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Desire a high-end, show-stopping look with ultra quiet and calming design features, or if you have a very private setting.
Inludes all 3 x external wall finishes of render, cladding, or a mix of both - for you to choose from. Create more extensive sleep or run areas by 'removing' the corridor on one side of the building to create to take it to the outside wall.
They are also useful for showing customers what you are building and on your marketing materials while your kennels are beings built.
A simple but highly effective pricing document to give to builders for quotations (tender) to help ensure you receive a full costing from prospective builders to the standard you will require. A project timescale that shows the order of works and how long you can expect them to take. David also has the practical day-to-day knowledge of how buildings can improve animal welfare, impress and welcome visitors and be hygienic and practical for staff to work in and maintain.

Our designs are a far higher standard than the legal requirements in the UK and far higher than any legal requirements we have seen in any other country, including the USA and Canada. David has expert knowledge and many years of experience, so there is no 'learning curve' for him in the way that there will be for architects and designers who have not built kennels or veterinary hospitals before.
If you need help or have questions, please just contact us as sometimes it can be helpful to talk it through. The SkyLine level, the Space Needle’s private event and banquet space, will allow you to make your big plans, announcements, rehearsals, receptions, banquets, parties, or holiday celebrations 100 feet in the air!
The Banquet facilities at the Space Needle are divided into two rooms, which may be reserved separately, or together for larger functions. Please let us know about the event you are planning and one of our event coordinators will contact you promptly to assist you. He has over 30 years experience of designing, building, project managing, upgrading and maintaining kennel and cattery buildings and animal hospitals.

Our blueprints are purchased by many owners in different countries, to be adapted and decorated by each individual to suit, therefore the cost is shared.
We want to make absolutely sure you get the right option for your situation and aspirations. With fabulous food, service and views, sometimes the Space Needle is the kinda place you want for yourself.

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