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Mike Schropp of TotalGeekdom has combined technology and the natural world with his modified desktop computer that uses its own heat to grow plants! Using wheatgrass as a test subject, Schropp essentially hollowed out a computer tower and used a variety of pieces to create a bespoke system. Once the computer parts were found, a section was needed to grow plants in.
In terms of regulating the temperature, Schropp found it was easiest to control the case temperature by using a variable fan speed control on both the inlet and outlet fans. With all the components only adding up to $10, Schropp has created something that not only is eye-catching, but also provides as much wheatgrass as he wants — should he have a hankering for it! Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.

If you want the same screensaver on your desktop, please click the wallpaper and you will go to page download.
You can free download or save Building HD Wallpaper as your computer & pc desktop background. Also you are welcome to share your opinion on Building HD Wallpaper by using the comment form as below. The compact DIY unit allows the plants — in this instance, wheatgrass — to flourish in an office space with limited sunlight, in what could be considered the very definition of green computing. The tubes not only allowed for more surface area for the soil, but also helped with drainage.

This also worked well with putting the soil area in the upper portion of the case, where the most heat should collect.
After doing some initial tests with this configuration I found the measured temperature near the top of the case was the hottest.

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