work in the space. We reserve the right to remove any comment at our discretion, and we will block repeat offenders' accounts. The Champion came with Studebaker’s trusty flathead six cylinder engine and Commander with the new Studebaker V8. To post comments, you must first be a registered user, and your username will appear with any comment you post.
Beaded sheets may require conditioning, caulking, sealing and finishing as required for all wood products. The plywood was rotten and had the consistentcy of a sponge, and several parts were cracked.
The glass is said to be very good all around except for the cracked driver’s door window and the windshield will need to be replaced. In this case, having Larry on hand allowed us to stay on schedule for finishing the floor this weekend. While mechanical parts are certainly available for this year Stude, the station wagon specific interior, body and trim parts are relatively scarce. So the rarity of this car may work against the restorer, ironically.┬áThe seller does say that the car is complete, untouched and relatively rust free, though it sure looks like it has more than superficial rust to me. I think you have to assume that it will be a major project, not for the meek or budget minded. As of this writing, bidding has reached only $782 with eight days to go, but the reserve is unmet, and based on the seller’s description, you have to wonder if the reserve is realistic.

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