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It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion.
I've been staring at side, coffee, and console table plans for MONTHS trying to decide which one I could attempt to modify to build that would be perfect.
I have been looking all over for end tables small enough to fit in the tight spaces of my living room and found that the really inexpensive ones look extremely cheap and would be goners in no time and the really nice ones start at around $150.00!

My wife wanted a side table for her books and a place to sit her tea or coffee while reading.
I just purchased 2 tables from a higher end department store that looked EXACTLY like this (minus color) and paid way more than what I would have if built.
I want to make one soon and I was just wondering how you made it with out having the screw holes show on the top. Have been bugging him for weeks to make use of our headboard, and this end table will be perfect in our living room.
I got the notion to see if this is something I could do on my own and thanks to this project I think it is possible!
I'm re-doing my room and I'm going to make this with my dad for a nightstand and painting it pink! I actually did have to screw some from the top because at the time I didn't have the Kreg Jig. My youngest son loves to play with the remotes and they very often get stashed in the couch cushions, a high shelf, anywhere that he won't find them. I've been researching a lot about required tools and things like how a piece of lumber isn't actually the size it's classified as and am just dumbfounded I didn't know this.
I used some wood filler on this one, but on my apothecary cabinet that I did I also had screws from the top and I used some wooden dowels that I cut down to fill in the holes and those worked really well.

I put a little glue on the bottom and fit it nice and snug into the screw hole and then sanded it down flush to the top. Fulfilling both form and function, a side table makes for a nice pairing and serves as a great place to set your drink. Now that I've got the gist of it and understand the things that made me hesitate I'm going for it.
And a table like the one at right, which cloaks Arts and Crafts bones in an unexpected color, bucks tradition in favor of a fresh look that fits right in with any setting. A slew of retailers offer premade options along these lines, but the tables are also available in myriad styles and finishes. Whichever choice you make, you're sure to appreciate not having to hold your drink in your lap.

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