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So just shut yer pie holes, all you wood paneling haters who *can not bear to live with it*. Eartha Kitsch — owner of a lovely time capsule knotty pine kitchen — did not rant and was very funny and probably more effective than me when she addressed the wood paneling topic last week in her story Dear Lord! Where to get affordable wood paneling if you, like Mom and Dad and Grandma and Gramps, are interested in using it for a cozy, affordable DIY wall finish? Tim is sending me samples of a variety of designs — ones I thought would be of greatest interested to Retro Renovation readers. For more than 50 years, we have been providers of high quality utility and designer wall panels.  With a solid hardboard manufacturing facility located in Alpena Michigan, and a superior finishing facility in Toledo Ohio, we are proud to offer one of America’s finest wall products – worldwide. DPI is recognized industry-wide as the leader in design style innovation and state-of- the- art manufacturing processes.
Colossal Cocktail Lounge Is No Cozy Corner CanteenThis may be one of the largest home bars you’ll ever see.
One of the interesting design features in this home’s bar is the enormous curved tabletop set at a counter height normally used in kitchen areas.
Green Painters are great to use because they use best practices, meaning they’re trained to care for the health of the consumer and the environment.
Grand or intimate, let the architecture of your “room at the top” guide you in establishing exactly the ambiance you want. While everyone has their own choice, where colors for interior paints are concerned, it maybe a good idea to take a look at the effects that popular interior paint colors, like shades of white, blue, yellow and red, can have on your mood and the interesting interior paint color combinations that you can play around with. Beautifully stained wood and interior brick painted in a mellow hue provide a peaceful get-away in the form of this unique bedroom. Choosing the perfect color for the interior of your house doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience. When Dad and Mom or Grandma and Grandpa excitedly and gratefully bought their 1,000 square foot house after 1945, the basement and attic and maybe even the second floor were unfinished. I found this seemingly excellent company — Decorative Panels International, which makes a large variety of wood paneling.
A perfect fit in virtually every part of your home, DPI wall paneling allows you to achieve looks and performance comparable to ceramic tile, wall paper, wood wall paneling and even stone and brick masonry – at a fraction of the cost!
Get informed and be aware about the environmental & safety hazards in old homes, materials and products.
The nightclub sized curving bar top, support columns, corner back bar arrangement and seating would fill an entire room in most houses and has enough ceiling space overhead to hang four chandeliers within the bartending area.
This allows the use of lounge chairs as stool seating and is a good example of barstool sizing and spacing requirements being driven by the furniture dimensions rather than accounting for shoulder clearance and arm movement.Humongous Home Bar Hides Behind WoodworkThe beautiful woodwork and marble bartop have been deliberately highlighted as the focal points in the interior design.
Of course, what home bar would be complete without a prominent placement of mounted jack-a-lopes from the successful hunting trip you always fantasized about. There can be a lot of waste and many home owners are concerned about the impact their renovation is going to have on the environment. There are many places to turn to for inspiration and to find the color that will best compliment you and your home.
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Do you offer anything like this and if so are there any distributors in the South Bend Indiana area?

In the process, our contractor put in the new door for the half bath in the wrong place and it had to be moved. However, the good news is there are many ways you can improve your home and be green at the same time. See what  some of our past customers have done or become inspired by tips from decorating professionals.
Breaks might be glued and cinched, however here and there if the make won't close cry laughing it may need to have true wood embedded to fill it in and give the glue something to hold fast to. But let me just say this: Our Dads and Grandpas and in some cases our Moms and Grandmas, put up wood paneling because they were very very cautious with their money. Unfortunately, the paneling he removed for the first wrongly placed door was destroyed in the process. Comments Off Read more How to Strip & Stain Exterior Wood Door The front door is the first thing individuals see when they go to your house. They grew up during hard times, and they learned to fear debt and unnecessary overspending.
They would frame interior walls, add electric and maybe some insulation and then Cover the Walls with Wood Paneling.
Will be in the US in a few weeks and I am going to find me some of that paneling for a little art project. Cherry or knotty pine were particularly beloved, I think, but there may have been regional preferences. Provided that the finish on your front door has gone through better days, you can strip off the old finish and after that apply new stain and varnish or polyurethane. Now that we have suffered the Great Recession and are living in the New Normal, this all seems to make a lot more sense to people *clue phone*.
Installing wood paneling was way easier than putting up and taping drywall — Dad could do the paneling all his own, no problem.
DPI uses rotogravure (not digital) printing, and generally takes each design through several runs with different colors to get the design effect they want. The procedure itself isn't hard, however it does require time for one layer of finishing material to dry before applying the following layer.
I asked Tim if he thought I would be able to tell the difference between DPI’s printed cherry paneling (for example) and veneered cherry paneling. Comments Off Read more How to Apply UV Protection Varnish on an Exterior Wood Door Sunlight is maybe the most damaging component to exterior wood. Exterior wood doors, regardless of the fact that stained, frequently bear the brunt of ultraviolet flashes. Search for urethane or marine fight varnish with UV protection that will ingest and redirect ultraviolet beams, averting your door and the finish from breaking and blurring. Tim said that DPI is passionate about the structural integrity and overall aesthetic of the product and the processes, and their pricing reflects that.
This is particularly significant in sunny climates and with doors with southern or western presentation. This, along with their focus on environmentally sensitive manufacturing (their processes use minimal solvents, so there is zero or minimal offgassing of the paneling), means the have made major inroads in terms of being stocked at the big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes and Menards, he said. Comments Off Read more How to Paint a Wood Entry Door Wood entry doors in a home or office could be either straightforward or elaborate.

Basic doors might look like nothing more than a solid wood piece, while more lavish doors might have many-sided outlines cut into the surface. For best outcomes, tailor your painting system for the entry door sort, if an even chunk, paneled or cut and remove or tape off with painter's tape any door hardware - door handles, kick plates or door knockers. Comments Off Read more The Best Wood to Make Exterior Doors Carpentry as of late, entry and exterior doors have been made of materials other than wood.
Metal and fiberglass have ended up mainstream plan B to additional unreasonable wood doors.
Wood is still the most well known material for exterior doors because of its look and sturdiness. While there are numerous distinctive mixtures of wood that are useful for exterior doors, a few sorts have focal points over others. Comments Off Read more How to Paint Over Stained Wood on Exterior Doors Stain doesn't hold up and in addition paint on exterior wood doors, particularly if the door is laid open to the sun.
When your stained exterior doors have begun to blur, painting over them is the most pragmatic result.
A quart of paint will cover a few doors, and great quality paint will look better and last more extended.
Comments Off Read more How to Maintain a Wood Entry Door Indeed, a solid wood door is set to require a spot of standard maintenance. The frame might settle around the door, causing it to tie, and hinge and lock screws are notorious for working detached under the stress of ordinary operation.
Then again, wood doors have a tendency to be all the more tastefully satisfying, and might be stained or painted to upgrade just about any building outline. Comments Off Read more How to Restore a Mahogany Wood Front Door Valid wood gives a warmth and grace that no engineered material can match.
Sadly, the cost of having a genuine mahogany wood front door is that it will inevitably hints at wear, tear and climate damage. It's best to bring the door down for the first part, then after that re-hang it to apply the finish. If you are working with stain or paint, the steps underneath will help you in refinishing mahogany to its previous radiance.
Refinishing a fiberglass door that just looks like wood is not all that disparate to refinishing a real hardwood door. The main distinction is that you would typically sand a hardwood door before refinishing it. Because fiberglass doors don't presuppose sanding, refinishing them is all in all a substance transform. Provided that you are whatsoever uncomfortable working with lethal chemicals, for example solvents and polyurethane, this is work better left to the experts.
Comments Off Read more How to Refinish an Exterior Wood Door An exterior door that has been clinging the outside of a building for quite a while is a prime competitor for another, new cover of varnish, wood stain or paint. The more extended the door has been presented to the components, the less demanding it will be to remove the old finish and put another layer in its place.

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