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If the sun has got his hat on and is coming out to play, children are guaranteed to have a bright and bubbly day, especially if they own a sensationally educational 6 in 1 Solar Bots Kit – featuring six different solar-powered inventions!
The solar powered toy kit enables children to build everything from a solar airboat that rides over water to a solar puppy that moves its head and wags its tail. Forget about batteries and petrol or a push and a pull because all of the solar robots, from the revolving plane to the windmill (which can also be used as a solar powered fan), are powered by solar energy from the sun. Parents seeking an educational toy for children will find not one, but six amazing and inspirational examples in the 6 in 1 Solar Bots Kit. For all of the benefits that desktop 3D printers have afforded us, printing larger objects certainly isn’t one of them. Faced with the difficult predicament of determining which roommate gets to keep their Prusa i2 3D printer after initially splitting the cost, Instructables user Pat L.

The resulting build plans are presented in a highly in-depth process that he has shared on Instructables for those who might be interested in creating their own 3d printers, too.
From the get-go, Pat had five primary goals for the build that he outlined accordingly: it had to made under the $600 budget, it had to be as close to a cubic foot of build volume as possible, the quality had to be equal to or better than the Prusa i2, it had to feature a Bowden extruder setup to help remove weight from the carriage area and allow for more speed and better accuracy and finally, the new 3D printer had to be able to print in both ABS and PLA filaments.
While sourcing the parts wasn’t too much difficulty, figuring out the costs on a relatively low budget was among one of the more difficult challenges of the build.
Among other unique features of Pat’s build include the decision to use foam filler on the interior cavities of his parts, which he sourced from a local hardware store.
For those looking to create their own Project Locus 3D printer, Pat has generously supplied all of the necessary STL files which can be printed on an average-sized desktop 3D printer with additional parts totaling less than $600.
While the Project Locus 3D printer is certainly a highly-developed self-built 3D printer design, Pat is looking forward to seeing what others can come up with as far as improving upon or modifying the open source design.

To see the Project Locus instructions in full - as well as download all of the necessary STL files - head over to Pat’s Instructables page for the project. Easy to read instructions and snap together pieces enable children to build the solar toys in next to no time, especially with an adult present to guide them through the set-up process. Even if the sun is shrouded by thick clouds or it’s pouring with rain, children can power the toys in the comfort of their home using a 50w halogen bulb!

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