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It has been a while since we bought our barn door from you but we wanted to share our finished product with you and let you know how much we like it!
Our MissionNew Earth Green Depot is dedicated to providing unique products & services in the Fireplace, Landscape & Remodeling Industries, helping to create beautiful living spaces that coexist harmoniously with our planet. We are remodeling two small bathrooms and would consider replacing the traditional doors with sliding barn doors. K RI just moved into a home that has a pocket door in the bathroom, I am so glad it is there (space wise) It oddly took some getting use for me as far as privacy goes, I must have been really use to the motion of "shutting" a door rather then sliding one if that makes any sense. Bentley DesignWe just completed a bathroom remodel and built custom doors and had a rail system fabricated for them, you can see them on our Facebook page Bentley Design in palm Harbor fl, three adults live in this house so privacy and noise were not issues.
Scott Lisahave them, if the right door is used, little bit of router work and trim, proper end track there is nothing like a sliding barn door for any room, and there are all kinds of locks avail. AppWood Doors and MillworkWe have have quality flat track hardware that starts at $350 for track and hangers for a 36" door, in Black.

Windsor PlywoodTeardrop privacy locks for bathroom or bedroom sliding doors - the latch mounts on the interior door jamb and the latch plate onto the inside of the door. At New Earth we make Barn Door Rails and Back Plates that turn ordinary doors into pieces of architectual interest. Barn style doors are cool so maybe on another room where you don't need as much intimate privacy. If you want to use a sliding door it would work better if your door is 2 to 4 inches wider on each side than the opening but still its not going to be totally private.
Using 98% USA RECYCLED STEEL, our barn door hardware and furniture is both sustainable and unique. They are probably not the best quality but might be perfect for a small bathroom that doesn't require a lock or sound proofing. Our metal and wood working artisans can customize any order to meet the specifications of architectural firms, builders and designers.

Give us a call for either the barn door or the pocket door options we can help you with your decision. Our rails come in a variety of finishes and start at just $365 per 6'rail with hangers. We always have a great selection in the store but happy to make you up something special just for you.

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