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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company and products with the hope that we many have the opportunity to work together in the import of PVC products in the future. In our backyard we have a section {which seems to get larger and larger each day} that the kids are allowed to dig in. He connected all the pieces, buried some underground, and made a whole network of pipes through his site. Ok, I am incredibly jealous that Silas gets to do that in his backyard and all we have is a boring lawn. Technical brochure that covers the features, benefits and technical data for the Fast-Fit connection system.
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There are so many parents these days that place more importance on having a nice yard (I realize this is only a small section of your yard), than having a place the kids can have fun and become inspired. Commonly called Monet's Arch, these structures aren't available commercially in anything but small sections, but we wanted a 50ft walkway.
Here’s a hint: it’s different, edgy and artsy…Today art is defined by how you make something out of unexpected materials. While once mediums consisted of ink, pencil, watercolor, or oil, now we melt crayons, weld metals, craft wood and contort average resources into breathtaking results. As an interior designer, a DIY’er or just a passionate home improver, you are the curator and your home is the museum, the showroom for which to display your art. The PVC Curtain RodA very stylish project by Christopher & AnneThis project is easy, fun, and no one will be the wiser.

Take two tennis balls and cut an equal hole out of both of them so that the PVC will slide in the fitting.
Stick your PVC ends in the holes and you have a sturdy, curtain rod that is sleek and one hundred percent (wo)man made!2.
The PVC Wall MuralCut down multiple sizes of PVC piping to less than an inch in width so that your masterpiece is appreciated for more than its protrusion from the wall. Paint it, plaster it with a photograph or add some PVC elbows and your eclectic tastes now include polyvinyl chloride.

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