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Our Lacquered Log Tables are created from rough-cut solid logs harvested in the mountains of Northern New Mexico. Materials: Ponderosa Pine - An extremely large species of Pine, Ponderosa is found in mountainous areas of western North America, with the wood used for our collection being harvested primarily in the mountains of Northern New Mexico. Traditional Oil & Urethane Finish: Our traditional oil and urethane is a high quality urethane resin topcoat.
Bio-Shield Eco-Friendly Finish: This resin & oil finish provides UV protection and builds an elastic, water-resistant surface that weathers well. BioShield is created from Soy Alkyd Resin, Wax, Isopar, Bentonite (Volcanic Clay), Iron Oxide Pigments, Lead-free Dryers (Zircon, Cobalt Octoat) and Oximes (anti-skinning agent).
Exterior Wood Finish: This option is available for styles which are going to be placed outdoors.
They are dried in a solar kiln and finished with an ebony penetrating dye stain before being sealed with a traditional clear lacquer topcoat with a satin sheen and waxy finish. The Pine is seasoned for several months and allowed to develop organic cracks and separations, which occur naturally as the wood dries and shrinks. It is extremely hard and durable, has a satin sheen, and is a great finish for residential and commercial use.
It is specially formulated for wood that is exposed to sunlight, water and temperature changes. Not only 50% off growler fills for Growler Power Hour 12-1pm but… All Day 25% off draft beers if you can prove you Live, Work or Attend School in Wynwood! This seasonal brew uses Czech Saaz hops offering a mild, but pleasant earthy, herbal and floral overtones.

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