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In the following instructions, if the rim has all holes lined up in the center, use the right hole on top build. Holding the wheel non-drive side up, drop the other 8 inbound spokes through the drive flange.
Everything should seem reasonably even, unless the hub is twisted to alter the appearance. Everything should seem reasonably even and it should begin to have been formed like a real bicycle wheel.
Starting at the valve hole, go around the wheel and tighten every spoke so only a couple threads show on each spoke.

Starting at the valve hole, go around the wheel and tighten each dish side spoke by one revolution.
When gross truing a new wheel, perfer tightening to loosening until the wheel is tight enough to ride. Repeat the preceding two steps until the wheel's side to side trueness is acceptable to you.
I think the wheel's good enough right now, let's stress it and make sure it stays that way.
The curve of the spoke is left to bend around the right angle and then be cut by that right angle.

Note that the only way it could be drawn is by shrinking the hub flange and making the spokes look thinner.

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