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Get set for action-packed kart-style racing with some of your favorite Star Wars, MARVEL, Disney, and Disney Pixar characters. On Today’s Tox Box TV live stream on Twitch we got a look at the Toy Box Expansion Pieces for Speedway & Takeover!
The Toy Box Villain Takeover piece will be available as preorder bonuses when you buy the Starter Set at certain retailers. They are packaged in some unique packaging that JV compares to some of the old school NES games. Another set of unlockable toys can be unlocked within the Toy Box Speedway, most are from collecting the three coins but others are from feats. Note that the Toy Store has several items listed as unlocked in the Speedway when they are clearly already unlocked and ready for purchase by default.
Earn the Speedway Feat "Wrecking Crew" which requires you to side bash every other racer in a race. Earn the Speedway Feat "Powered Up" which requires you to win a race using a Power Disc vehicle.

Earn the Speedway Feat "Slow and Steady" which requires you to win a race without using your turbo boost (the green ones on the track are fine). Earn the Speedway Feat "Track Star" which requires you to play in all three modes on all nine tracks.
Earn the Speedway Feat "Nothing Left" which requires you to collect all of the coins on all of the Speedway tracks. Earn the Speedway Feat "Teaming Up" which requires you to complete a race with 3 other players. If you're having trouble finding all three coins on a track check out the Toy Box Speedway Coin Locations Guide. I was at Planet Comicon in Kansas City yesterday (check out my recent post for exciting news from Ming-Na about Mulan in Disney Infinity 3.0), so the deals post is a bit late this week. Thanks for the help from muppetmaker and stephknee for working through a good amount of the Amazon deals beforehand.
Weekly DI Deals editor, avid redditor, and codemonkey, Greg is a freelance transcriptionist by day and a gaming enthusiast by night (though “days” and “nights” are sometimes a bit subjective in his world).

Disney have released a new trailer featuring the two Toy Box Expansion Games coming to Disney Infinity 3.0, Takeover and Speedway.
Although the prices on some of the preowned figures aren’t competitive at all, some of them are literally the only way to get that figure without resorting to eBay anymore. Also, a few months ago when you could get Falcon and Loki for $24, I said it was probably the cheapest way you’d be able to get Falcon and Loki until release. Place a Toy Box Expansion Game Piece on the Disney Infinity Base to unlock pre-built games that instantly take you into the action. Let me know if you’d prefer to have used figures listed there, perhaps maybe separately. In Disney Infinity, you can mix, match and mash-up Star Wars™, MARVEL, Disney and Disney•Pixar characters, unlocked toys and gadgets to complete your missions!

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