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I was asked to contribute to the site HomePortfolio about coffee tables (my tips are listed on this great site).
Jane Lockhart is an interior design professional, speaker, author and television host of the show Colour Confidential. This is an awesome diy project where you'll take 4 crates and create a unique and stylish coffee table! I want to share with you a few coffee table ideas, that will help you choose one for yourself. When we consider buying a new furniture for our living room, a coffee table is usually pushed to the end of the list, nevertheless it is very important for the overall look. The living room structure – The shape of your coffee table should be determined by the structure of your living room.
The size of the space – The size of your space will affect the size of your furniture.

The decor style of your home – Try to analyze the decor style of the other furniture in the room, create a balance between your sofa and your coffee table. Consider your rug pattern -  For a busy rug pattern, your best option would be a coffee table with solid color. Your personal taste - Choose the one you like the most, consider color, texture, and the type of wood that you prefer.
Last but not least, pick the coffee table that will give you the functionality you need, yet will complete the overall look of your living room. The home decor eBook was created just for people like you, Regular people who don’t want to pay for a designer, and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on high-priced furniture and accessories. Best part is that you won't need much to decorate it with because it is a beautiful centerpiece to your living room as is!
If your living room is square then try to find a square coffee table, as well as any other shape of your room. For example, if your living room is relatively small, your coffee table should be small and clear, to place an airy feeling.

In choosing coffee tables, we all know that the important aspect is that it is of good quality whether its made up of plastic,wood, or glass.
For a large living room, you can choose a heavy wood table that will give the space warmth. It’s very easy to make it look fall-style and cozy using tabletop fireplaces, pumpkins in jars, flowers, nuts and other natural things.
Do you want a table that will last a long time or are you okay with a table that will last a few years?
Gather some leaves outside and use them for decor – or just buy faux leaves and make a decoration of them. Below you’ll find different ideas in various styles – modern, rustic, minimalist and traditional, enjoy and get inspired!

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