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Toyota Prius with Yakima Q Towers rack, Thule Side Arm bike rack, and Thule Spirit cargo box. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
I'm most interested in an easily removable roof rack, but most seem to be designed for the 4 door, instead of 2. Now, on my WRX, I have the Yakima roof racks, bike rack and fairing and I dont hear it really.
What is the difficulty level of installing a hitch, and does it impact ground clearance at all?
I am still looking, but pretty sure that I will be getting a GTI as soon as I sell my current car (2004 Subaru WRX STI). I think a roof mount is the only option, ive seen some put on a hitch and connect the carrier to that as well.

I think Thule's fit tool is wrong because any trunk mount would have to hang on the spoiler, and I'm not comfortable with that. Only downside I've found to the hitch rack is it sticks out the back pretty low to the ground so I have to be careful on dips or steep transitions to avoid scraping it. Soon, however, I'll be buying a hitch and trailer to carry my tracking paraphernalia around rather than in my car, at which point I'll buy a hitch-mount rack for it. I've seen people have luck with using a peice of like 4 inch pvc going right under the spoiler to keep the pressure distributed over the glass and not on the edge of the spoiler.
I did this set up in my MKIV Golf and i didn't put any support on the rear bumper and it caused a huge deformed dent!! Something easily removable would probably be most ideal, but am just curious as to my options right now. I've had fork mount carriers in the past and now have an upright carrier because I don't want the front wheel dirtying up the hatch area.

And the actuial bike rack is thule comes with locks so you can leave the bike up there while at work or over night w no worries.
Had everything I needed to install the rack on my new 2011 4Dr GTI - including clear laminex-type footbed adhesive paint protectors for the roof. There are lots of straps that you can see on this trunk mount, which can be a bit of a pain to set up, but if you only do minimal bike transporting a trunk mount for your VW Golf should do the trick. Golfs sit low so you can get a good roof rack system setup on them, or if you think you could use a hitch for something else, a hitch mount would work too. I’m still looking for pictures of the black GTI or R32 with a roof rack system loaded with high end bikes.

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