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Emergency Locksmiths24 hour Emergency Locksmiths London - Balham - Clapham - Surrey - Sutton - Tooting - Wandsworth - Worcester ParkCall Us Now On 020-8646 7931 or 020-8224 2320.We provide a total locksmith installer service around the South West London region to businesses and home owners. When it comes to choosing sliding wardrobe doors for our homes or offices, there are many factors to consider. How often is this factor overlooked by individuals who want to either change, purchase or install brand new sliding doors? Wardrobe accessibility is another important point to consider before purchasing a sliding wardrobe door. Living Room and Hall interiorsAs the living room is a room in which you spend most of your time it is essential for everything to be created around you to fit you. Exciting Ideas for Your Living RoomWhen starting off designing your living room you may of already have an idea of how you envisage it to look already.
We not only fit locking systems to doors, windows and gates but also provide an excellent carpentry and joining service for door and frame repairs. For example, in a small tight space of about 800mm, having 4 or 5 doors should be completely out of scope.
The problem is that if you have no idea what size of wardrobe doors is right for your bedroom, you are starting on the wrong path and will soon run out of space. This takes into consideration what you plan to use the wardrobe for and how you would like the storage to work.
There are different types of made to measure wardrobes, with exotic or mirrored doors that are often unique to their respective shapes and designs. For more information on buying a quality mirrored sliding wardrobe door you can visit our online store, bespoke wardrobe designer, Quotations page or contact page. At London Bespoke Interiors we understand the importance of having bespoke living room furniture, as it can create the perfect place to relax and unwind. As the focal point of the house you will want everything to be perfect, with all the characteristic points of the room having style and usability, whether it is a bespoke TV cabinet, alcove cupboard or a coffee table.
We can also offer detailed advice on security and burglary prevention.Express Lock ReplacementWith over 15 years experience, we take pride in being professional, fast, friendly and knowledgeable about our business. We will help to find the best for you.Our experienced polishers can finish your door in our workshop. Making the right decisions will determine the level of comfort experienced by not only an individual but his or her family.
However, by looking at the amount of room available, you can correctly predict or decide for example, the number of sliding doors you should have and their respective shapes. Indeed, some of the best products of this kind boast of easily accessible storage and yours shouldn’t be an exception.
In addition, colour plays an important role particularly because there are quite a number of colours available to choose from. The great thing about having all your furniture tailor made around you is that you have the say on every design aspect on how everything turns out.Our Design Team Are Here to HelpOur designers will work with you to use the space that you have and make sure that you can achieve its full potential by creating bespoke furniture. Having new and unique ideas when designing your living room can be extremely exciting, with the design team from London Furniture you can be sure to create the perfect for haven for you.Create and style the Space Around YouYou may use your living room as a place to chill out and read a good book in front of the fire, or you could base your whole room around your TV system in which we can create incredible bespoke media units for you which can create a very stylish and neat image.

All the door designs shown on the website use horizontal H-bars but we also create bespoke vertical stripe designs using vertical bars.
In this article, we will take a look at 3 key factors which, if given proper consideration, should make your bedroom the place of your dreams and limit unnecessary complications when choosing a wardrobe door. You should consider if there are going to be drawing units, pull out rails, wire baskets or shelves above, below, or by the side of the sliding doors? Whether you are going for a contemporary, traditional or modern look, our designers have the experience and the skill to make sure that it is up to the highest of standards. For those who enjoy a book or two, we can create beautiful shelving units which are tailor made to the style and design of the rest of your house.A Wide Range of Finishes for Your FurnitureWhen you have all your ideas in place of how you would like your furniture styled and designed it is important then to decide what type of finish you would like it in. Use a mixture of vertical and horizontal bars to create more complex designs such as a checker board effect. One of the most basic things you can do to protect your valuables is to secure your residence with quality door locks.
We are happy to discuss the options available with you.A superb range of coloured and leaded glass can be supplied for your door.
If so, how close should they be to the doors and can each item be reached without obstructing another? However, depending on your taste and the general theme of your bedroom, living room or office, there are 3 major categories of colours you can possibly choose for your wardrobe panel. The same goes for fitted furniture, if you are looking for classical tables and units or exceptional and distinctive pieces of furniture designed for you, we will be sure to deliver.Look through our previous work and see if you get any inspiration for bespoke living room furniture.
At London Bespoke Interiors we have so many choices to choose from, when dealing with our sprayed finishes we have a huge selection of colours to choose from varying from rich, fresh, warm and clean meaning you will be able to find something perfect to match the mood of your house.
The entry point for the majority of burglaries is through a door because it is the quickest and easiest route in and out of your home. Deadbolts - There are many different varieties. Although you could opt for a neutral or bold wardrobe panel, if choosing a single colour is too monotonous for you, the alternative would be breaking up the colours in blocks. Two other finishes we have which can make your bespoke furniture that little bit more tailor made for you, is by picking one of our veneered panels or melamine faced chipboards.
The bespoke kitchen cupboard design shown at the top of the page is an example of a bespoke custom made to measure sliding door design. The customer designed the look of the door by specifying where the horizontal h-bars where placed.
They should be used on all exterior doors of your home.Many would-be burglars will move on to another home if they see high-quality deadbolts installed on all your exterior doors.
No matter what type of deadbolt you purchase, there are a few key features that every deadbolt should have. For example, on a 3 door Como design a popular choice is to have the two outer doors in a colour or wood effect and the centre door as a mirrored panel. This not only offers a striking solution but is also very practical as it provides a full length mirror which also reflects light around the room.This door combination also works really well with our 3 panel split wardrobes such as the Milano Collection (3 panel equal split), Modena Collection (3 panel narrow band) and Torino Collection (3 panel wide band). Second, the lock should be made entirely of metal, and there should be no exposed screws on the outside of the door.There are two types of deadbolt locks, single cylinder and double cylinder.

Single cylinder locks require a keyed entry from the outside but can be locked with a turning knob from the inside.
In this two door wardrobe example the left door is a matte white wood and the right door is clear mirror. Double cylinder deadbolts require a key both internally and externally to lock and unlock the door. Double cylinder locks are more secure for doors containing glass or that are located near a window. To avoid the overall effect becoming too busy we suggest that you use only one design from each collection.
It is a good idea to keep a key in a designated location near the door in case of fire or other emergencies. Chains - Most chains are attached to the door and frame with short screws. The centre door is a frosted mirror from our Como Collection and and the two outer doors are from our Modena Collection incorporating a French Walnut panel top and bottom and Black wood centre panel. Do not use as your main method of security.We will naturally recommend the very best door lock for your requirements. We provide free estimates and surveys and a free security check and insurance schedule review. You can find out exactly what we can offer to help protect your business, home or garage, for which we even now recommend and ultra strong "door garage lock" or "fitted garage doors" And remember .
For more information about partition doors and sliding room divider please read this article partition any room with DIY sliding room dividersI want a small wardrobe for above a bed or under the roof eaves in a loft.
What is the minimum height you can make the sliding wardrobe doors?The minimum height for a small sliding doors is 500mmCall our Custom Design Team on Freephone 0800 035 1730 with your requirements.I want tall wardrobes.
What is the maximum height you can make the sliding wardrobe doors?Using the online specifying and ordering facility on our website the maximum height for the wardrobe doors is 2480mm.
However, we can make the doors taller than this up to 2750mm with the steel and aluminium framed doors (except the Como Collection). How wide can the opening be?We can make the doors to fit openings of any width, but there are some considerations that you should bear in mind.
For widths greater than this simply butt two top tracks together, do the same for the bottom tracks A neat joint is all that is required to ensure smooth running doors.I want more than 5 doors. What is the maximum number of doors I can have in one system?Through the online specifying and ordering facility we offer a maximum number of five doors, in the majority of cases, this will suit most people. With a 6 or 7 door system this would most likely involve an opening of over 5000mm wide in which case two top tracks and two bottom tracks are supplied.
The bottom track fixes to the floor and you can lay your flooring material up to it so the end result is that only the runner channel is seen. INSTALLATION GUIDEThe sliding wardrobe doors are very easy to install so you don’t have to be a DIY expert.

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