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I decided to go with poplar, because I plan to paint the door with several coats of exterior-grade latex. I measured the width of the mortise carefully, and set up the dado stack on the table saw to cut the 4″-long tenon faces (with repeated passes).
Next I’ll rout a rabbet for the screen inserts, make the screen frames, and decide on the hardware (which will be by far the most expensive part of the project).
Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years. You know that I have a very handy husband that likes to help me with most of my projects, but this one I tackled all by myself.
We re-used and installed the cabinet shelves from our kitchen makeover, but we had to make new cabinet doors so they would match throughout the office. I  needed to make 9 cabinet doors: 4 upper cabinet doors, 1 lower cabinet door, and 4 window seat doors. To save money, I bought a 4 x 8 foot sheet of MDF board from Lowe’s for approximately $37.00. So then I was left with lines on the doors that I could use as guides as to where to install the trim. I used my chop saw to cut my trim pieces at a 45 degree angle, then glue and nail them to the doors. Some joints will come together better than others, but get as tight of a fit as you can.  Then just use some wood filler to fill up the nail holes and joints.

Then I added the latches to the front of my window seats.  I LOVE these window seats, people!  They are probably my favorite part of my office space! I think my cabinet doors look great, AND I saved a ton of money!  I was able to make all 9 cabinet doors, including the hardware, for less than $100.  Yay! Once you have completed your design you can view it from the inside and outside then save it as a pdf file, or if you wish to go on to the next stage, complete the submission form and we can arrange a supply and fit price for you. We have detailed a document that will walk you through a series of steps of how to build your very own door headboard! Should you decide you don't want to tackle this yourself we offer a variety of completed or partially completed headboards. Learning how to build a pet door can give your animal a sense of freedom and you a break from your doorman duties. Were I using a clear finish, I might have opted for teak, cedar or cypress, because they hold up well in exterior applications , though I’d have added a few layers of spar varnish for good measure.
Because the shoulders are inconsistent, I cut them by hand with a carcase saw, and cleaned up after my cuts with a chisel (I simply must work on my hand saw skills).
I used an old toothbrush to spread glue on all surfaces of both the mortise and the  tenon, then fit all the joints together, and quickly moved on to the wedges.
I just finished building a new screen door from teak to replace a home depot overpriced aluminum screen door with a with a particle board filling that was falling apart. You will be able to select a series of backgrounds from brick to render and then build you door selecting the door style, colour, glass design and furniture.

But poplar is cheap… and so am I, which is why I decided to make the door myself instead of ordering a custom one. A test fit revealed that two of my tenons were a wee bit fat, so I cleaned those up with a float (a shoulder plane would work, too). I really don’t know why , it just seems sensible that the two places at the outside edges that will bang hardest against the frame should have a stronger shoulder. Once everything fit well with hand pressure, I eyeballed the middle of each tenon and cut a kerf. To solve this I installed a shinny ( see your reflection in) kick plate along the bottom of the door.
I had the local hardware store make 2 screens with a heavy sunscreen mounted in a dark aluminum frame. We opted out of the builder grade mudroom, because I wanted to do myself and knew I could do it for a Lot less with MY personality. Not only do the extra 2″ at the bottom visually ground the door, the wider rail adds strength , and will hopefully discourage the cats (at least 2″ worth of discouragement, anyway) from trying to jump through the screen to get at the many stray cats that hang around my porch (anyone want a cat?

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