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The omelettes are made with three eggs and offer various choices for cheese, meats, and veggies. Cheese choices include: American cheese, cheddar cheese, pepper jack cheese, smoky cheese blend, Swiss cheese, and pepper jack queso. Meat choices are: bacon, chicken sausage, chorizo sausage, crumbled sausage, diced ham, prime rib, and turkey bacon. Along with the "build your own" option, the menu also includes three new omelettes, flavored coffee, and a few new desserts. The omelettes are the new Chorizo Tortilla Omelette (pictured below), Fit Fare Loaded Veggie Omelette, and Bacon Avocado Omelette. For dessert, the menu offers new Double Chocolate Pancake Puppies with Peanut Butter sauce and Chocolate Peanut Butter Milk Shake. When it comes to the construction process, you may need a little advice to build your new home. To build your new home, it is a good idea to work with your dealer to establish your new home’s site work.
Once your manufactured home is constructed in the factory, it will be time to transport it to its new location. Instead of taking them down one by one, like I’ve done a million times before like with my microbraids,  I did some you tube research and found a super quick way to take them down.Here is the video I used. Then you take a small section, wet it, put conditioner on it and gently comb the braids out. In the process of using this technique for box braids (male) now and I know exactly what you’re talking about with the matting at the roots.
I did it to show as an example that you can trigger a 555 timer circuit from a micro controller.
For a new years ball drop I just toss a flaming, gas soaked nerf ball off my roof at midnight, yea I know I gotta stop drinking.
The Queens Museum of Art houses the world's largest architectural model, which depicts all of the buildings in the entire city of New York. Originally the Panorama was viewed from small cars which ran on tracks above the perimeter of the room. Like the intricate axonometric maps drawn by hand by Hermann Bollman in the 1950s and Constantine Anderson in the 1980s, the mass of blocks and tiny windows of Midtown Manhattan merge into an overwhelming visual jumble. Scale models like this allow the viewer to understand how the city is put together, in ways that are not obvious from walking the streets. The Panorama has been updated and altered along with new construction in the real city, but since the construction boom of the 1990s, the model has lagged behind reality.
Though the model buildings are built to accurate scale and position, if you look carefully at each one, there isn't a lot of detail.
The model is filled with charming details, like the tiny cable cars going across to Roosevelt Island, just north of the Queensboro Bridge. For that 'meta' effect, you can look down on the site of the 1964 World's Fair, and see the building which houses the Panorama. Across town, at the Skyscraper Museum, there is another scale model depicting a section of New York.
While these models lack the realistic colors of the Panorama model, the simplicity of the natural wood finish gives the model an elegance and beauty lacking in larger models. The unpainted wood of the model creates a unity from the jumbled forms of the real city, as if the dense skyscrapers were natural objects growing in a miniature forest. The micro scale of tiny wooden details gives the model a delicate beauty that must be seen in person to fully appreciate.

Regardless of how you build your omelette, it comes with a side of hash browns or grits plus a choice of toast, biscuit, or English muffin. Ordering a manufactured home is not the same as building a traditional house, and there are a lot of decisions to be made. Most manufacturing companies offer numerous floor plan choices, from single-section to multi-section manufactured homes, most of which can be customized to meet your lifestyle needs.
Decisions regarding everything from your foundation requirements to city services will need to be implemented. A majority of manufactured homes are transported in two halves using the equipment of the builder. I pre-pooed with Sporty Afros Ayurvedic Oil, then I washed it with Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo since my hair had been braided for so long, I wanted to get rid of all of the hair product build up.
Definitely something you need to do on a week off to not feel pressured and start pulling out your hair. The LEDs and ping pong balls were mounted on the electron gun from a broken oscilloscope, giving it a cool look. He thoroughly explains how he translated the song from sheet music into its digital form, a process that would be helpful for beginners to watch. Entitled the Panorama of the City of New York, the model is built at a scale of 1:1200 (one inch = 100 feet) and covers 9335 square feet of exhibit space. Over 100 craftsmen worked for nearly three years to build 830,000 tiny buildings from wood and plastic.
The ride was an imaginary helicopter tour, with famed travel writer Lowell Thomas providing an audio guide of the notable sights in each borough. It astounds the visitor to think how this magical little world was created by hand from so many little pieces. It is the same reason that tourists enjoy visiting observatories at the top of skyscrapers: to gain a framework of understanding one's experiences in a place that is so large as to seem a disconnected series of streets and spaces.
Most of the windows are depicted as punch-card style grids, whether the building is a minimalist tower block or an old-fashioned beaux arts apartment house.
The tiny avenues invite us to wander along in our imaginations, and trace the streets we followed to arrive at the museum near Battery Park. Using only maps, aerial photos, and reference data found online, he spent more than 2000 hours constructing each of the two models. Things such as land excavation, plumbing, gas, and electricity, as well as a septic system and various permits will all need to be dealt with. Your new home will be shipped in a specific position to avoid incidentals such as power lines and overpasses along the journey. The roof will be locked into a permanent position and the sections of your new manufactured home will be fastened together. In addition, city service companies will need to arrive on site to hook up your utilities before final grading of the property can begin. Then, I deep conditioned my hair with Shea Moisture Deep Masque Treatment and started the detangling process. I am 4C and when I wore human hair braids 3 times, they slipped out & unraveled on their own. Obviously he’s working with a slightly smaller budget than the folks at Times Square, but we think his display is pretty neat. The balls are lit one at a time by an Arduino, which illuminates each one for 15 seconds while the final minute of 2011 is counted down. It is the largest scale city model in the world, despite the unresearched claims by many bloggers for the city model in Shanghai.

They used insurance and plat maps, aerial photos, as well as direct observation, to build the most accurate representation of the city possible, including all five boroughs, and the entire length and breadth of the city (aside from a corner of Far Rockaway which would not quite fit the space). Simply maintaining and preserving the hundreds of thousands of buildings in the model must be a constant challenge against dust and occasional detritus dropped from the balconies above. There is one mechanized feature of the Panorama: tiny airplanes on wires which rise steeply from the LaGuardia airport runway, round a pulley hidden in the rafters, cross the sky above, then turn down for a quick landing again. Michael Chesko created a model of midtown Manhattan and another of lower Manhattan, at 1:3200 scale, from pieces of carved balsa and basswood. It is a good idea to double-check that the transportation of your new home is a service your dealer offers.
Finally, your site contractor can finish your home with a driveway, garage, or other items at your request. Once midnight hits, a flashing “2012” sign illuminates while Auld Lang Syne plays from a tiny speaker.
New York's master planner, Robert Moses, conceived the idea of a model as a tourist attraction for the 1964 fair, to be later used as a regional planning tool to show public works projects.
A monstrous lump of chewing gum can be seen in the park not far from Washington Memorial Arch in the photo above.
The tiny shadows of the airplanes moving across the city are a subtle effect that adds a quiet mystery to the model. Most dealers offer a site work package that not only saves money, but also helps the entire job run more efficiently. Once all these things are complete, a building inspector will schedule a visit to inspect the premises and provide an occupancy permit. Is this a model of the original gothic skyscraper before 1961, when it was redone as a modernist box stripped of its windows and covered with advertisements?
Plus, I liked wearing them in a bun on top of my head and they were super heavy… to the point that they made my neck hurt.
The LAST thing I wanted to do was wear my hair natural and come home at 1:00AM to do my hair.
It was ridiculously frustrating, but I didn’t want to pull my hair out while detangling, so I was really careful.
Now I work a typical 9-5, Mon-Fri I get paid more, but not enough to comfortably get my hair done every 3 months. After I was finally done ,I washed out the conditioner and noticed something really odd…my curl pattern was different.  It was less defined. What I do is start taking out the back of my hair on Monday and do a couple of rows each night after work, then wrap the front and sides around my natural hair which is tucked under. My “curls”  aren’t really that defined in the first place, but I’ve always had OK definition in the front but my curls turned into almost loose waves, not the pretty kind either. My usual wash and go with kinky curly knot today and a touch of Kinky Curly Curling Custard didn’t work at all!
This time I will comb out the knots after each row instead of taking out the whole thing and then being frustrated at the amount of knots. I had to literally coat my hair with gel to get any kind of definition and what I got sucked. When my finances get better, I will leave my braids in for only 3 months like I used to when I was a kid.

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