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Build your own Black Cab it takes little time and patience to assemble, but it may be quicker than trying to hail a cab on a rainy night in London. At Apartment Therapy, we believe the more personal you make your space, the happier you will be in it (and that goes for the time you spend caring for the roads leading up to your space, too!). In today's video, Grandpa Carl shows us his hand-built custom snowblower cab, which he invented and built for less than it would cost to buy one commercially. He is a farmer, sawyer, inventor, father, and grandfather (and one of the greatest people I know).
She loves to travel for great ideas and important stories and counts it an honor to be able to bring Apartment Therapy personalities to life through video! The box design is acoustically less critical than that for hi-fi or PA systems, but proper construction is essential.Primarily, the cabinet is a convenient way of housing the speaker, so it should be solidly built to ensure no joint vibration (unpleasant buzzing), and be strong enough to withstand hard use.

This is the second in a series of tips and techniques he brings us straight from the heart of the midwest! After all guitar speakers are quite heavy and amplifiers that sit on top of guitar cabs are even heavier.Guitar cabs aren't built to provide bass extension like a PA box might, but they do perform an "acoustic" function. If the driver were used without any cabinet at all, the sound coming from the rear of the unit would cancel out some of the sound coming from the front, thereby reducing the amount of bass heard. Enclosing the the speaker inside a cabinet reduces this effect resulting in a truer bass performance that is neither enhanced nor attenuated.For illustrative purposes, a basic design for a 2x10 or 1x12 open back cabinet is shown here. The roof & rear panels are detachable for easy access to the electrical system and battery.
In either case it's preferable to use mounting bolts and T-nuts to fix the driver to the baffle.There is a wide range of speaker cabinet accessories available from specialist suppliers.

Guitar speakers become non linear at very low levels compared to other types of speaker, greatly reducing the significance of Thiele Small parameters in actual speaker use. Important factors include the material you make the cabinet from, the panel sizes and shapes, how they are joined, how the cabinet is finished, the mounting of the speaker, etc. These, not Thiele Small parameters are the critical factors in the design and ultimately the sound of a guitar speaker cabinet.

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