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Larry & Marcia came for a Mexico visit-- look how happy & unconcerned about violence they are!!
Malinalco is a cute little town in a gorgeous valley that has a small archaeological site that overlooks the town from the mountainside.
I realized how long it had been since I'd had the opportunity to walk barefoot on a nice, green lawn. Our first morning, John & I made the 400-step trek up to the Aztec archaeological site that overlooks the town. This was the main building in the archaeological site, which was allegedly some sort of initiation site for warriors. Here's me with the main building + the uber-steep stairs leading up towards the mountain. Here's the remnants of one of the jaguars that once guarded each site of the main building.
We were lucky to visit during the season of the purple-blossomed jacarandas, which made all views around the valley a bit prettier. And as a prize for any readers who actually made it to the end of the post, here is a shot of me seducing a statue at Casa Mora.
Hello there, It is nice to see Americans enjoy this town as much as we do, My grandmother was raised in a little town just south of there and every time I visit I have to stop in Malinalco, which is just beautiful.. I stumbled upon your blog because I was also dying to know the name of that pretty pink flower of Malinalco. Malinalco esta chido, i would recommend Chalma is not far from there, taxi is like 50 pesos.
The Shabby NestClick on the green "more info" link below the photo, and it will take you to another page that has a link to the online source for this seat. A birdcage hammock chair is all I need for a relaxing afternoon on my patio or in my garden.
Most of children want something different to be brought into their bedroom such as hanging chairs. The children must be joyful to get this cool and colorful idea of this rainbow hanging chair.

The children’s bedroom will looks more charming with the attendance of this hanging hammock. When the children’s bedroom come in modern style, it is better to add bubble hanging chairs as complement. Although it seems to be traditional hanging chairs for bedrooms, it still offers its unique cosines for modern urban. Moreover, it comes in many choices of colors so parents can adjust the hanging chair colors with the theme or color of the kids’ bedroom. Black and Decker cabinets are furniture that offers storage for your household equipments and tools.
People still confuse whether they have to choose futon with storage underneath or just conventional sofa. Not quite a chair collection nor a series of hammocks per say, these suspended seating elements combine the comfort of the former with the support of the latter to create cool new contemporary furniture object that requires no stand, or any other means of floor support for that matter.
Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes! I would assess it as a great place for a relaxing 1-2 night stay if you’re looking to lounge about in nice, warm weather. While you could walk from there to the Centro, it is a bit of a trek, partially on a dirt road, that I would imagine getting a bit toasty during the midday sun. Inside, there are animals sculpted out of the stone around a circular room; this is replicated in the Museum of Malinalco.
Genoveva and Raul are good friends and have strived to make their lovely B&B a place where you can feel good and relax. So, i decided to save space in my room i didnt want my big bed taking up that much space and that i would just hang up a hammock! I’m glad you enjoyed it a wrote a positive note on it which quite frankly is hard to find .
I am on my way to a little place called Chalmita but I shall be stopping in Malinalco for a few days.
A hot pink cushion brings some much-needed color and an exotic feeling to the overall look.

With them, children could have unique space to relax, read, watch television even do their homework.
Since rattan comes from natural material, this certainly gets the same tone with the whole natural materials in the bedroom.
They can have private relaxation inside the hanging chair after passing long time study in school.
Since it has similar shape with egg, this kind of chair usually comes in white for outside and yellow or red on the inside. They serve as a kind of abstract accessory, doubling as both decor and functional furnishing design.White, semi-flexible synthetic panels of material are essentially strung between sets of metal supports to which they are temporarily bolted. You get to hand them from the branch of a tree or from a stable structure and you relax and enjoy the comfort they offer. The breakfasts are served family style with fresh-squeezed OJ, fruit, pan dulce, frijoles, a different hot dish each day, and what appeared to be real coffee (unlike the popular instant coffee so pervasive throughout Mexico!). The core steel supports are tied into the hidden structural system above, but a simple screw-on connection can be easily removed should the store owners change their mind down the line.While they will not work for the usual outdoor settings (like the beach) or travel well (on a camping trip), they could look lovely in a minimalist living room or arrayed along a front porch perhaps. With tons of natural light from wide window makes the light blue and dark blue of carpet stripes looks brighter.
You can either hang them from tree or from a beam in the ceiling.View in galleryOn a porch, you hang the chair from a beam in the ceilingBut they can also be used indoor.
The staff were all excellent & friendly, and very responsive to our email inquiries prior to arrival (unlike other venues in town that we attempted to look into).
For non-Spanish speakers, Raul speaks flawless English so you don’t have to worry about any communication barriers.

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