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For those of us without the budget to buy enough space for a full guest bedroom it is handy to be able to turn our office into a sleeping space when people come to visit. Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes!
March 21st, 2013 at 12:32 am I absolutely love the first bed and I have been looking for my daughter a bed like that and she only likes the first one! January 14th, 2015 at 4:00 am I am looking at your loft bed number 12 l would like to get a price and where are you so l can look at the bed. Ranging from creative to kitsch, funky to functional, here are some transforming furniture designs that save space and add some interactivity to your ordinary single-function interior furniture. Sleep on Your Desk with the WorkbedDo you think you could get a good night's sleep on the same surface where you do all of your work? For older children, you can put a desk below the bed to help them study during those years of real homework. First, they will have a functional wall bed installed with a desk and secondly, this piece of furniture will make a huge space-saver for any room. Sometimes under the bed can be not only a cabinet, but a second bed also, drawers or a whole closet. We aware of the beauty, the design and the functionality and we often forget about the utility. But this list isn’t just showing off the bed itself, it’s showing off some desk combination ideas and designs making them even more user friendly and functional! To approach to the bed your child needs to climb the ladder.A In addition the combination of a bed with a desk is also an unusual design and an opportunity to keep many books and other school and home staff.

A bed that can be folded up and also acted as a desk will only be advantageous for any small room decoration. Moreover, what people like about this bed desk combo is that your guests won’t even notice that it was a bed until you use it. And, at first glance, you can hardly tell that it’s anything more than just a modern desk in an apartment-sized space. It’s kind of funny, though, but the fact remains that this bed is a fabulous choice in times when you get bored with usual and ordinary Murphy bed. But, at night, that desk slips away and out comes a bed to rest on, without taking away from the contemporary visions of the home. As a desk and a bed in a single device, a murphy bed desk combo will be a great option for the interior furniture in your house.Nowadays, when most living spaces like homes and apartments have limited space availability, space-saver furniture is a top choice.
The desk area sits on the end of the design as more display and organizational shelving gets tucked away at night when its time to open  it up for the night. With creative designs of decorations and great space-saver furniture additions, a small room can be very enjoyable.
We’re also loving this contemporary yellow and black color scheme, full of bold choices!We love this quaint little design that fits into a small space and makes the absolute most of the room its got. It’s a common thing today to see a person lives in a one-room flat consists of small kitchen area, small bathroom, and also a living area that acts as bedroom, a work room, and dining area. During the day you’ll have enough of an area to do what you need for work, school or play and at night all you need to do is pull your cozy bed out from the wall!This is such a great way to stock the guest room. In such a room, the murphy bed desk combo will serve a useful purpose in making the living area a multi-function room.

Not only can you get some work done throughout the day but at night that office can become a charming little space for your guests to relax and enjoy throughout their visit. When combining a bed with a desk, you are not only saving space, but you also create an entertaining room to work, sleep and even do your hobby.
This traditional office system is such a great way to utilize the one extra room you have in the house, making it both your home office or study space and have a guest room available too!
Close up shop at night and pull out the bed right from the center.Create a room full of chic energy and playful excess for your teen with a system that includes a work area for school.
This bedroom is chic, stylish and completely trendy – perfect for sleepovers or study groups and definitely worth showing off to all of her friends. For example, combination makes for a great addition to any bonus room or office by providing ample amount of work space and fashion-forward style all in a compact and easy design.What makes this system even more unique than the rest is where the bed actually flips out from, and it’s obviously not the bottom of the design! Instead of coming out horizontally, you’ll see a cozy spot coming out vertically from the wall. There are no specific pluses or minuses to this design, other than the way the system is designed and how it fits your particular room. We love the hazy gray and teal colors, but we love how this is actually a bunk bed finish – with two pieces coming out straight from the wall!

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