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A new Windows 10 preview is here in the form of build 10122 for a€?Fast ringa€? users, and its release marks a few notable changes from the previous previews Microsoft pushed out. Hey #WindowsInsiders, AMD has released some new drivers which should work great with build 10122. Windows 10 preview build 10122 moves the Start Menua€™s File Explorer and Settings options to the bottom-left corner, next to Power and All apps, down from its previous perch at the top of the menu.
If you are using the full-size Start screen in Tablet Modea€”the default experience on tablets, as the name impliesa€”youa€™ll notice more tweaks. Thata€™s nothing but a good thing in my book, as Windows 10a€™s Continuum interface previously seemed to shy too far away from an optimal touch experience. Beyond the Start experience, the Windows 10 Insider hub also received an overhaul in the new preview. Not to rub it in your face, Radeon fans, but Microsofta€™s Edge browser also receives tweaks in Windows 10 preview build 10122. Most noticeable is the arrival of the new New Tab page first reveal at Microsofta€™s Build conference last month. Windows 10 preview build 10122 rips default prompts away from all apps completely and places it squarely in the hands of Windows itself.
The mundane improvements in this build drives home the fact that Microsoft is wrapping up development on Windows 10, pesky Radeon compatibility issues aside. This article was originally published on May 20, but was updated on May 23 when the updated AMD drivers were released. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Another software product expected to be released sometime soon on the market is the Windows 9 operating system, OS developed by Microsoft.

You must find out that down below you can see 20 screenshots that are showing up the innovation brought by Microsoft on this new operating system. It seems that this version called Build 9834 was developed on September 8 and after, it got in the hands of a lot of Microsoft’s partners and developers.
Instead, it stems from a deep-seated bug that causes Microsofta€™s new Edge browser (still called a€?Project Spartana€? in build 10122) to frequently crash if youa€™re using an AMD Radeon GPU. Once you update to build 10122, look for them in Windows Update, found inA Settings > Updates and security. Microsoft also says ita€™s tweaked the right-click context menu while in Start, but I see no overt changes on that front. The not-so-finger-friendly list of options previously found along the left edge of the Start screen is now collapsed by default, though tapping the a€?hamburger menua€? icon in the upper-left corner brings it back.
With the left-hand column shrunk by default, however, ita€™d be nice if the tiles expanded to fill the full screen in true Windows 8-like fashion, as the Start screen now feels like a vast chasm of wasted space. The new Windows 10 preview build clamps down and unifies the way that traditional desktop software and Windows apps can prompt you to make them the default program for a given file type.
Windows 10 will only show a prompt to change your default settings for a file type the first time you try to open one after youa€™ve installed a new program that can open a given file type.
Given the promised summer release date, the deadline for the final RTM (Release to Manufacturing) builda€”the a€?gold mastera€? that must be done in advance of the widespread launch so PC makers can preload Windows 10 on their systemsa€”must be looming.
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Today, we have the opportunity to see how the new platform will look like through some screenshots with the Build 9834 of the Windows 9 Threshold. We notice some new icons, a window mode for apps in Windows Store, a new Start Menu, and the fact that we’re not getting those Charms bars in the taskbar anymore.
Among other features, Windows 9 will also bring a notification system similar to the one we get on our mobile device.

An SAE paper detailing GM’s new eight-speed automatic transmission—and mentions the Corvette by name—recently hit the web, dredged up by the sleuths over at Automobile. The transmission, which GM refers to as the 8L90, will arrive for 2015, and we’ll get more details closer to then, as well as when SAE publishes the full tech paper in April.
Rather than push it out without warning, Windows Insider lead Gabe Aul polled his followers on Twitter as to whether or not Microsoft should push the build out anyway.
There were some improvements to Edge and the way Windows 10 handles default apps, but build 10122 mostly consists of cosmetic changes, as it turns out.
The tiles on the Start screen are larger now for a better touch experience, more closely miming Windows 8a€™s Start screen than previous Windows 10 preview builds. Microsofta€™s actually testing several variants of the New Tab page, so ita€™s made the interface the homepage in Edge for now in order to gain as much feedback and data as possible. In Windows 8, Windows apps could only prompt you to do so via a system notification in the upper-right corner, while desktop software could do so on the desktop at any timea€”which some programs exploited to repeatedly bug you to make it a default. Windows 10 is mostly feature complete, and from here on out expect new Windows builds to mostly consist of fine tuning. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements.
Even this build seems perfect, there’s still some bugs and problems that need to get fixed. Besides confirming the general when and what, the SAE paper also was loaded with technical details, although SAE won’t fully publish the piece until this spring. But best of all, the latest version of Edge packs an audio indicator on tabs that are making noise so you can squash those annoying interlopers dead, fast.

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