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The primary building is a single-story steel-braced framed structure with a concrete foundation and slab-on-grade.  Heavy timber canopy trusses with a cantilever column support system were designed for the exterior of the main entrance and for the covered drop off area.
The Rabinowitz Courthouse is a five-story, 128,000 sf facility on the riverfront in downtown Fairbanks. PDC provided the design and construction oversight for the demolition of existing underground fuel oil and gas pipelines and the installation of new above ground pipelines for this Municipal Power Plant. The new fuel oil supply lines include two 4-inch and one 2-inch line installed on steel piles and one 10-inch high pressure underground gas line. The retrofit of the piping included a variety of custom structural supports and seismic bracing to ensure a robust code compliant system. PDC is currently providing the mechanical, electrical, fire protection engineering as well as sustainability and commissioning services for this $17.5M, 45,000-sf new elementary school. The selected MEP system focused on providing an exemplary learning environment, including enhanced indoor air quality through displacement ventilation systems coupled with distributed CO2 sensors in each classroom. In addition to the 22 helicopter apron, the site layout and grading also incorporated the hangar building, wash rack, 155 car parking lot, a pump house and fire protection water distribution system, and all associated site features. The project required extensive coordination with Doyon’s utility upgrades, both in terms of working with the existing utilities on-site and installing new utilities for Doyon, such as the fire hydrant line.  The hangar’s water, sewer, steam and condensate were designed to integrate with the existing Doyon utilities.
As a design consultant to Michels Wind Energy, PDC provided the civil and structural design and land surveying services for the entire project, as well as full engineering services (civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical) for the two support buildings. The five-level, 142,500-sf Transportation Center provides parking for 250 cars as well as a Volunteers-in-Policing office, restrooms, and a heated waiting area for bus passengers.
In 2009, PDC developed a GIS database to assist a local road service area in making decisions about transportation infrastructure and estimating maintenance costs.  The PDC team collected data on existing conditions in the field, determined budgeting cost levels, and produced a series of maps for the road commission. As a counterpoint to the large passenger jet that flies and unite families, is this Motiti family each with their own plane. Metal Building Outlet has assisted consumers in designing and manufacturing top-of-the-line steel aircraft hangars for more than 30 years.
In addition to offering fully-enclosed aircraft hangar buildings and roof-only shade structures, Metal Building Outlet provides clear-span widths for aircraft hangars ranging as wide as 250 feet, commercial sliding-door systems for hangars up to 120 feet wide, and a variety of bi-fold door options. Whether you’re looking for a small, private hangar with a viewing area to showcase your personal collection or need a far bigger hangar building ideal for a large-scale corporation or even the U.S. We offer a broad array of top-of-the-line aircraft hangar doors, all of which are made of high-quality, exceedingly durable steel materials. Whether you’re looking to design your own hangar building from the ground up or are interested in exploring our extensive inventory of aircraft hangars for sale, Metal Building Outlet has you covered.
This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged aircraft hangars, airplane hangar, hangars, jet hangar by AngelaWeb. Below are popular floor plans, however,we can customize your floor plan to any unit mix desired.

This article is devoted to helping you plan your own Mini-Storage Complex, featuring advice on location, lot-size, mix, floor-plans, and more!.
Build a Pre-engineered Steel Mini Storage Building Quality, Reliable Self-Storage STEEL Buildings. The Flight Research Building, better known as the Hangar, was one of seven original buildings completed by 1945 at the newly constructed Aircraft Engine Research Laboratory (AERL). NASA pilots and researchers approach the S3B Viking aircraft before a communications test flight.
Technician in the Flight Research Building tests new icing instrumentation on Glenn's S-3B Viking research aircraft. An upper stage simulator segment for the Ares I-X test flight sceduled in 2009 is seen departing the Flight Research Building.
GRC employees gathered in the Hangar to help create this image celebrating NASA's 50th Anniversary.
NASA Glenn's newest aircraft, an S-3B Viking, photographed making an approach into Cleveland Hopkins Airport. F-16 Fighting Falcon, part of the USAF Thunderbirds aerial display team, parked on the apron of the Flight Research Building. Researchers examine the Quiet Engine Test set up on the apron of the Flight Research Building. The Lab’s first aircraft, a Martin B-26B Marauder, is seen parked in front of the Flight Research Building in September 1943. Fluorescent and LED lighting luminaires were used for interior lighting.  LED lighting was used exclusively for the exterior. The structure is relatively tall and heavy, which results in large overturning forces in an earthquake.
Engineering for the project encompassed pipe stress analysis and the design for piles, pipe supports, expansion joints, and cathodic protection for the systems. This innovative school design used cutting edge technology and engineering design solutions that focused on reducing long term operational costs through energy efficiency, reduced equipment, and the use of robust yet simple design philosophies.
The use of displacement ventilation also provides a documented reduction in student sick days.
In addition to room-by-room lighting controls, the exterior site lighting is coupled with motion sensors to allow the lights to be dimmed when not needed for safety and security.
Electricity generated by the turbines feeds into GVEA’s 230 kV (energized at 138 kV) Northern Transmission Line, which passes through the project site.
Moment frames resist the lateral loads, while post-tensioned slabs and girders carry the gravity loads.
Whether you’re looking for a single-unit aircraft or helicopter hangar, a multi-unit jet hangar that offers investment opportunities or a large-scale structure ideal for a corporate or commercial enterprise, Metal Building Outlet has a steel building system and a professional airplane hangar design team to assist you with your project from conception to completion.

From fixed-base operations (FBOs) to maintenance hangars and airport terminals to storage and T-hangars, we offer an affordable hangar building solution to meet the needs of your particular project.
Air Force, Metal Building Outlet offers an affordable airplane storage option or an airplane hangar for sale to fit your needs. We understand that airplane hangar cost is a primary concern, and that’s why we work tirelessly to ensure you achieve everything you’re looking for with your hangar building investment. The project includes safety and drainage upgrades, raising the roadway, horizontal and vertical curve improvements, new signage and icing and snow drifting mitigation.
In order to resist these forces, the heavy portion of the building is supported on a large, 3?foot-thick mat foundation. The design started with an energy charrette with MSBSD staff to discuss the pros and cons of multiple mechanical and electrical systems and their impact on long term operational costs.
The ventilation system has 100% heat recovery and anticipates to be operating at 100% outside air for a significant amount of the school year. Post-tensioned concrete girders span from the exterior wall to the center of the building, eliminating the need for interior columns. In doing so the proposed hangar streamlines large span composite trusses to give the hangar its identity.
The finished product will provide a safer roadway for the traveling public and reduce maintenance costs for DOT. Transmission of the earthquake forces from the individual shear towers to the mat foundation was accomplished using special heavy reinforcement designed and installed in the mat at each tower.
The heating plant consists of two fully modulating condensing boilers with three main distribution pumps with VFDs for maximum turn-down capability. Because of the significant reduction in motor loads, the standard size generator that is used at other MSBSD elementary schools will be able to handle the entire building’s normal electrical usage during an outage. A total of 3,000 cubic yards of concrete and 250 tons of reinforcement were required for this portion of the foundation. Overall, the team is able to reduce the amount of maintained pieces of equipment by 30% and ventilation based power usage by over 50% compared to other recent MSBSD schools. Low-flow fixtures are used throughout to minimize well operation and domestic hot water production.
A concrete shear wall system was chosen for the lateral force resisting system due to the lack of vertical continuity for steel brace frames at the interior of the building, visual obstruction of steel braced frames at exterior walls, the expense of a moment frame system, and the efficiency of using concrete walls to provide fire protection at the stair and elevator towers. A separate gravity fire water system is brought to the school from an adjacent school, with an electric fire and jockey pump being provided for fire suppression.

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