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After monitors and peripherals, I want to spend a max of about $800 - $1000 on the actual PC. You need to squeeze an SSD in there it makes a huge speed difference to any pc and hunt around to try find a 660ti or 7950. Only thing is, considering market volatility surrounding SSD prices, it may be economical for me to hold off and upgrade that later.
If you can get to Microcenter, motherboards are $40 off if you buy a CPU, I walked out on Saturday with a 3570K and a Gigabyte UD5H for $330, including tax. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

I also have a trackball (I don't like mice, just trackball) and also I just bought a nice illuminated keyboard. I also have an old OCZ ModXStream 600W lying around that I could sell to you if you are interested, could prolly save you some money. Right now I can get a 750W for only $60, but if you are selling the 600W for cheap then I will consider it. Because then my system is not covered by warranty if it causes a problem and destroys my motherboard. Obviously I'm going to do build 3, but are there are parts I am going to need that I don't have listed?

But I already used up all but 300mb in only 1 month (although a lot was backing up my current hard drives). EDIT: I returned the Logitech illuminated keyboard and instead got the challenger ultimate keyboard. And for me, it would be more beneficial to spend $100 for 2TB more storage, then for the SSD performance increase.

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