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PDF versionAdditional PhotosAbout This Project I've been planning on building a patio table for this coming spring and summer, but didn't know where to begin. I have a family of 7 (soon to be 8, I hope), and was trying to figure out how to fit us all on the rectangular table.
I didn't bother to counter sink them, but if I made another I think I would try that to make a more polished look. Can you tell me what size (width) boards you used on the frame pieces of the table, and what size on the inner boards?
Can you please add a photo of the underside of the table and advise how you fastened inner boards on table top.

Since this table is made from cedar, it can be used outdoors for many years without a finish.  Or, you could choose to use a deck finishing product such as Sikkens Cetol to give it extra protection.
The materials, excluding stain and sealer, should cost about $150 (before tax) to build this table in cedar.  This can be easily built in 1 day, and when compared to buying the Pottery Barn Chatham fixed table for $550, this is a bargain!
The Creekvine Designs Cedar Countryside Rocking Outdoor Glider Loveseat and Table Set offers a great opportunity to enjoy nature with or without company.
And they are under mounted, which I love because I want to make ours with the ability to remove the legs for reduced storage space in the winter. You can enjoy a drink or a treat while you read a book or enjoy a deep conversation with a loved one.

Also what did you use for spacing in between the boards or what was the allowance of space. Its slatted design offers visual appeal while its western red cedar construction offers stability and durability.

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