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At a press event today, Disney Interactive revealed the next iteration of Disney Infinity and explained how the game will be bringing over Marvel Entertainment's colorful lineup of superheroes. The Walt Disney Company is absolutely massive and acts as a parent company to other successful brands. It looks like the first heroes available will be Marvel's movie Avengers: Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Hulk, and Hawkeye. Disney Infinity Marvel has an improved engine, so the environments are bigger this time around, with Marvel Manhattan being four times larger than the previous king, The Incredibles' Metroville. In the motion category, Iron Man flies, Thor can hover and fly, Captain America has a super jump, and Hulk can super jump and scale buildings with his own version of Spider-Man's wall-crawl ability. Disney Infinity is an action-adventure video game based on Disney properties which uses physical toy figures.
Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes is gisteren officieel onthuld, nadat er eerder al een teaser was verschenen.
Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes moet eind dit jaar uitkomen op de Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 en 4, de Wii U en ook als app voor de App Store. Wanneer de game uitkomt, kun je in de winkel de figurines van Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Captain America, de Hulk en Hawkeye in huis halen, waarna er zeer waarschijnlijk snel een hoop extra personages bijkomen. Up until a few months ago, Patrick and Stewart were just like any other Disney Infinity fan. How did these hardcore fans make the jump from amateur level builders to professional designers in less than a year? Efird was working as a teacher before he received his “magical email” in May, 10 days before his wedding. Creating Toy Box levels in the comfort of one’s own home is different from creating them in the studio.
Since Disney Infinity allows up to four players in the same Toy Box space, the team members also spend time working together on a single project. Vignocchi compares them to people who are just naturally gifted artists — they’re “master level designers” and their work impressed everyone at Avalanche, even the senior level designers.
The original Disney Infinity was built on the foundation that Activision's Skylanders built, combining action figures and games into a single family-friendly experience. Disney has owned Marvel Entertainment since 2009, and it acquired Star Wars and Indiana Jones owner Lucasfilm in 2012. In fact the full title of the new version is Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes, which should give you an idea of where the focus lies this year. Each of the characters has been re-designed in the Disney Infinity style, so they'll fit in right next to your existing figures. While all of your old Disney Infinity characters, Power Discs, and Toy Boxes will be compatible with Disney Infinity Marvel, it doesn't sound like the same will be true in reverse.
Team-Up power discs bring helper characters in to fight with you, like Iron Patriot or Winter Soldier. There are also improvements to character movement, combat, and the addition of a new skill tree for each character. Seeing Iron Man fly around in Marvel Manhattan actually reminded me of another recent Marvel game, Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

The level cap has been raised to 20 for every character and every time you gain a level, you'll get a point you can use to buy new skills.
The Brush system lets players easily create objects and areas around certain themes; click a button and the game procedurally-generates things like cities, racetracks, and castles. By placing special doors on objects, you can build interior rooms inside them, just like building out in the world.
We'll let you know more about Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes when we hear about additional characters or even a release date. You exposed the optimistic particulars of the subject and met with the inspired practices for sure! The game features in-game play sets and a toy box mode that allows users to create levels using mixed-and-matched content.
In deze 2.0-editie van Disney Infinity kun je aan de slag met bekende Marvel-helden zoals Iron Man, The Hulk en Captain America. De ontwikkelaar belooft ons twintig figuren uit het Marvel-universum, die een compleet nieuw verhaal beleven.
Zo worden Spider-Man en Nick Fury in de bovenstaande trailer al geteased en wordt er ook gesproken over personages uit het Disney-universum. They hired 29 year-old Patrick “PapaEcho” Efird and 44 year-old Stewart “Crazybynick” Malcolm as full-time level designers. When the first edition of Infinity came out last year, Disney Interactive wanted a way to vet user-created levels (it has to maintain its family-friendly image, after all) and highlight them for others to see.
Malcolm was the first to join the team, a surprise that a certain executive almost ruined while he was touring Avalanche’s Salt Lake City headquarters in March. Their influence has already affected certain aspects of the new game, leading to simple additions like the triangle block that builders can use. Track The Walt Disney Company's Landscape to stay on top of the industry in 3 minutes a day.
Backed by recognizable Disney franchises like The Incredibles, Frozen, and Wreck-It-Ralph, it looks like Disney has surpassed the pioneer.
So when Disney Infinity released as the new digital connective tissue for everything Disney Interactive had access to, people wondered when Marvel and Star Wars characters were coming to the party.
Despite some rumors of an August 2014 launch date, Pitaro said that the title will be launching this Fall. These were the only characters with figures at the presentation, but the teaser trailer showed off Spider-Man, Nick Fury, Loki, MODOK, the Green Goblin, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot.
The game will have a new Starter Pack will come with three Avengers - Iron Man, Thor, and Black Widow - the Avengers playset, and two new Toy Box Games pieces.
Soaring over a shortened New York skyline felt remarkably similar and combat even reminded me a bit of an upgraded Lego Marvel. That means your Black Widow will be different from your friend's Black Widow, if Black Widow is your thing.
You can also drop in Builders, who will run around your levels doing the same thing without your direct input. One door will lead players to the Home space, which lets them build bases and homes for their favorite characters; all the bits you unlock while playing the game can be stored in your Home space.

Dit verhaal wordt geschreven door Brian Michael Bendis, die in het verleden ook verschillende Marvel-comics wist neer te pennen.
Wel komt de game met een nieuwe Toy Box-modus, die het makkelijker moet maken voor de speler om zijn eigen levels en mini-games te maken om vervolgens met de rest van de wereld te delen. Three other active community members have since joined them: Tyler “Tyforce” Cole, Jose “doctorlogicgate” Abalos, and Quinn “quinnjitsu” Johnson. The company started showing off these levels in simple voiceover videos on YouTube, but it switched to doing a weekly series called Toy Box TV. When Malcolm first arrived, he sat at the head of a table with six developers, all of whom were asking him a bunch of questions.
One of them might work on filling out the world, another would worry about building the gameplay, and a third could begin shaping the story.
And their feedback was also valuable in making sure the Toy Box tools are as user-friendly as possible.
And if you're more of a Disney fan than a Marvel fan, fret not, because Avalanche Software general manager John Blackburn says more Disney characters and playsets will be coming this year.
You can also pick up new vehicles like Cap's motorcycle, a mini-Helicarrier, and the Lola hovercar from Agents of SHIELD. Anything created by Builders or the Brush system can be edited, so you don't have to worry if it's not perfect.
Logisch omdat Marvel sinds een paar jaar onder moederbedrijf Disney valt en slim omdat de Marvel-personages dankzij de verschillende succesvolle films nu bij een grote doelgroep tot de verbeelding spreken. Daarbij is het ook goed om te weten dat je geen compleet nieuw starterspakket hoeft te kopen.
With Vignocchi and community manager Allison Petrek as hosts, the show focuses on news, contests, and the best Toy Box levels of the week.
He was initially a little intimidated, but when that was over (Malcolm describes their conversation as “inspiring”), he ran into Vignocchi in the hallway.
That means we can probably expect more Guardians of the Galaxy figures in the first few release months. Instead of the third-person action game found in the base title, you can play other genres like tower defense or dungeon crawler. There's also Templates, which can be placed in the world and connected to let players create their own gameplay modes. De power disc van het origineel en de verschillende poppetjes die je al hebt, kun je ook in Marvel Super Heroes gebruiken.
Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis will be helping to write the story modules for Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes and Disney teased more announcements at E3 2014. Het resulteert in kinderen die bij hun ouders zeuren om nieuwe poppetjes, terwijl de vader van het gezin dat met geveinsde tegenzin doet, omdat hij het stiekem ook wel leuk vindt. Ik vraag me alleen wel af in hoeverre de originele Disney-figuren binnen het Marvel-universum passen, maar dat is een kwestie van afwachten.

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