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Read on for a photo-retrospective of some of my past furniture, along with tips and tricks for making your own things!
Hiro got a job at JCI Gardens Apartments in Torrance and spent a few months making the commute by bus.
Hiro and I liked living in Gardena, but an even better opportunity appeared, forcing another furniture disassembly. After living in Little Tokyo for about three months, Hiro got a call from her previous company.
Having just the right size and shape desk, in just the right spot, is more important than what the desk is made of.
Buy reclaimed wood if possible, or look for FSC-certified 2x4s and formaldehyde-free plywood. In order to facilitate hanging, build a simple, internal frame that wraps the corners of the walls and ceilings, then screw things to that. These shelves have only two legs, placed near the front of the shelves so that the entire unit falls backward against the wall.  The more books are added, the more stable it becomes. Technically speaking, you can do everything in the pictures above without a miter saw, but its speed and accuracy make the tool well worth the cost.
Many beginning builders make the mistake of buying metal connectors (elbows, joist hangers, etc) for a project. I’ve been through a few earthquakes in the various apartments and they do surprisingly well, especially the items hung from cables (currently my shelves, speakers, and subwoofer).

Proudly, you can stand alongside our national animal, standing tall as a friend to the beaver. I know this is an older post, but I’ve really enjoyed looking at your furniture pics here. My parents just finished getting a major addition and complete remodel of their beach cottage.
They had red oak flooring put into their entire house so they naturally wanted this to match (especially since you’ll be able to see straight into the pantry from most of the main living area).
I had to be really picky on what tools I took with me since this was also a beach vacation and I was going to pickup a large dust collector on the way home.
Installation went rather easy using my father-in-laws Craftsman Wall Scanner which finds the center of the stud, can check for piping and wiring, and has a built in pencil marker. Icemizer, the size of the impact driver and light on the end of the worked great especially when working underneath the bottom shelf while lying on my back. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ.
So we had this corner of the room that really couldn't be used because the laundry shoot was in the way. I built a box below the laundry shoot with shelves on the front (seen above) and shelves on the opposite side (facing the washer and dryer - seen below). This tutorial will provide you with the steps to build your own Between the Studs Storage Unit.

For my sister's bachelorette party we (her bridesmaids) chose the destination of Nashville, TN.
Australia's home building and renovation community providing you with access to the largest building forum and premium directory of trade professionals. I'm really please with how it came up, I thought it might be too white but it turned out ok!Thanks Michelle, unfortunately this is the only way that the tank will fit (it's too big for the cupboard as it is), so we can't move it around at all or it will hang off the edge.
Eventually we will get a custom cupboard built for it (this one is built in, we had 2 but I ripped the other one out and boy howdy was it a b*tch to remove), but for now we are stuck with the tank the way it is. You're right though, I think it's the unbalanced appearance that is making it hard to get right. I lived in Europe for a while and the appartments there can be really small too, especially for a family. Wear earplugs and glasses every time you use a power tool, so you feel uncomfortable without them.

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