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A special thanks to Skip Hop for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their products for free in exchange for an honest review!
My sweet little girl recently hit the six month mark and she has completely transformed into a whole new baby! Another reason I am much in favor of this toy is because it’s not over stimulating, but rather quite simple and easy for a baby to play with. I am a huge fan of Skip Hop products and have always been completely happy with the quality of the products we own. I am the face behind the Miss Frugal Mommy website and dedicated to bringing you honest, informative and top quality content. While the skin’s natural barrier and temperature regulation functions are still developing, special skin care is needed to nurture and protect your baby. Awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance™, this mild, fragrance-free lotion, made with 95% organic ingredients, moisturizes sensitive skin and relieves itching caused by dryness.
Tip: For especially dry skin, apply lotion twice a day, morning and night, to keep skin healthy-looking and moisturized.
This natural baby gift has everything you need to keep baby clean, protected, soft, nurtured and happy from head to toe.
The Weleda Baby Starter Kit is a carefully formulated selection of our Weleda Calendula Baby Care products ideal for the care of the delicate skin of your baby, child and your own sensitive adult skin.
This selection of our Calendula Baby Care products makes a perfect natural baby gift for new parents, is ideal for travel or last-minute sleepovers and comes in a handy reusable zipper bag. The green Rainbow Baby holds a maple wood teething ring in its arms and is ready for finger play or to comfort a teething baby. Bright, complementary colors and its one of a kind shape instantly capture baby’s attention. The Cherry Rattle is sculpted in response to the organic, harmonious forms found in nature with a soothing sound. This balanced walker provides a sturdy base for pulling up, and a unique design that makes pushing a breeze. When pulled along, the alligator moves his head and tail up and down making click-clack sound. In this case, that package is a perfectly reusable box, filled with a playset to keep girls and boys alike happy. In addition to being mobile and crawling throughout the house, she is also much more interested in playing with her toys. Organic white mallow and pansy extracts soothe baby’s dry skin and promote the development of healthy-looking skin.
Organic and wild-crafted calendula extract inside each product in our Baby Starter Kit renders your baby's skin soft and smooth, wrapping your child in a layer of warmth and protection, like a loving hug. The lightweight wooden dowels, smooth finish, and elastic ties make it easy for little hands to grab and hold. The tactile experience warm, sanded wood and the moving bead encourages development of the senses.
Children can fill the cart with their favorite toys and push it around as the bell around the doggy's neck rings. The Curioso shape sorter is a matching game that acquaints children with shapes and colors.
The eight whimsically colored nesting pieces stack easily from large to small, while also allowing little builders to use their imagination and stack in any order. I’m loving the quirky details like the flames for the firefighters and the baddy in the far west set – too cute! She has recently become very fascinated with a wonderful toy that allows her to have fun while learning.

The best toys we can provide for our children are ones that don’t do all the playing for them!
This is yet another high quality item from Skip Hop that we are completely satisfied with and as you can see from the interaction witnessed in the photos, my baby girl would agree if she could talk! I am a coffee addict, I love scary movies, and am a homebody that enjoys a relaxing night at home with my husband, whom is my best friend and the love of my life!
Organic coconut oil hydrates with a cooling effect and leaves skin velvety soft, while borage seed oil and organic safflower seed oil, rich in essential fatty acids, help support and improve baby’s delicate skin barrier.
Babies will love “Skwishing” it down and watching it return to its original shape – Skwish is a perfect clutching toy for developing gross motor skills.
It sort of feels like the best bits of the last 60 or 70 years all rolled into several perfect pint-sized packages. Each set comes with a sturdy illustrated box that becomes the focal point of the playset, surrounded by 15-20 pieces to round out the imagination. The Busy Bead Tree is a great toy for little ones just beginning to crawl and play on their own. The toys that require your child to explore, use their imagination and stimulate their senses.
The beads slide back and forth along the dowels when shaken, producing a very pleasing rattle and allowing baby to explore sound and learn cause and effect. Whether you choose the Circus, Far West, City, Firefighters, or Farm, the simple play pattern will keep imaginative little ones busy for some time. The sturdy base and lightweight features makes it ideal for those little hands eager to explore all of the beads. The spatial and tactile elements have been shown to be helpful to those on the Autism spectrum. Add your train sets and your average wooden blocks (and at our house – some cardboard boxes and random rocks) and you’ll have an entire living room environment just waiting for the giants to play with!
My daughter is still learning to grasp onto toys and move them, this toy encourages her to practice those skills. Skwish is carefully constructed of sustainable wood and features a non-toxic, water based finish.
Where does it go?" You might be surprised that your toddler knows the answer without being prodded.
2 of 15 2 of 15 Facebook PinterestBeth Studenberg Pick Up Dirty ClothesClothing is lightweight and easy to pick up off the floor, and it takes little effort to put it in its rightful place--whether that's in a hamper or down a laundry chute. Once you get the dirty clothes to the laundry room, reward your child for his good work by letting him assist with the laundry. If your pet is on a portioned diet, you can let your child measure the food using a plastic scoop and pour it into the food dish. A small plastic pitcher is a worry-free way to pour water into the water bowl (provide towels for spills and show them how to clean up after themselves). If you have a rabbit, guinea pig, or other small pet, let your toddler screw on the top to the water dispenser.Win Baby Gear! Teach your children it's easy to clean up after themselves using a damp rag to wipe of floors. 5 of 15Manners & Responsibility: Chores Kids Can (and Should) Do 5 of 15 Facebook PinterestWin Baby Gear!
6 of 15 6 of 15 Facebook PinterestiStock Dusting with SocksLet your child slip her hands into your stash of old, mismatched socks. If the socks have holes in them, you can flip the heels up so the palm of the child's hand is covered with the top of the sock, providing a solid surface for wiping. Once those little hands are wrapped, put them to work wiping dust from books and bookshelves, end tables, and anything else that is safe to touch--and dusty!Win Baby Gear!

7 of 15 7 of 15 Facebook PinterestiStock Carrying & Putting Away GroceriesOnce you have your toddler safely out of his car seat, you can let him help you bring in the groceries and put them away.
Give your child a nonperishable item to carry such as a box of crackers or a roll of paper towels. The key is to choose lightweight items that won't be damaged if they get dropped and mangled. Once you're safely in the house, you can begin to sort between items that go in the refrigerator and those pantry goods to be shelved. Teach and encourage your child to help by talking about what the package contains, fun ways to eat the food, and where the food should be stored.Win Baby Gear!
8 of 15 8 of 15 Facebook PinterestBeth Studenberg Help Set the TableAssign everyone a job and dinner will come together with ease. They can bring spoons to the table, as well as plastic tumblers or sippy cups and any cold, dry foods that can safely be transported. 9 of 15 9 of 15 Facebook PinterestBeth Studenberg Make the BedIt can take many years before a child can tackle this chore solo, but little ones will enjoy helping Mom or Dad by straightening his side of the bed. Working together, teach the child to start with the sheet and pull it up high by the pillows. By not going back and making things perfect, you send the message that you value your child's effort.Win Baby Gear!
Some like the idea of earning stickers or love the thrill of putting a magnet over listings of accomplished tasks. A chore chart is simply a way to post chores and track your child's success at completing them. Your child earns a sticker or a reward once a chore has been completed.Download our Chore ChartsWin Baby Gear! 11 of 15 11 of 15 Facebook PinterestDaniel Loiselle Make It Fun: Turn on the TunesPut on some music and even the dreariest chores are better.
For example: "Let's see if we can get all of these shoes put away before the next song starts."Win Baby Gear! 12 of 15 12 of 15 Facebook PinterestKathryn Gamble Make It Fun: Clean TogetherIf your toddler has a penchant for cleaning, encourage more of the behavior you like with toys designed for dramatic play.
You can set your son up with a miniature vacuum so she can clean the carpets while you do the same with your full-size (and functional) vacuum. 13 of 15 13 of 15 Facebook Pinterest Make It Fun: Set a TimerLittle people have short attention spans.
Instead of working until a task is complete, set the kitchen timer on the table and get as much done in two-minute spurts as you can. Older toddlers will enjoy racing to fill the toy box and might even ask for more time on the clock so they can beat the timer.Win Baby Gear!
14 of 15 14 of 15 Facebook Pinterest Make It Fun: Offer RewardsFor each small task your child completes, you can offer a sticker or a token. Once they've earned 5 or 10 (keep the number low to give a taste for success), reward the good behavior with something simple, such as a trip to a favorite park, play center, or the library, or even a playdate with a special friend. Reinforce good behavior and soon you'll have a child who understands the value of hard work.Copyright © 2009 Meredith Corporation.Win Baby Gear!

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