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Below we have all the listings for her on the US website, as she's not listed on the UK or AU websites. Just like last time she's an Online Exclusive and you can order her here for $30.00 Please keep in mind that she's available in a limited quantity so be sure to get her asap.
Thanks to an anonymous source we've got some new images for the upcoming DJ Pon-3 Build-a-Bear Plush. The image shown above was shared on the official Build-a-Bear Facebook page by Chris, and seems to be in the regular build-a-bear branding, so it's possible that the image origins from their website or promotional material. Since today the Build-a-Bear Princess Cadance and Luna plush are now available online and in stores!
Build-a-Bear shared this on their Twitter page today: 25% off all make-your-own My Little Pony plushies! Note that the offer is only valid on make-your-own plushies, so all pre-made plushies (CMC & Spike) are not on sale. There seemed a bit of confusion as people kept asking us when the Build-a-Bear Princess Cadance, Luna and Shining Armor will be released. The upcoming Princess Cadance, Princess Luna and Shining Armor plushies by Build-a-Bear will be released in stores on March 20, 2015 in the US. If you want to know more about all plushies that were ever released by Build-a-Bear: Visit our MLP Plush Database!
We already heard rumours that Cadance, Luna and Shining Armor are gonna be the next Build-A-Bear Plush but now we have found images of them all!
After Australia and the UK it know seems Princess Celestia has finally been listed on the US BAB Website and she's ready to be ordered! Build-a-bear starts releasing the Princess Celestia plush in more and more places, and it seems that yesterday Thailand was the lucky country!
About a week after the release at Build-a-Bear Australia, the UK can now officially buy the Princess Celestia plush as well.
We were given the opportunity to be one of the first one’s to experience the cuddling magic of this very special Build-A-Bear Toothless from DreamWorks. After getting acquainted he checked out his new friends wing span.  He loves how they stretch out so he can fly and then he tested him out for flight. The wings do come off by simply slipping them off his arms so if your planning on putting a shirt on toothless you can.
We have had the pleasure of seeing How to Train your Dragon both in theaters and in the How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular.

Win It: One lucky reader to win a $25 Bear Buck$ gift card to Build-A-Bear Workshop to experience the magic of creating their own furry friend!
MY LITTLE PONY and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. The first High Quality images of some of the new announced Explore Equestria Merchandise have arrived.
It's been a while since we posted anything about the original Equestria Girls Dolls but we have some new info.
It was long questioned whether My Little Pony would be restocked as rumors got around that BaB stopped with My Little Pony, but at least we see another production run of Princess Luna. The DJ Pon-3 Build-a-Bear plush is now ready to be ordered from the US Build-a-Bear Website.
The DJ Pon-3 Build-a-Bear Plush that got announced a few days ago will arrive this September.
We'll probably see more of the dress soon, and expect that she has her regular Cutie Mark underneath. Shining Armor has also been released today but as stated earlier, he will be an online exclusive. The sale will only be on for a couple of days (ends in March 19), but 25% is a neat deal for their great plushies (confirmed by our readers, who voted Build-a-Bear for best plushies brand). Shining Armor will just like Zecora, be an online exclusive which means you can only buy him on the website and not in stores. They may appear earlier or later in various other countries or on the Build-a-Bear website.
You can now look up almost all known Licensed MLP Plush (so no Frontwinner or OnlyFactory) It quite surprised me how many brands there are! It was also announced that her in-store release was gonna be Friday the 12th of December which was yesterday which means she's now available in stores as well! For those who want to buy her in stores, her in-store release will be the 12th of December so this Friday! Usually the United States is fairly early, but as of lately merch tends to be released first in Asia, Australia and the UK, and so is Celestia: She has already been spotted in Australia and the UK days ago. As always all the decorative items are optional so you can choose to buy her loose, complete or buy only the accessories if you ever change your mind.
One build a bear monkey complete with camouflage clothes & also when pressed makes a monkey noise.

Build-A-Bear Workshop® introduces Toothless from DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon 2, in theaters June 13.
A lot of people also talked about a wrong "Cutie Mark" in that image but it seems like that's because she's actually wearing a cape that's designed just for her! The upcoming DJ Pon-3 plush will get her signature glasses as accessory, which might be included for free. According to the listing she's an online exclusive and she also doesn't come with any accessories.
Just like the previous releases we have a list of the US, UK and Australian listings of the new plush! Your little one’s will just fall in love with the absolutely adorable, cuddly, soft, Toothless Dragon from Build-A-Bear. My son did a really cute video toothless the dragon on Instagram view that below and have a more realistic look to see what Dreamworks Build-A-Bear Toothless Dragon is really like. The 16 inch RAINBOW DASH® plush Pegasus is light blue with blue wings and a rainbow-colored mane and tail. However not all the plushies are available as Princess Cadance, Zecora and Shining Armor Aren't included. The princesses seem to get the same price tag as Princess Celestia: $27, without accessories. You can buy Shining Armor's outfit as well and a Random T-Shirt for your Pony or other plush to wear. Personalize this colorful rainbow MY LITTLE PONY plush Pegasus doll with clothing and accessories to make the perfect unique gift.
For those who rather buy her in stores: According to a lot of people she will be available in-stores on September 18 2015.
Currently the final price for Shining Armor is unknown, but will probably be around $25-$30 as well.
It was as if he had found a special friend that he’d been waiting for for so long and if you look it appears Toothless is just as happy with being a great friend. So far some of the online exclusives like Shining Armor have also been spotted in some stores so I guess some of them may sell her in-stores.

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