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In 1956, the LOVET side table began the flatpack revolution when IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad and designer Gillis Lundgren unscrewed its legs so they could fit it into a car. You can read more about the history of this design and see vintage catalog pictures in the story about Ikea LOVEBACKEN on the Daily Mail’s website.
So I totally wrote up a post about this exact same table last night and was just about to put it up. I saw one of these in person yesterday at the IKEA in Cincinnati and it was quite attractive. I do wish it had been at price point more like $49 than $60 though, I’d probably have impulse-bought a pair without even thinking about it. I was tempted to pick one up even though i have an awesome set of Lane dovetail end tables. A unique side table option, this professional-looking contemporary table offers dual tempered glass surfaces for storage and display.
You can win this kitchen (and the house it comes with) in HGTV’s Smart Home giveaway contest. This backyard got a makeover with black & white awning stripe details after it was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Cost-cutting custom DIY curtain and curtain rod tips from HGTV Magazine’s May 2013 issue. Come back each week for Magazine Monday, where we feature what’s hot from your favorite home decor magazines and then pin the crap out of them! I can imagine this white metal cutout being used as a ceiling medallion with a mod pendant hanging from it! Neesha and husband Jeff have a home full of soft blues and greens, but they tried to depart from that for a little variety in their guest bedroom and were disappointed with the outcome of their golden yellow paint choice. Many thanks to Bolt Fabrics for providing thirteen yards of this gorgeous stuff, and to Sewing by Norma, who did a great job of creating the bedding! AFTER: Custom curtains provided by Lush Livings, curtain rods installed by My Austin Handyman. Art is such a personal experience, so we asked Neesha to pick out several of her favorites from Austin artist Judy Paul‘s prints. We turned into design nerds when we scored a George Nelson wall sconce for the room, thanks to Lights Fantastic!
AFTER: Nelson sconce from Lights Fantastic, duvet fabric from Bolt Fabrics, duvet created by Sewing by Norma, decorative pillows by Etsy seller creativeladys, interior painting by Escobedo Painting. To finish things off, Claire nabbed a shawl from Neesha, which happened to coordinate beautifully with the design of the room. Neesha also went on to say that, had she been in on the selection process, she probably would have vetoed several elements in the space, because she would not have been capable of visualizing how everything would work together. Congratulations to Neesha and Jeff, and big thanks to all of our Guest Room Giveaway sponsors, including our lovely and talented photographer, Suzi Q. Norma constructed these tailored loveseat and sofa slipcovers--notice how the stripes are all aligned!
Sewing by Norma is also your best resource for clothing alterations and creating custom formal wear and wedding gowns. A big thank you to Norma for contributing your great talents and sewing skills to help us create a beautiful guest bedroom for our winner!
Remember how we all used to go to Fanny’s Fabrics for interior fabrics and how depressed we were when it shut down back in July? Our virtual tour of Room Fu’s Guest Room Giveaway sponsors continues with Lush Livings, who will provide new custom curtains for the winning guest bedroom!
We are very pleased to have Lush Livings participating in our giveaway and cannot wait to pick out some custom curtains for our winner’s guest bedroom from their amazing variety of fabric selections! Cafe curtains are really only appropriate for casual spaces like kitchens, breakfast areas, and bathrooms.
84″ curtain panels are cheaper than their longer counterparts, so many people are tempted to get them.

This mid-century lover's dream bathroom has plenty of personality, but won't hurt resale value. This elegant glass chrome side table is from Powell Furniture.  With a glass round top and chrome body,  this sophisticated design is made to be everlasting.
Home A» Decorating Resources -- Also note those subcategories in the orange navigation, above! In 1956, the LA–VET side table began the flatpack revolution when IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad and designer Gillis Lundgren unscrewed its legs so they could fit it into a car.
Remember, you who have some skillsaw skills, that the MCM table legs are available in all sizes from some woodworking catalogs, and you could make your own in a similar shape using a laminate top on plywood. Get informed and be aware about the environmental & safety hazards in old homes, materials and products. The black oak frame descends from the top surface to the bottom in two opposite corners, leaving the bottom space more open with a wider gap for easy access. We are really excited about how this makeover turned out, due in large part to the amazing products and services donated by Austin businesses to create this fantastic space.
We fell in love with this beautiful Greek key fabric and threw in a hot pink strip on each panel, to take what might otherwise be a trendy color palette into a more personalized direction. To bring the ultra-high ceiling down, we wrapped the ceiling color onto the tops of the walls and added a metallic gold stripe between the green and teal. Neesha said that this was a testament to how much the room reflected her personal style–because the shawl was one of her favorite things. She was incredibly happy with the result, and spent some quiet time in the room after we left and enjoyed every minute of it! Norma has been our go-to sewing wizard the entire time I’ve been in business, so I’m superproud to have her talents included in our Guest Room Giveaway! Just imagine all of the upholstery and home decor projects you could tackle now that you know Bolt is open! In addition to curtains, Lush Livings offers custom duvet covers, quilts and decorative pillows in a wide array of fabric options, sold through their website as well as their Etsy store.
If you live in Austin, Texas and have a guest bedroom with a full-or-larger bed in it, submit a photo of your guest bedroom and enter to win! The key to pulling off good-looking cafe curtains is to use modern fabrics, hang them so that the top of the panels hit the middle of the window, and hems should kiss the window sill. But with the increased ceiling height of new construction homes, there are rare instances where I’ll use this length of curtain anymore.
My rule of thumb is that I like rods to hit about six inches below the ceiling, with hems kissing the floor. If you want to dress the windows in your breakfast area but are afraid of grubby hands using curtains as napkins, a little bit of tailored valance can give you that hit of pattern, color, or texture you need to soften a space.
This type of curtain is annoying to use if you want your curtains open, just framing the window. This type of panel gives you a minimal wave at the top of your curtains, versus the gathered look that rod pocket curtains have. A more formal look, you’ll need to add curtain hooks to the back of pleated curtains and hang them from curtain rings. Recently, chrome side tables have become popular due to their sleekness and sturdiness.  With a eye for design, you can really buy some really cool and modern chrome side table that can bring out the modern theme in your home. This design features a more curvy look, which is perfect if you want this chrome side table to be placed above the sofa.  The only downside is that it cannot be used to store magazines or books.
The screws for the framework needs to be loosen a little before the glass top can be fitted in. Get informed and be aware about the environmental & safety hazardsA in old homes, materials and products. With features like a distinctive grain pattern in the veneer top and plastic feet that protect against scratched floors, this mid century design revival would be a welcome addition to any retro or modern home — at a very affordable price.
Or you could prime and paint the plywood top with latex enamel, creating a leaf pattern or whatever other pattern you wish.

I never thought I was lucky to live in Canada in terms of retro finds, with its lack of Youngstowns and Genevas.
Consider purchasing either two or four of this design and arranging them together as a coffee table. Escobedo Painting made this design detail look effortless and the result is cozy and inviting.
Norma will be taking the fabric we select from Bolt Fabrics and she’ll turn it into a custom duvet cover and pair of pillow shams for the bed. Bolt Fabrics is now open on South Lamar, south of Oltorf next to Strut.We’re proud to have Bolt as our sponsor for 12 yards of custom bedding fabric!
Shop now, and also be sure to also mark your calendars for their grand opening on October 20th. When you purchase their custom merchandise, you can select other finish details, like whether you want curtains with a grommet or tab top, rod pocket, and color of grommets.
Next week, voters will decide on a winner–and voters may be eligible to win a free in-home design consultation from Room Fu – Knockout Interiors!
Having the hem dangle below the sill comes off as grandma style–no offense to grandmas in the audience (Mom). For a more formal look, as pictured in the room above, let hems slightly bend at the floor.
Layering them over curtains will give you a slightly more traditional look, and ups the ante in the formality department. They tend to sneak back to the center, minimizing your window exposure, and there’s no good way to keep them from creeping out.
While they’re easier to keep open than rod pocket curtains, the fabric tabs will still have a tendency to creep toward the center. I’m not a fan of using clip rings with pleated curtains, as the exposed clips mar the formality of the pleats.
Currently, this chrome side table is on discount and can be purchased for less than 50% of its original price. During the 1960s I think every boy I knew made some sort of side table or coffee table in woodshop, using the standard screw-in legs. However, in Toronto, we have not one but TWO Ikeas, one at each end of our city, each on the subway line, with an Ikea shuttle bus to their doors. I’ve been admiring the Threshold branded merch for a while and good gawd is it fantastic.
After the paint was up, Claire and I both had such an urge to have them come repaint all of our ceilings! If you’re going with short curtains, rods should be mounted just a few inches above the top of the window. As pictured above, you want your curtains to kiss the floor and mount your rod high enough that the window doesn’t peep out above the fabric. It’s not a full-on puddle, but gives you that hint of draped elegance in a grander space.
As a general rule, the more pleats you have in your valance, the more traditional it will look. If you find some that are the perfect fabric to coordinate with your room, I recommend hanging them from clip rings, which makes them easier to stack left and right.
If you live within 25 miles of Austin’s Capitol Building and part of our Facebook community, you could win a free 1-hour in-home interior design consultation from Room Fu!

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