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Prassembled glass door system is completely assembled including glass, all hardware components and subframe (framed opening). Therma-Tru® Tru-Defense® doors and entryway systems are designed to help protect against hurricane damage. With impact-rated glass they are designed to meet building codes across the country, including in severe weather zones. For the stricter High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) requirements in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties (and for homeowners desiring the ultimate in a secure door) Therma-Tru also offers a line of impact-rated fiberglass and steel doors that are tested to withstand more severe weather conditions. The composite adjustable sill of the Tru-Defense door system allows for a weather-resistant seal with the door bottom to help prevent moisture damage. On inswing Tru-Defense door systems, moisture and air infiltration are greatly reduced by the dual-bulb bottom sweep design that works with the weatherstrip and the 7-shape corner seal pad.
Failure of a Therma-Tru fiberglass entry door that has been installed with all the specified Tru-Defense components may qualify for a reimbursement of up to $2,000 that can be used toward product or component replacement or secondary damage repairs (Please check with manufacturer for details). Tags: catastrophic wind, entry doors, entryway systems, Exterior Entry Doors, fiberglass door system, garage door, Home Improvement, HVHZ requirements, impact-rated fiberglass doors, impact-rated glass. There's nothing like the rustic look and vintage appeal that's inherent in a set of alder doors. Nick's Building Supply's fully assembled doors are a great way to obtain the look you want for your home or office quickly and with little chance of error when it's installed.

Nick's offers customization of our alder doors, so you can be sure to get exactly what you need for your space.
The long-lasting sturdiness of carved wood doors will give you the benefit of reliable and beautiful security. Designed with top quality components and are assembled in our factory-controlled environment. According to Tom Kraeutler, home improvement expert and host of The Money Pit radio show, “The roof, windows, garage door and entry doors to the home are considered the primary susceptible areas when severe weather strikes. The Tru-Defense® fiberglass door system, includes a package of precision-engineered components.
They offer impact-rated glass options for its fiberglass and steel entry and patio doors, which meet wind-borne debris region requirements throughout most of Florida.
The impact-rated fiberglass doors are designed with a steel plate inside to help withstand hurricane force winds and debris, and are approved for HVHZ.
The stainless-steel tongue construction and three-point locking structure on the multi-point locking system provide exceptional stability and security. The foam-filled compression weatherstrip remains flexible and helps seal against air and water.
Your doors will look as beautiful and rustic on your building as they do in our catalogue with little effort on your part.

Our ready-made doors come in over sixteen colors, meaning that our doors will complement your color scheme without any trouble.
And with Nick's doors, you'll be happy to know that your building will be guarded by wood carved and assembled right here in the Midwest. When combined into one entryway system, these important pieces deliver long-lasting durability that can stand up to severe weather conditions. Additional options include using Impact-rated glass with an impact-rated door or a selection of Impact-rated sidelites with an Impact-rated door to qualify for HVHZ approvals.
And, the heavy duty ball-bearing hinges provide support, stability and smoother, longer-lasting performance. Imagine the vintage charm that a speakeasy-style door will lend to your restaurant or the beauty that alder doors with glass inserts will give to your home. And with customizable side paneling, you can achieve the complete look you want for your building. These options and more are available at Nick's where you'll get quality doors for the best price.

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