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In Part 27 we examined many of the differences between the first replacement door installed in January compared to this second replacement door installed in mid-June.
First, in the last article in this series we mentioned that we could not find one plug used on the exterior cladding (compared to the hand painted while plugs with the first replacement door’s install). In the picture above focus if you will on the black caulking between the brick on the left and the adjacent black cladding of the door frame.
Net time we will again look at a few more installation technique differences with the installation of door #1 and door #2.
The 1st Edition was recognized by The Toronto Star on April 09, 2009 in their Personal Bailout Survival Tips series.
The 2nd Edition was part of a CBC News' The National news segment on March 2, 2010 in which Dan was interviewed. Also compare the next picture (door #1) with the second picture following (door #2) and notice first you see screw holes in the black cladding of doro #1 but you do not for door #2.
All that was done by Mike and Adam, the installers for door #2 was to place 3 or 4 screws not from the door fame to the fascia; rather, they placed the screws from the metal piece at the inside end of the fascia to the fascia itself.

If you look at the picture with the fascia buckling two pictures above you can see that white metal horizontal piece lying flat on top of the exposed wood of the door frame. Please if you could help me with more details I could try to go straight to the manufacture. Also notice how the black cladding does not fully secure the wood part of door #1′s frame. Use a small vanity that has under counter cabinet doors, and add organization shelves and drawers inside the cabinet.  Don’t have a lot of storage needs, but want it to look decorative?
Consider using a pedestal sink, or a wall mounted sink with decorative shelving below.  If you don’t have space for either, they also make sinks that fit in the corner of two walls. How did we do?"A A "What are your thoughts on these new ways of; 'All-Green', All-Sustainable', and 'All-Climate' Community Living Styles? Mimic the feeling of natural light with neutral and sunny tones that feel warm and inviting. You will hate using the bathroom, if you hate how you look in the mirror!Even though your bathroom is small, you can still love its potential.

The shower curtain is a cost-effective way to decorate and a lighter neutral color is best. I have a friend who recently bought an older home and they are going to remodel the inside and then try and sell it again. I will have to share the tips in this article with my friend because the house has some pretty small bathrooms. I hope that she will be able to figure it out and get the bathrooms to look great, which I’m sure she will be able to.

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