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Since its announcement eight months ago, Disney Infinity has captured the attention of Disney fans worldwide, eager to see what fun could be had by combining characters from across classic animated and live action films into one giant video game universe. Monsters U allows players to sneak around campus, scaring rival Fear Tech students and going crazy on sorority row. The missions of each can range from a quick 30 seconds to 5-10 minutes, depending on the complexity of the task.
Between these two gameplay modes, there is enough variety to keep any type of gamer entertained, as long as they’re willing to suspend the usual linear path that so many games take.
Character figures and play set pieces are purchased and placed atop the included Disney Infinity base to activate them in the game.
Sadly most (if not all) of the voice acting of these many famous characters is not performed by the original actors. Despite these somewhat nit-picky flaws, the gamer in me is having a blast exploring the possibilities of this truly infinite virtual experience and the Disney collector in me is excited to get my hands on future figure releases like Jack Skellington, Anna, Elsa, and Rapunzel. I have a huge learning curve going from the joystick that we used years ago to a controller, but I’m hooked. I love all the possibilities and look forward to many hours ahead learning how to play and discovering new things.
I’m still at that frustration level of trying to figure out how to unlock the potential if toy box mode.
I also discovered that the downloadable premade toy box worlds don’t have much you can do until you unlock certain toys.
I have friends going to Orlando next week, so I have ordered all my Infinity goodness so they can bring it with them. Our family was very excited to play Infinity, but unfortunately we’ve been completely let down by the fact that the Wii version is thoroughly nurtured. Not gonna lie, highly annoyed by the fact that only one of the characters released so far is a woman, and that there are no female characters included in the starter pack. Is it corporate synergy or serendipity that Marvel’s INFINITY comics crossover event (completely unrelated to the game) was released at the same time?
I think this has been a fantastic launch, I am 23 years old but feel that Disney Infinity brings a kids game in to the hands of gamers and Disney fans of all ages. The Toy Box mode truly is a brilliant idea, I have already found myself spending hours and hours creating cool little gadgets! To date, in the shadow of this report, no hint of acknowledgement of such concerns were ever received by the POTCO community from an official representative of Disney or Disney Interactive despite a total of 50 individuals whom were strategically contacted whom had worked for the company or its interactive, gaming division.

It’s unfortunate but when there are not enough players to support the game they are shut down. Polygon reports that a new DLC add-on pack for Disney Infinity has now been released and brings five free custom-build worlds to the game's Toy Box creation mode. But I was intrigued with the creativity that seemed to be a big part of the Disney Infinity experience, and Disney is a brand I’ve always trusted.
Commentary discussing the editing tool and toy box mode inside Disney Infinity for the Xbox 360. The considerable editorial help the small items of bush wooden and lengthy lasting hen coops. Alongside the Toy Box Summit, Disney has also unveiled the Toy Box Starter kit for Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes. So, although the 2.0 Edition is making a play for Marvel fans, this Toy Box Starter Pack has Disney fans in mind. Of course, the Toy Box is only one facet of the Disney Infinity experience, the other being the aforementioned story mode, which focuses on a new cast of Marvel characters.
When teaming up to complete a play set, only player 1 receives the credit and thus only that player’s Toy Box gets filled with all the goodies earned during the session, while the second player only gets the satisfaction of helping a friend.
Since growing up in Miami, Florida and ultimately moving to Orlando after college, Ricky has become an expert on Central Florida's many theme parks and attractions. I have to complain about not being able to use the Xbox headset to communicate with the other players. As said before the Wii version is not complete, the Xbox 360 version needs a yearly service of $60 to play the online component. Trench Run sees players racing a Tron Recognizer through a course while Jungle Cruise is based on the Disney theme part attraction and is River Nile themed. Disney Infinity lets you be just about any character (well, any character you want to purchase), starting with Captain Jack Sparrow, Sulley, or Mr.
Specifically, Disney Interactive and Avalanche Software have taken the free form creation tool called the Toy Box, and revamped it to be easier and faster to use.
The development team then held a contest to see which of the Toy Box creators could build the best playground using the new game, and let fans vote through social media.
Avalanche has added new backdrop and theme options, tons of new pieces to manipulate, and even builder and creator characters to make things a little easier.
This set is built specifically with the Toy Box fan in mind, and even has a little something for the Disney Animation fan as well.

And for those who enjoy the creativity of Toy Box, it includes two special Game Discs for some added mini-game fun. For more thoughts on the game itself and the new Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set make sure to read our hands-on preview.
I'm getting packed all day today while many of the artists are already enroute to the event. There were many games that came out over the years that I wanted to play, but it wasn’t until I got wrapped up in all the Disney Infinity hype. I hope Disney isn’t going to slap on new textures and rehash the same game endlessly.
The PS3 had some upstart problems but is working great now and doesn’t need an online service contract. The later gives you 2 free games each month (one recurring for some time, the other one new each month).
You can change the look of a Toy Box World with just a few steps and not even have to build anything new. These builder characters come in various different themes and require minimal management — simply place them anywhere in the Toy Box and they will start building. It is said Disney Interactive is making exclusive content for PlayStation 4 but it’s not clear if that are games that only come on the PS4 or exclusive content for Disney Infinity. I’d done some research into Minecraft, and, from what I can tell, the Disney Infinity Toy Box improves on the Minecraft open-world experience on a number of levels. There are plenty of options in Minecraft, but it doesn't hold a candle to the ability to instantly shift your world in Disney Infinity by loading up a new power disc.
One of the first things I heard with Disney Infinity was how easy it was to figure stuff outa€”even the construction and programming-lite "creativi-toys" section of the Toy Box, in which you can assign certain behaviors to certain gadgets. The Building Sets and Set Pieces are usually the largest Toys and you want to place them down on your world before adding anything else.

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