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Hi, I have a 2005 Toyota Corolla S model that has a fin on the back of the car that causes problems for the trunk rack that I just bought. I have an allen bike rack that mounts to the back of my kia sorento and when I go over bumps I hear that it slightly bounces. Beau Maison Door & Window owner Allen Cheek realizes the project will mean some growing pains in which some buildings will disappear as the area is redeveloped into more of a mixed-use corridor. He jocularly alluded to a brief life as a NY bike messenger when he first moved to the city. We have more than 5,500 bicycle parking spaces on campus, including spaces in traditional racks as well as nearly 1,000 spaces in lockers, bike rooms, and bike cages. U lock to attach the bikes to the racks and can lock both narrow and wide tire wheel bikes. The Hang It 2 can be set at a maximum height of nine-feet to brace against the floor and ceiling. The Topeca is a German engineered, well balanced and sturdy floor to ceiling Bike Storage Stand. The front wheel is held in place with a rubber coated arm to protect the finish of the bike. It comes with installation hardware, printed instructions, and a lifetime guarantee against defects. If you are always tripping over bikes and scooters when you walk in your garage our out on your back patio, you will want to check out this DIY Bike Rack that you can make with just a few dollars in PVC pipe.
Or a bike rack for the back of your truck (that can also be used in your garage too) using these plans from Bogley.
SeaSucker has made their name in the bike industry by offering bike racks that attach to your car with only marine grade vacuum cups. Depending on the car, this may be the only choice in applications where the glass or the trunk material won’t allow strap on racks.

My strongest argument for not letting my wife buy a Beetle convertible was there was no way to carry her bike. One of my mountain bike riding buddies has the Falcon Seasucker rack, so far it has worked like a charm.
I’m not sure if this is the same company but there was a very similar one (suction cups and all) that a guy created for his Lotus Elise and eventually started selling it to others.
I have mine after try many bike racks, it fit my car as I want, keep my bike as a rear rack and also I bought a Yakima secure strap, so my bike is locked to my car. I had the Mini Bomber, the pumps frequently need servicing (water gets in and they get sticky and will not fully suction to the roof), not to mention if the crank arm swings backwards the pedal is guaranteed to smash the roof of your car (their rear wheel holder is not even close to being tall enough to give proper clearance). These things are dangerous and absolutely need to be outlawed to protect other drivers and passengers on the road.
Traditional roof racks need to be outlawed, too, because I saw pictures of a bike that fell off a trad roof rack on a highway.
The 5 hr energy cycling team has 8 cups holding a custom rack and 4 backs going 95+ mph in races. DBoz was the only one that listed real reasons why this roduct doesn’t work, he did not mention it falling off on the freeway!
You can also find price comparisons from sellers that I met, so you surely get the best price currently for this great product. Allen [Farmelo] and he gently circumlocuted his time as a French soldier, stationed in a ski patrol in the Alps.
This building is one of the first LEED Certified buildings in West Tennessee to include a solar energy system. While the idea might sound preposterous, they really work and have been expanding their offerings from the smallest rack available, now to the rack with the smallest foot print. Like the rest of their racks, each vacuum cup uses a pump to purge the air, and has an indicator if it starts to lose suction.

I like not having to keep an ugly roof rack on top of my Volvo C30 and appreciate the better gas mileage without the ever-present crossbars. Try one, then maybe comment, so people who are truly interested get good feedback, not Internets garbage ?? …. When I fly with my bike on vacation I can put my Seasucker roof rack in the bike box and use it on any rental car I wind up with. I’ve seldom removed a traditional roof rack after a few years of use and not been sad as to what the paint under the tower footprints looks like. The difference is it seems they are not intended to be left alone on the car for extended time, unlike traditional roof racks. That way, I could get the car in the office garage without having to put a trailer hitch on my tiny car. And my (less expensive) Seasucker racks have moved from car to car without having to buy new Q-Clips, or mount a custom rear hitch, etc. I’ve even used it as an additional mount when bumming a ride to a race with a buddy that had already filled his 2 bike trays on his Yakima roof rack. As for bikes flying off, I am an experienced cyclist who puts a bike on a rack multiple times a week for the past 15 years. I once was that guy driving down the hwy and my bike on a yakama rack fell off and hit the side of our car. I had thought it clamped down but instead I must have not had the fork correct on the mounts and the tabs got in the way.

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