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We recently came¬†across¬†this report from Germany, reported on in a Belgium news site, concluding that a cargo bike or carrier bike is the safest way to transport children. Each setup was tested by crashing into an obstacle at a rate of 25 kilometers per hour (15.5 mph). The examiner concluded that the cargo bike was the safest, citing the low position to the ground, ability to always confirm that the child is connected to the cycle without looking back, and the larger vehicle size discouraging motorists from attempting to pass as compared to a cyclist with a baby seat. This entry is filed under General and tagged Bakfiets, carrier bike, Safety, Testing, trailer. Stroller Bike, Bike Stroller, Bike With Stroller, Strollercycle, Strollerbike…what should we call it? With the proliferation of products such as the Zigo Leader Carrier Bike and the Taga Carrier, there has been an equal proliferation of terminology to describe these products. So here is the question: in the United States (and United Kingdom and English speaking world everywhere) what should we call these products? Babboe on the other hand, offers the Babboe City for just 849 Euros, and the Babboe Big 3-Wheel for 749 Euros. There are of course other sellers of Bakfietsen, but these brands one see a lot of around the city. This entry is filed under General and tagged Bakfiets, Belle Bike, Cargo Bike, carrier bike, Christiana, Ladcykel, taga, Utility Bicycle, Utility Bike, Utility Cycling, Zigo.
This entry is filed under Uncategorized and tagged Bakfiets, Cargo Bike, Carrier Bicycle, carrier bike, denmark, Mobii, Utility Bicycle, Utility Cycling, Velorbis.
Our patented Rear-Hitch-Mount style improves fuel economy and eliminates overhead lifting as compared to roof-mounted racks.
Dual, fold-away bike arms offer stability for hauling bikes as well as allow compact storage. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. We just returned from our long trip in the VW Trakka T5 from Blue Mountains NSW to South Australia via Cameron Corner, Strzelecki Track, Gammon Ranges, Oodnadatta Track, Painted Desert, Coober Pedy, Gawler Ranges, Eyre Peninsular, Melrose, Flinders Ranges, Murray Sunset NP, Big Desert, Murray Valley, Snowy Mountains and back home. The rack behaved perfectly, no rattling, it was solid and unshakeable over hundreds of kilometers of very rough and corrugated track.

Really happy with the whole setup and your customer service is the best I have encountered, so thanks.
If you visit Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide, you stand a good chance of spotting a Reid bike somewhere in these cities.
The other (perhaps better) option is to get a rack which attaches to the ball instead of the receiver.
The largest cycling discussion forum in Australia for all things bike; from new riders to seasoned bike nuts, the Australian Cycling Forums are a welcoming community where you can ask questions and talk about the type of bikes and cycling topics you like. I will admit that my dutch is not much good and that Google translate mostly mangled the article, but from what I can figure, the German automobile club ADAC tested a bike seat, a trailer and a carrier bike. In the crash test the trailer remained upright and the dummy passenger unharmed, while the doll in the baby bike seat had damage to the legs.
It is claimed to offer more versatility and configurability than most cargo and child carrier bikes.
Securing V-design & square steel tubing present excellent strength and rigidity without having unnecessary weight. This receiver mount tube enables use with a 2 inch receiver without having acquiring an pricey ball mount for the truck. The rack tilts away permitting entry towards the cargo area also and is simple to use and mount. We met some people at Coward Springs who have a very early version of your rack and are still very happy with it. My girlfriend and I used it to take our Devinci road bikes for a ride between Lake Louise and Banff, joining the Paramedic Ride that was raising money for the national paramedic memorial & scholarship fund. Have taken the bikes out a few times on the smaller of the frames and am loving how sturdy they are held down when traversing some of the rougher terrain.
The [another brand aussie rack] single post never held my 575 Yeti steep top tube propely and now nothing hangs over the sides! Off-road capable and tested, fast to put on and take off, access to rear of car even though I have swing-away rear wheel bar. These photos were taken near Lassiters Cave on the Central Highway on the way home from Alice yesterday!!!!

The clearance was awesome and we could pull out any of the bikes individually which is massive bonus for us because we swap bikes all day. The attention to detail & workmanship is amazing, if only more manufacturers showed this sort of detail!!! The Australian company can still be described as a new-comer to the market, but they have expanded swiftly and are now selling in Europe and the USA as well.
The conclusion was that a trailer was safer than a baby bike seat, but that a carrier bike was safest of all. With its short wheelbase and relatively light weight, it is said to be remarkably easy and fun to ride, with essentially no learning curve.
It's pretty easy.The other thing that is great on this vehicle is because the carrier allows for two bicycles to sit exactly side by side with no need to stagger to the left and right, the total width of the loaded carrier is no wider than the length of the longest bicycle.
The Joe Bike currently includes four configurations, all of which are designed and handbuilt in Portland. Very easy to lower when accessing the tailgate, easy to remove on the odd occasions we did this. She is a pro racer (road and mountain bikes) and she was blown away by the quality of your product. These include the first double-decker cargo-carrying system, the original wooden box, and a sort of reverse-XtraCycle attachment that allows two children to sit upright in front of the rider, along with several grocery bags.
Rubber straps hold the bicycles securely in place and allow for huge bike frames to fit into the saddles. The Joe Bike costs significantly more than the boxbike primarily because of substantial frame modifications, component upgrades (disc brakes and lighter wheels, for instance), two-tone color schemes, and simply the cost of steel.
Other electrified Zigo Leader units have been reported in Europe (see links below) but the eZigo is the first one produced by Zigo.

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