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We’re excited to share with you the new site of the Extollo International Training Center in Bercy, Haiti.
This five-acre plot of land, located within MBO's larger 46 acre site, will become the property of Extollo International, thanks to a partnership with Ministere des Bras Ouverts (MBO) and Lifesong for Orphans.
Collectively, the three ministries will provide vocational training, agriculture, animal husbandry, orphan care and education to a community in need of sustainable solutions and jobs.
The first phase will be an Interim Training Center, complete with classroom, shop area and office. Once the foundation is complete, and the site is graded, Extollo's tools and equipment will be relocated from Baocia and work will begin on the facilities' structure. We are excited to begin 2016 with a renewed commitment to our mission of construction training in Haiti and we have plenty of news to share. The first construction project is a guesthouse, where missionaries and Extollo trainers will be able to stay.
With Sherman Balch on the engineering instruments and Steve Poulos watching, James Rinehart levels the ground for the guesthouse.
The MBO site offers beautiful views of the mountains to the north and east and the Caribbean Sea to the west.
Next, Extollo will set up temporary training facilities on site with an outdoor classroom, shop area and office. Thimothee may be soft-spoken, but he is unreserved about his passion for Extollo International and the second chance he received through Extollo's training programs.
Today, Thimothee is an accomplished Extollo graduate whose skills are in demand at Port Lafito. Dreams turn into reality as Extollo's former trainees are hired onto the high-profile Port Lafito project. Extollo trainees Kenson Altidor and Mirlande Croisile hired onto the $65 million Port Lafito project, with Steve Poulos.
A Port Lafito contractor has hired Extollo's top performers from previous projects in high-quality, high-paying jobs.
Marty Welp leads a separate Haitian team building an L-shaped tunnel that will carry electricity from the power station’s generators to the switch building and beyond for distribution. This is a critical step for Extollo International that fulfills our mission to place Haitians in jobs. Steve and his crew of 12 Extollo-trained workers are moving at a fast pace on the Port Lafito project.
Underneath the second floor deck, a team member is checking vertical forms, making sure they have been properly secured.
The Port Lafito construction site is just north of Port-au-Prince, on Port-au-Prince Bay, near the town of Lafiteau. Adjacent to the switch building is the power plant building which houses 10 larger generators that will power the port and surrounding area.
The power plant site, with the team laying block for the switch building in the foreground. Looking for qualified Haitian construction workers, contractor Bill Shelton recently approached Project Superintendent, Steve Poulos about hiring Extollo's workers to help out on the Port Lafito project.
The team will be applying all of their learned trade skills to build a switch building for the Port Lafito power plant.
After the first week of concrete placement and finish work, contractor Bill exclaimed that “Extollo’s workers are the best he has seen in Haiti in the last 10 years.” Steve plans to add 6 workers in the coming days, to bring the total employed to 15. The Port Lafito project is one of the largest and highest profile projects currently in Haiti. I remember seeing a group of missionaries working on a project near the Dezman Fleury orphanage in Leogane.

We have the right concept - one of the best ways to fight the consequences of extreme poverty is employment.
When the children saw the La Gonave Children’s Village for the first time, it was very moving. Was there a special moment when you felt inspired by God and you were reminded that this is God’s path for you?
The ideas that came to me for a new master plan for the La Gonave Children’s Village felt inspired. To celebrate the work completed on the Haiti Partners Children's Academy 2nd Floor Training Center, John and Merline Engle invite the Baocia construction team to Bellevue for a party. Thank you John and Merline for this wonderful celebration and for your love for the community of Baocia!
A former Chevron employee with a strong accounting background and a member of Community Presbyterian Church in Danville, Lori Larson joins Extollo in Haiti to train employees of Extollo's construction team and a few members of the Babou Bakery in business administration and computers.
These promising students currently work in administrative or management positions and they are joining Lori's class to learn new skills or sharpen existing skills.
Larry Norton, Construction Craft Training Center instructor, arrived in Haiti last week to teach plumbing. Larry's custom manual covers the basics of plumbing, how plumbing works, plumbing math and fit and installation of pvc plumbing systems.
This page, translated into Haitian Creole, explains the second step in plumbing installation - gathering the correct tools and materials.Larry shows the team the difference between a 45 and 90 degree angle using a pipe as a visual aid.
To gauge each student's progress, at the end of each day they are quizzed and graded on the concepts they have learned. The team trains on all of the skills needed to complete the task, beginning with measuring the correct height to install the sink (left to right Alberto and Robenson). A week later, we can see the how far the team has come, building out the forms for the third level floor.
Wilkins, Jores and Monel are getting the platform built in preparation for the third floor pour. Russell works with Fritzner and Alto, putting in waste lines that will be needed for the third floor. Harry and Peter Best of Shabang set the mood for the evening with the sounds of the Caribbean. A big thanks goes out to Juanita Brownell, Sherri Leal and Patti Esser for making registration a smooth process. David & Kristen Venoble, Avery and Connie Pratt, LaJuan Hall and Michael Schneider join Brent and Theresa Aasen at their table.
Alex Myril, from Haiti Partners, shares stories about the progress of two young students at the Children's Academy.
Extollo Operations Manager, Marty Welp is currently leading a small team to dig and pour the foundation. Recently, we announced a promising opportunity to partner with Ministere des Bras Ouverts (MBO) and Lifesong for Orphans to establish a home for the Extollo International Training Center. Along with Extollo’s vocational training, the site will serve many needs for the local people, teaching agriculture, animal husbandry, and fisheries and providing schools, orphan care and a place for recreation. To date, access roads have been built, a community center opened, fencing installed, wells drilled, feeding programs begun, upgraded housing built for those who live on the site, and agricultural programs commenced. Sherman visited the guesthouse site last week to kick-off activities along with Marty Welp, who is coordinating the project in Haiti.
Out of despair and desperation following his father's death, he boarded a migrant boat for Miami. Steve Poulos oversees the crew and bears witness to the results of our long-term investment in training Haitian men and women.

To date, 28 men and women from our La Gonave and Baocia projects have been employed building a switch building for the port's power plant.
Our aim is that our trainees are not only employed on our training projects, but also sought out for future employment because of their valuable skills.
He will play an important role in helping to grow Extollo’s construction training programs in Haiti and he brings plenty of experience to the position. Steve put together a 9-person crew of some of Extollo’s top performers from previous projects who will be employed by the port's contractor in high-quality, high-paying jobs. Our aim is that our trainees are not only employed on our training projects, but sought out for employment following training because of their valuable skills.
The 3-story, 74’ long x 24’ wide structure will house the switch and the brains of the power plant. Knowing where they had come from, the bars on the windows, the cramped conditions at the old orphanage and then to see the excitement on their faces at their new homes and the beautiful open space, it was amazing! To restore hope for a future where they are not dependent on handouts and they have the pride of self-reliance.
The concept of a central courtyard with the houses facing inwards, the large porches where the kids could play and classes could be held.  I was confident it would meet their needs and function well – I had help with these ideas!
Our solution is not a quick fix - it takes time to teach someone the skills needed for a career in construction. What we’ve learned over the past 5 years has prepared us to take on the huge opportunity of training Haitians to be placed in skilled jobs in Haiti. While this is a learning opportunity, it is also equipment that will be used in the Training Center and there are no do-overs.
All of this will be dismantled after the slab above has cured, and then this shoring will be used again for the third floor roof.
This demand for Extollo’s workers supports our belief that a long-term investment in training yields results. The forming, shoring and decking for the second floor will be done in 3-4 days which is really impressive. As a volunteer construction Project Manager for Haiti Outreach Ministries, Marty oversaw approximately $2 million worth of construction, completing 23 projects last year alone.
This new employment opportunity supports our belief that a long-term investment in training yields results.
It will distribute power created by 10 massive generators to the port and surrounding area.
You can’t just treat the symptoms, you must treat the root causes of poverty, or the problem will persist. But, the investment is worthwhile and it builds the right foundation for long-term, permanent change in Haiti.
The Port Lafito project alone will have demand for up to 10,000 trained workers over the next 5 years and it is our goal to help fulfill that need with skilled men and women of Godly character. Marty is from Southern Indiana and he has traveled extensively throughout the US and in Asia. It is anticipated that as many as 7,000 skilled construction workers will be needed to complete the project over the next 5 years. Minouche, the only female construction worker at the port, has also earned a coveted spot on the team. I learned this through racing, that if you don’t continue to improve, you’ll fall behind the pack.

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