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I live at least 45 min from any trails and I'm looking for a good bike rack to carry my 2012 Reign X in the bed of a '08 Chevy Silverado Crew-cab.
I'd like a mount that sits in the bed and might could carry another bike as well- WITHOUT taking the front wheel off. The 10th Annual Whiskey Off-Road captures the essence of what mountain biking is all about.
If you trap just the front wheel, once you go off-road(or even around a corner somewhat quick) the rear end of the bike will start to move around. While no rack is perfect, I have found this to be cheap and easy to load and seems to work incredibly well. After a long search the Thule Insta-Gator is what I ended up using for my bikes (I got 2 of them). Our patented bike rack system for pickup trucks allows cyclists to transport up to 4 bikes at a time, while still maintaining storage space in the truck bed. Rec-Rac Bike Racks fit approximately 90% of trucks on the market today and are truly designed with cyclists and truck owners in mind. The Rec-Rac System offers tremendous improvement over all existing bike racks used with pickups.
This cost savings package provides the means to mount 2 bikes side-by-side using only one of the Rec-Rac Fold Rack sets.
Combines the Rec-Rac Fold Rack with the TRIMAX 9 ft Cable Lock and Add-a-Bike separators for maximum security and stability of bikes. This is an important task, because finding the best bike rack for your car can make the difference between an easy, fun trip and a complete nightmare.
Because I couldn’t make the decision on my own, I consulted James, an seasoned cyclist at Bicycle Garage Indy (thanks James, you the man!) on what, today, are the best bike rack carriers for cars.

The most important thing, before deciding on the best bike rack, is finding a bicycle rack that fits your car (or cars if you’re sharing). These bike racks attach to your car’s cargo racks or roof bars (if you have them) on top of your car. RECOMMENDED: Thule 2-Bike Towball Carrier (?130) for the rock-solid Thule stamp of quality and reliability.
For a cheaper alternative, check out the number 3’s little brother, the Saris Bones II (~?100). Colin started mountain biking in the early 2000s and has haphazardly, and with barely increasing skill, dragged his bike around the majority of Scotland's trail centres since then. I can load the bikes without getting in the truck, but that would likely be tough on a full size truck. I bought the Tundra specifically to have a bed length of over 6 ft so I could easily transport my bikes. This bike rack for pickup trucks allows you to keep both your bike's wheels attached by utilizing the length of your truck's bed. We've combined our Add-A-Bike Separators with Bike Brake Band, a 10-foot Tie Down Strap with built in strap storage, and a pair of Rec Rac Silicon Replacement straps - a $51.00 value! We've combined our Add-A-Bike Buddy System with Bike Brake Band, a 10-foot Tie Down Strap with built in strap storage, and a pair of Rec Rac Quick-Latch Straps - a $51.00 value! Bad bike racks squeak, they wobble, they scratch your car, and they make you stop every 10 minutes to make sure the bikes aren’t liable to end up scrap metal after the fall off at 100 kph. There are so many types of bike racks to fit the thousands of bicycle shapes and vehicles out there, it’s tough to make a quick, informed decision. Between the two of us, here are the best places to start when picking a bike rack for your car, the pluses and minuses of each type, and a few top recommendations based on what people voted best bike rack from the selection available.

Talking to an expert like James at your local bike shop is the best bet for making sure the rack will fit your car, but you can get a good idea of what’s required by each type in our info below. If you have a low-frame women’s bike or oddly shaped soft-tail bike frame, you’ll need a bike beam to replace the absence of an appropriate frame bar (see below). These are a very stable, secure type of bike rack, and they stay out of the way while driving or loading the car.
These racks are often considered the best bang for your buck between security, stability, and carrying capacity. Me and the family love doing basically everything outdoors and we usually have a lot of things we take with for outdoor activities like kayaking.
It is solid as well, our shuttle road is fairly rough and the bikes rarely move around on it.
Or perhaps you just want to bring the family bikes on the next vacation to see the sights & give the kids something to do. Or if nothing but the best will do, go for the Thule 929 Euroclassic G6 3-Bike Towball Carrier.
I’ve seen cars carrying a couple of bikes on a pair of Thule Prorides on one side of the car, and then a kayak in a Kayak rack on the other side.
There are so many different types of vehicle and corresponding bike rack that it’s worth putting a bit of research in before purchasing. Maybe I can get the Proride for my car and one that carries other outdoor gear for my wife’s car.

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