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In this instructurable I will expalin and show you how to make a Parallax servo rotate 360º. The 28BYJ-48 stepper motor with the ULN2003 driver now seems quite a commonplace configuration. This is a guide to using the motors and sensors from the LEGO NXT set with a Parallax Basic Stamp II or BS2.
For a drone to fly autonomously, all the necessary sensors, processing power, and communication chips must be built-in.
What are we going to do is program an ATMega328P without an external crystal by using USBASP programmer and the Arduino IDE.
I have been working with ESP8266 micro controllers long enough now to have a number of them deployed in my environment. Water-level indicator is used to indicate the level of water in over head tank,by using this we can avoid the overflow of water ,and at any time we can know the level of water in tank, it has a simple circuit . Make your own DDNS Server to access your home internet devices, no paid service needed!Control Foscam Cameras from your phone, with on-screen controls.
The goal of this ible is to show how to get started with setting up a relay module on your pi and controlling it.
I have struggled a lot with sending RF data between two Attiny85 chips, so I thought it might be helpful if I just explain how I did it.
Although the ESP8266 -07 and -12 only have one ADC pin, it doesn't mean that you are limited to only one analog sensor per module.
I was playing Starwars Battlefront beta on my PS4 when I noticed how loud the internal cooling fan was sounding. This is my second instruct about chandelier, which I very favorite and wanted to make it more and more perfect.I am a full time working with computers, but I don't have much time to check new messages from social networks like Facebook or Twitter and Gmail too.
Using only 2 capacitors, 3 resistors, 4 BIG seven-segment Display, 1 xtal, 2 switches ,and 1 Microcontroller PIC, you can build this Digital Led Clock main circuit. The Arduino is able to output sound through a library that has been developed called the Tone Library.
I love the look and feel of lanterns outside, but lighting and extinguishing multiple lanterns on a nightly basis is just not practical.
A while ago I posted my $3.50 DIY TV-B-Gone Micro, which was great and all but didn't have near enough juice.
Lately, through experimenting with different light setups when filming, I've come across several small tips and tricks that can make a drastic difference in film quality.So today I'd like to share with you my top 3 film lighting tips that are simple to execute yet produces remarkable results. Today we will show you how to monitor a fridge using an Arduino MKR1000 and the Internet of Things platform thethings.iO in order to keep your beer (or other beverages) at a cool temperature.
I am currently an Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Student at Washington State University. In this instructible, I will guide you through the use of the WF32 as an HTTP server that hosts a website that can be used to control servos and a stepper motor. A levitating little Death Star in Instructables invited me to the new project with Arduino. A while ago at Fablab Umeå, we had a 'CrAfterWork' where makers gathered after work on Friday to make stuff.
When I am asked a question about science, I advise people to do the experiments or to build the device and play it safe.
This project utilizes a 6 x 16 matrix of RGB LEDs to visualize a weather forecast pulled from the Weather Underground API. Jar Closing Aid is a DIY assistive tool to close jars without damaging the lid or the pot and without the need for high strength of the user. GOAL OF THE TOOLKIT : As shown in the pictures, this Toolkit can be attached to a Prosthetic Work-Arm to allow persons with an arm amputation to attach 'low-tech' tools to their prosthesis. If you think about it, machines and computers are like us in many ways — they have brains (processors), eyes (cameras), ears (microphones), etc.
This instructable will walk through how to build the Length mechanism from our Americas Greatest Makers.. I have been recently studying this thing called Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) which is basically using electricity to cause muscles to move.
DesignThis is our solar charging station which powers the scoreboard on our school's athletics fields. Hello this is my first instructable and I will show you how to make an cheap helping hand for soldering. Hello Everyone,This is my very first instructable of a serie I wish to be long and useful ! Haptika is a set of DIY wearable technology kits designed to mitigate the effects of sexual and physical abuse.
Hi friends, today I want to share with you one of my hobbies.This time it's an electric super-economic and totally homemade guitar with recycled parts.
Hello Instructables community!A while back I published an Instructable for a wireless screen, as part of my GR.9 science fair.

The world's resources are quickly depleting, and soon we will run out of the precious fossil fuels controlling nations across the globe. Its now my second project and instead of woodwork, I decided to try doing something with electronics, thus the mushroom light was born. A theremin is a electronic music device that can sense the position of a performers hands and create musical sounds all without the performer ever touching the device. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. This instructable will show you how to build a remote-controlled door lock out of any number of 110V solenoids, solid steel dowel, some various odds and ends and an X10 remote appliance control.
The key switch is just that, radio shack should have them same goes for the magnetic reed switch, connect the + & - lines to some metallic things that are accessible from both sides of the building and electrically insulated from each other, personally I like the upper hinge has positive and the lower as negative, nice and easy to remember. The idea is that in the event of power or x10 failure you put a magnet over some small mark on the door indicating the location of your reed switch on the other side, turn your keyed switch and then jump start the hinges of your door with some handy 12v power source, car, lawnmower, jump box, spare robot battery, or worst case a 12V wallwart on a extension cord(if you have power).
I'm planning to try and build one of these into a standard deadbolt, so that I can still use the key if necessary. Also for a backup switch system a good plan might be two contacts at the bottom of a hole in a brick of the wall, shole a potential burglar attempt to switch after observation their finger gets zapped, assuming they find the hole as a possible switch point.
This instructable describes in detail the steps required to create an Arduino-based ECG simulator.
Every once in a while I come up with an idea for a circuit or device that has applications where a battery may not be the best or most convenient option for a power supply.
From our build night sponsored by Jameco, this is a fairly basic and common 555 LED Flasher Circuit. In this instructable, I will show you how to make a very basic, simple, working flashlight! The main problem, in most cases, is that you don't know the pinout diagram of a flyback transformer. Harnessing renewable energy sources is crucial for supporting the energy demands of modern society.
How to assemble a PCB by hand intro: Printed circuit boards or PCBs are at the heart of modern electronic equipment. Build a Wireless Power Transmission system that can power a light bulb or charge a phone from up to 2 feet away! Bone conduction is the ability to hear sounds by conducting the vibrations directly to your inner ear, bypassing the middle and outer ears. Invisible Fence pet containment systems require a new battery in the dog's collar every 3 months. The objective of this Instructable is to show you one method of turning DC values, such as those from a thermometer, pH sensor, or pressure sensor into a frequency which can be used to send information over the microphone band of an audio jack to a smartphone. In order to switch some floodlights by my Arduino, the small switch circuits I built around a 39mf22 were just not man enough to handle the current needed, so I decided to build a switch with discrete components around a TRIAC. For about $5-$10 you can have your own adjustable power supply to power various electronics! Unlike Through hole resisors which use colored bands to determine the value, surface mount resistor have numbers and sometimes letters.
As a kid I always wanted to have a special ability, like moving objects with thoughts or flying.
I will start out by noting that this instructable pertains only to TTL serial, and not RS232.
The battery charger is originally designed by me to meet the need of some who want a 24V battery charger. Something that a project that I'm working on has me doing is using a serial to parallel IC (think 74HC595) to control leds.
And againI have search the internet to see tutorials clear enough to make this posible with no luck. My goal is to add scripts to my octopi to turn on and off LED lights, but anyway you decide to eventually control the GPIO commands, the setup is the same. In this Instructable, I'll try to give you an idea of what I did to start my car using Bluetooth. There is not a simple tutorial than this one and I have search the web looking for one with no result. I thought this was normal until I did an internet search about the noise of the PS4 cooling fan. They have a conversion efficiency of up to 95% making them useful for LED strips, bike lights, battery chargers and solar powered devices.
The timer interval can be adjusted via a potentiometer and can be set to any min or maximum value in the code. The following indicates the different options available:Blitz has typical time limits of 5 minutes for each player for all of the moves. It is a interesting device with a tiny foot print, tons of power, built in WiFi and a full Linux OS.

Summer is coming!We use a one wire waterproof temperature sensor DS18B20 to measure the temperature. I was inspired to build a basic Arduino robot in order to aid my understanding of the Arduino, the Arduino IDE, and the operation of ultrasonic sensors and motor drivers. I used ipe for the wood, however any dark wood, or painted MDF for example would work well. Machine Senses is a series of artifacts that aim to reverse the perspective on how we perceive technology. Please forgive my english which may sometimes be not so great, Some of you may have this simulation driving steering wheel from Logitech. I used to make an old chopping board, which was unused few years in the house of my grandparents. Right at the top I mentioned how, when the project was done, that I would publish an Instructable on my project, Levitation. However, there is a solution to the exponentially growing problem of resource scarcity - renewable energy. An equivalent power (60W) iron-core version weighs over 1500 grams versus 50 g of the electronic one. I challenged my co-worker Kyle and myself with this goal in the form of a one day build-off.
For our light theremin we are going to adapt this concept and create a theremin that controls color instead of music. I am interested in your ideals, I need help in my major project regarding the locking system.
Setup up 2 keyed backups on the door with pivot bars attached to the lock that will manually slide the pins out when you turn the lock.
I think I might secure the remote behind something that I could just reach around and press.
But for a secondary switch (Might be hard) you could make a fake light or handle on the side that turns and activates it. An ECG simulator replicates the cardiac waveform that can be measured by attaching three electrodes (RA, LA, RL) to the patient's chest. It went through many revisions, saw many rule changes, and made it pretty far in development. So, I shall try to give you a simple method to find the primary coil input pins and also the 0 V output pin of the HV secondary coil. The IEA calculated that global energy usage increased by 10% from 1990 to 2008, and the number is expected to rise in the coming decades.
I accidentally overwritten the laptops linux OS with a new version and wiped all the working files I had for the machine. Through this process you can hear sounds underwater, with your ears closed, and while others are talking. It should serve well for any 2 devices that you need to have serial communications between that have TTL serial capability.
However, rather than drive the leds directly from the pins, I opted for the use of transistors.
However, the standard arduino stepper motor library just doesn’t work with this configuration! It uses less components and gets up closer to knowing how to program with something like WINAVR and because programming is fun an addicting. I picked up my arduino for the first time this Christmas, and I've been keeping busy on my arduino applications so that I can bring you this instructable. It is hard to find a surface that will hold the material, and still not get stuck to it, and, if you do, you still have to figure out how on earth you will support the things you're drawing.
Well, now you can!**An interesting observation: The other day I was using this device to listen to mechanical movements inside a machine. In this instructable I will cover some of the main electronics components, their uses and what they look like in schematics.
Ihave already done several instructables about antennas, though it would be nice to something a little different. To connect it to the radio I needed a Balun.These are such simple things but yet they cost so much from some places. I play videogames rarely, but my favorites are car racing and open world games just like Need for Speed and Grand Theft Auto series. The connectors to the female outlet slide off giving you a good spot to attach a solenoid (or whatever).
It would be much more secure than X10 and I only needed to order the control since I already had a remote that worked with it.

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