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Ghost Ship from 1943 was never to be shown due to a legal problem involving, I believe, copyright infringement.
The Ghost Ship (1943) is about a man who signs up to work on a ship whose captain is going mad.
One of my favorite sixties comedies is What a Way to Go!, starring Shirley MacLaine and several Hollywood leading men. In the wee hours of Saturday morning we dropped off our kids with my in-laws for the remainder of the weekend and returned to my old stomping grounds in the Champlain Valley about 2 hours away, where we were able to meet up with good friends that we seldom get to see. Top Secret Writers wrote:Budd Hopkin’s Wife Says Abduction Research Was Not ScientificHopkins had a lifelong interest in aliens and UFOs, sparked when he was a child hearing the Orson Welles “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast. Here’s another post with scripts from my sessions at SharePoint Conference 2014 – this time from the Mastering Office Web Apps 2013 Operations and Deployments session (SPC383). Note, that I also add the NLB features here – it is not required if you use another load balancer. The following script is used when booting up a sysprepped machine that has all the Office Web App binaries installed (including patches and language packs), but no WAC configuration whatsoever.
As a last step I do a verification of the local machine and retrieve the current Office Web Apps version. Introduction This is a story from the trenches where Excel Web App in Office Web Apps 2013 refuses to render Excel documents, while other Apps such as Word and PowerPoint works just fine.
Pretty nasty messages which does not give you a clue, except that something is horribly wrong. The more “clever” admin then knows that Office Web Apps actually has it’s own log in the Event Viewer. This should actually start to give you an idea – something is wrong with the Performance Counters on this machine.
When the Excel Web App Calculation Services is starting (and the Excel Calc Watchdog) it is trying to read a performance counter.
Unfortunately there is no good way to find out which performance counter it is trying to use, except firing up good ole Reflector. Give it a few seconds and then retry to load an Excel file using Office Web Apps and all your users should once again be happy. A simple fix to an annoying problem, which could be difficult to locate unless you know where to look (and in this case also have the skillz to read some reflected code). If you have been working with SharePoint you should know by now how to get the build version of an installation using PowerShell.
Knowing the current version for Office Web Apps Server 2013 (WAC) is also important to know. In order to do use this cmdlet and to invoke an HTTP request we also need to send an anonymous request, to avoid 401’s.
As you can see we request the endpoint, and retrieve the specific version header from the response.
With this new wave of SharePoint, the Office Web Apps Server (WAC – I don’t like the OWA acronym, that’s something else in my opinion) is its own server product, implementing the WOPI client protocol, which allows a client to retrieve documents from SharePoint on the behalf of the user. You’ve seen quite a few ways how to protect your WAC farm from information leakage, rogue machines, undesired excessive usage etc.
Well, I thought I should write another episode of my Building your own WOPI Client series, here’s the links to the previous episodes part 1, part 2 and part 3.
Once that is done we need to fiddle a bit with the registry (usual regedit disclaimers apply here).
Before we start customizing the UI let’s build the interactiepreview mode of the WOPI client.
When all is compiled and deployed, and you have removed and re-added the WOPI bindings, it’s time to hook this up to search. You will find the Display Templates in the new Design Manager (which exists in a Search Center or a site with the Publishing features enabled).
To add these Display Templates to the Design Manager, just drag and drop them into your browser where you downloaded the original Display Templates. Once the files are approved, the Design Manager will create two JS files from these HTML files and that’s what’s used behind the scenes when rendering the search results.
The final thing we have to do is to tell the Search Center to actually use our newly crafted Display Templates when finding C# files. In this post you’ve seen yet another way to leverage a WOPI Client, this time in search, using a preview mode of the files. This action has the name set to edit, to tell the WOPI Server that we now support editing of cs files. To be able to switch to Edit mode from the viewer we slightly update the user interface to include an Edit button so that it looks like below.
If we now take a look at the UI in SharePoint we have enabled a couple of ways to edit the document; from the viewer and also from the Document fly-out in the document libraries. I modified the menu in the editor.aspx so that it has View and Save buttons instead of the Edit button. Instead of using the nice syntax highlighter for presenting the document we’re instead using a textarea control, in which we add the contents of the document. Now you’ve seen how easy we can build the editor, using the helper classes that we produced in part 2. The WOPI (Web Application Open Platform Interface) Protocol specification is currently in draft mode (version 0.2) and most of what is in this post is not defined in the specs, especially regarding the security and signing stuff.
Before we take a look at the code and how it’s implemented it is crucial to understand how the WOPI Client and WOPI Server talks to each other. Since we need to add quite a few headers and query string parameters to each and every request from our WOPI client to the WOPI Server I have baked all this into a WebClient derivative, called WOPIWebClient. The proof data must be correctly generated otherwise the WOPI Server will not accept the request. To make sure that the data is not tampered with or created by some fake WOPI client, we need to sign this proof data.
This method takes the byte array (proof data) as input, encrypts it using our private proof key and then returns the data as a Base64 encoded string. To build the C# Viewer I decided to use Syntax Highlighter by Alex Gorbatchev, so I downloaded the latest drop and added the script and CSS files to the Web project for the WOPI Client. The actual UI is composed of a header with some document information and then an area where the document contents should be shown, using the syntax highlighter. The topbar contains a Hyperlink control that we will use to link back to the library where the document resides and it also contains a Label control which will show the document name. The Page_Load method starts by retrieving the WOPISrc URL which is the URL that we will use to call back into the WOPI Server. Once the client is registered, just upload a C# (.cs) file to any document library and then click on the title of the file.
You have now over two posts seen how to build a C# Viewer for SharePoint 2013 (and Exchange 2013 and Lync 2013) implemented as a WOPI Client, according to the [MS-WOPI] protocol specification. I have a plan on what to do with the code that I have been using to build these demos, watch this space for more info. Hi friends, finally time for some posts with some real code samples, and not some silly scripts.
Feature Last week, I explained the reasoning behind setting up your own mailserver, and the choice of software that I'll be using for it.
There's quite a lot to set up, so we'll take this in stages, building up from the basics, and the full spam and virus filtering will be in part three. It's also worth noting that for now, I'm going to work on the assumption that you have a fixed IP address and your ISP isn't blocking ports.
Setting up the root disk used to be the trickiest part, but here, again, you can simply choose to use the whole drive and let the installer use the Auto Layout option. This eBook is focused on infrastructure design for VDI and end-user computing (EUC) environments.
This paper compares the functionality and benefits of using XenApp over VMware Hroizon Apps. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. After spending the day out and about to see the beautiful lake and mountains that I love and miss so much, we then spent the remainder of our evening at the Plattsburgh brewery sampling the local brews and watching them be made. CareyThis is the second part of our conversation that Walt Schnabel and I have with our special guest, Tom Carey, co-author of the latest essential volume on The Roswell incident – Children of Roswell.In this interview, Mr. They want power or they enjoy pretending to be teenagers or something.You are probably right. I use the term Real-Time Abductions to describe abductions and lost time events that regular everyday people are forced to endure while going about the routine of their normal daily lives. UNH even has the couple’s papers at the Durham library, for examination by scholars of this odd corner of popular culture.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Belgium, especially those who lost loved ones to the evil that continues to permeate the Middle East. His interest was renewed in 1964 when he saw, along with several others, a UFO flying off Cape Cod. I chose those because they were cheap, OK, they were free, they would keep without maintenance for three years, and they provided around 1,200 calories and with one or two exceptions they taste better than sticks and twigs. To get a more in-depth explanation of all the details, please watch the recording at Channel 9. It will simply configure a NIC on the box and then join the machine to a domain and rename the machine. The following scripts creates the cluster and adds the machine as the first node to that cluster. There are also lots of Dr Watson log entries in the Application log which might cause the admin to start looking up the Microsoft support phone number. Knowing the version of the installation is crucial for troubleshooting and knowing what features or limitations the current installation has, given the new release cadence. Just as with SharePoint new features and bugs can and will be introduced over time and you need to know the version to be able to correctly get support and to patch it. Using HTTPS and certificates together with a dedicated OU in Active Directory will give you the most secured WAC Farm.
This time around we’ll dig into another of the different actions that a WOPI Client can surface – the interactivepreview mode.
Just as we did in the previous post, when we added the edit mode, we need to add a new action to the discovery file and then remove and add the bindings again (for that PowerShell, see previous post).
That web form is essentially a copy of the viewer.aspx, with the exception of the menu which I have removed. The SharePoint 2013 Search Interface does not any longer require extensive XSLT skills but instead plain ol’ HTML hacking.
And also that it’s located directly in the masterpage gallery and not in a subfolder (compared to the original Word html file). Go to the search page of you Search Center and search for something you know exists in your C# files, that by now should have been indexed. You have also seen how “easy” it is to generate a custom search result design using the Design Manager, Display Templates and Result Types.
In part 1 I discussed the WOPI Protocol and especially how to implement the Discovery process of a WOPI Client. The default attribute is set to false (the view mode is the default one) and we set the urlsrc to point to our editor.aspx file (that we’ll build in a minute). As you can see I also added a Close button, which just return the user to the Document Library where the file resides.
I created a Web Form called editor.aspx in the web project and copied the HTML from the viewer to the new editor.
The View button takes the user to the WOPI Client viewer and the Save button saves the document back to the WOPI Server (SharePoint in this case). First of all the access_token and access_token_ttl are now hidden input elements on the page instead of local strings, since we need to preserve those values between postbacks because they are needed on all requests back to the WOPI Server.
First of all the communication back to the WOPI Server are done on the same URL as when retrieving the document contents, with the difference that we’re using the HTTP POST method (UploadString method).
In the previous and first post I walked you through the basics of the WOPI protocol, how the WOPI Discovery mechanism worked and how to implement it and finally how to register a WOPI Client with SharePoint 2013 as WOPI Server. When a user request to use one of the WOPI app actions the server will send a request to the WOPI Client on the address specified in the Discovery document (the urlsrc attribute specifies the address). The access token must be sent as a query string parameter to the WOPI Server and as the Authorization header of the HTTP request. First of all we have a constructor that takes three arguments; the url to use to call back to the WOPI Server and the access_token and the time to live value for the access token (access_token_ttl). When SharePoint is the WOPI Server you can see this data for all incoming requests in the ULS logs.
The proof data is an array of bytes consisting of the access token, the requested url and the current timestamp, which we also send in clear text through the HTTP headers.
Finally the list is casted into one big byte array – this is our proof that will be signed.
This is demo code and the private proof key is in this case hardcoded – in a production system you would like to have this stored in a secure and manageable store. I also added a custom CSS that I use for some custom UI styling (remember that I’m a kick ass UI designer as well!). The viewer.aspx file that we created in the previous post with just some dummy text is next up on the agenda. The document area just contains a simple Literal control where we will output the C# file contents. The next thing it fetches is the access_token and access_token_ttl query form values – these are sent back with the request to the WOPI Server (as we discussed above). The first one, HTTP GET, using the exact WOPISrc URL to retrieve the metadata about the document. I know there is a huge demand of products like this, for instance for drawings such as AutoCAD or why not a viewer for Photoshop PSD files? In this post, and a couple of follow up posts, I will walk you through the basics behind the WOPI protocol and WOPI Apps and WOPI Hosts.
Some elements, like setting the BIOS on your computer to allow installation of OpenBSD from USB or CD, are up to you.
There are workarounds for that, and you'll find plenty in the comments on last week's piece.
The observant will notice I'm using a VM in the pictures here – that's just to make screenshots easier. Carey shares with us more details about the aftermath of the Roswell incident, government agents harassing witnesses, and the weather balloon that serves as a running joke in everything. And, of course, it produced what is probably the country’s only state historical marker devoted to UFOs … unless Nevada has one for Area 51.The documentary seems to take all this as fact, so it’s far less interesting than it might be. ISIL promised to attack our capitols, which makes me wonder if Brussels is the first of more to come or simply the one they could actually succeed with?Honestly the country of Belgium is probably the softest of soft targets.
At that point, suspecting a government cover-up, Hopkins started collecting stories from people claiming to have encountered UFOs and aliens.By the 1970s, Hopkins had started devoting a great deal of time to the study of alien abductions (2) and “missing time,” which allegedly happens when an abductee is taken on board an alien spaceship. Despite scoring an anemic 29% “rotten” rating on critics aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the Warner Bros.
There’s nothing like listening to two middle-aged men talking about far-off topics while drinking before lunch.Tip your glasses with your favorite pint or two, put on your favorite hat while you enjoy the show. The script will also install the DNS RSAT feature and add two DNS A records for the internal and external names for the Office Web Apps Server.
We ran into a problem completing your request.” The problem is easy to solve but can be somewhat difficult to locate and in this post I will show you how to find the issue and fix it.
Unfortunately there is not such an easy approach as with SharePoint – we cannot use the WAC cmdlets to get the current build version. But Office Web Apps returns the current version as an HTTP Header – the X-OfficeVersion header.
As a bonus I also added version numbers for the version that SkyDrive currently uses (interesting!). This could result in unnecessary information leakage and compromise the enterprise security.
Background As you’ve seen in the previous posts we can build a viewer and an editor for C# files, to be used in document libraries for instance. In a real world scenario you might consider having very different viewers for the normal view mode and the interactivepreview mode.
Once in the Design Manager you should choose Display Templates in the menu on the left hand side. I’m not digging into all the details here, that’s for Randy Drisgill or someone else to do.
The Save button is an asp:LinkButton so that I can have a server side callback for that method.
When reading the metadata for the document I set the View button to get the HostViewUrl which is the WOPI Client view URL. For instance we need to handle cases when someone checked-out the file and set it to read only mode etc. Make sure that you read the [MS-WOPI] protocol specification so that you now how to handle all the different situations with locked files etc. Since the X-WOPI-Proof header is also signed before it is sent to the server, the WOPI Server can validate that no one tampered with the url or token. Also worth to notice is that the Ticks and length bytes has to be converted to the reversed order, that is flip the byte order significance.

Since a C# file is just a text file, we’ll just set that data to the Literal control.
In the end you will see how we can create our own viewers and editors for files just like the WAC Server 2013 can view and edit Microsoft Office files in SharePoint 2013. One word of advice, though: this is my configuration, and there are lots of options for tweaking, not to mention different ways to do it. You can use your favourite flavour of Linux if you prefer, but some of the instructions will be slightly different. Then this group of mostly 40-somethings all booked hotel rooms off the pub so we only had to stumble down the hall to our rooms when the night was over. It has not provided support in fighting ISIS in the Middle East nor has it been particularly vocal in condemning the actions of muslim extremists. Though he lacked any formal training as a psychologist, Hopkins would help to conduct psychological tests of alleged abductees.He developed the theory that aliens were kidnapping humans to perform experiments on them. Most of the scripts, just as this one, contains a set of variables in the beginning of the script. In this post I will walk through a number of steps that you can do to properly secure your Office Web Apps 2013 farms. What if we would like to lift up and enhance our custom file formats in search, just like Office Web Apps Server does with the Office files. Then finally I only enable the Save button if the document supports updates and is not read only. But this is not enough we also need to send the X-WOPI-Proof header back to the WOPI Server. First of all in that overridden method we need to add the access token and the ttl to the query string (as access_token and access_token_ttl). In the code above I first create the proof using a utility method called CreateProofData and then sign the data using another utility method, called Sign.
There wasn't a lot of serious adventuring, unless you count searching for new brews to try, or navigating the glow in the dark tunnels of a night time game of mini golf. It can be found in every city that has a leftist, generational Democrat leadership and can even be found in the White House. He believed they would impregnate women with hybrid babies with the idea of creating a new race to colonize the Earth.Hopkins’ third wife, Carol Rainey, recounts one such case her husband delved into in an excerpt from a memoir called “The Abductionist’s Wife” in the form of two blog posts (3)(4). Fans are going to look to the correct tie ins to storyline and character development, whether it was a proper tribute to whatever that universe or genre is. Preparing the machine before installing Office Web Apps Before you install the Office Web Apps bits on the machine you need to install a set of Windows Features. Modyfing the WOPI Client Discovery data The first thing that we need to do is to modify our Discovery method, in our case the static XML file, to tell the WOPI Server that we support editing of the files.
Verify that your changes is preserved by clicking on the View button or Close the editor and go back to the viewer from the document library. Remember from the last post that we specified a proof-key (which is the public version of the key), it is here that private key is used, to sign the X-WOPI-Proof header.
Before we look into all my beautiful code, let’s go through some of the basics about the new WOPI protocol.
There were a few serious and intense air hockey battles that always draw a crowd of spectators whenever my husband and I play one another.
Critics focus on an entirely different set of criteria, and while I do want a cinematically and stylistically beautiful and artistic film I also want a film that will make me laugh, that will make me think, that will keep me entertained, one that I don't regret giving up two hours of my life for. It's fun to sign up for adventures that end in excursions, it's completely different to sign up for new adventures with the hope they'll improve you and become part of your lifestyle. Under Conditions choose Show more conditions and select the FileExtension property and set it so that it “Equals any of…” and enter “cs” in the text box. If you are changing proof keys you should also add the old proof by using the X-WOPI-ProofOld header. WOPI stands for Web Application Open Interface and is a protocol created and published by Microsoft to allow direct file communication between a WOPI App and a WOPI Host. This also means that we’re going to take a look at the new SharePoint 2013 Search Engine, the Design Manager and some funky HTML syntax. This URL is used by the client to request information about the document that it is going to generate the view for. The Netflix one for example I think is useless, with the biggest reason being that Netflix users cover such a broad range of ages, classes and groups.
Configure indexing for C# files The first thing we need to do is to actually make SharePoint indexing our C# (.cs files). Well, it’s not much details yet, since it’s a working draft currently (version 0.2), but give it some time, or keep on reading these posts. In my experience a one star rating on Netflix does not necessarily mean a film is bad, some of my favorite B films have come from Netflix films with crappy ratings, that I will proceed to boost a bit after my viewing. Unfortunately since the specification is not yet done, things in this post might change in the future. And vice versa, I've seen some horrible, crappy, stupid comedy films that have 5 star ratings on Netflix because they appeal to 'the masses'.
First we need to tell SharePoint 2013 Search to include the .cs file extension and then we need to tell the search engine what filter to use.
This is taken directly from the specification: One example of how a client might use WOPI is by providing a browser-based viewer for a specific type of file. You know, in the same way that people constantly post about where they went jogging that morning, or how far they've walked.
To include .cs files in the index there is two ways to do it, using PowerShell or using the Central Administration.
That client uses WOPI to get the contents of the file in order to present that content to the user as a web page in a browser.
As a writer, Douglas creates epic tales -- of the past, present, and future -- with the most unlikely of heroes, and calls upon them to join extraordinary and mysterious struggles. I want an app for my phone where I can push a button, claim to be taking an adventure and let it track all the places I go, then I just pop in a photo or two and upload it here. In Central Administration you go to the Search Service Application and choose File Types, then click on New File Type and type in cs. His characters' sometimes-reluctant choices and actions put them on a collision course with destiny and reveal unimaginable truths.Douglas explores this theme through science fiction, conspiracy, mystery, suspense, and thriller books and screenplays.
There's at least one giant corn maze, several trips to the Green Mountain State, a couple more gallery shows, and a karate test where I moved up a belt.
SharePoint 2013 is a WOPI Host (WOPI Server in the specification), it can use WAC Server, the WOPI App (WOPI Client in the specification), to allow the users to view and edit files. The end user will initiate a request to view a document from the browser to the WOPI Host, the WOPI Host will query the WOPI Client for it’s capabilities (this process is called discovery). The user will then ask the WOPI Client to show the file, The WOPI Client will talk to the WOPI Host (hosting the actual documents) and get information about the file and eventually the actual contents of the file, and then finally render it so that the client can see it.
The bars have a very slight taste of coconut and most importantly are not thirst provoking.
If you’re on the verge of deploying these in your organization you should consider deploying a Domain CA – which is not a lightweight task.
The WOPI Client outline First of all, to build our WOPI Client we need to create a web site, hosted on port 80 or 443. But consider the scenario where you have an internet facing web site which leverages WAC and using the HTTP protocol – then you should consider using IPSec for the communication between SharePoint and Office Web Apps Server. Firewall considerations and requirements When setting up your Office Web Apps Farm you should also configure the firewall for the WAC machines.
Internally Office Web Apps uses port 809 (HTTP) and 810(HTTPS) for communication between the WAC machines. There is no way (I’ve found at least, but internally WAC has a switch to use port 810) to configure WAC to use port 810 and if you do find a way, it’s likely unsupported. The things sent over the wire using the admin channel (809) is mainly health and configuration information for the WAC farm, but it would be nice to be able to secure this channel as well (IPSec!). When installing WAC the Windows firewall is configured to allow incoming TCP connections on port 80, 443 and 809.
Depending on how you’re having your (virtual) metal hosted this might be a problem, too many sysadmins have to much permissions out there.
And the error messages below can also be a good troubleshooting reference… Master Machine Local Administrator If the account trying to create the new WAC machine does not have local admin access on the machine specified when joining the WAC farm you will simply get an “Access is denied”. When joining a new machine to the farm the cmdlet verifies that the account is in the OU specified by the WAC configuration.

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