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Coffee tables play an integral part in the home and it is in that place where we share those special moments with friends and guests who pay us a visit. This coffee table decor is the perfect example of something that you’d want to implement if you have a very bright living area.
If you have a very modest and straight forward approach to decorating, the same should be said for the way you decorate your coffee table. If you have a round coffee table then we recommend targeting round coffee table decor to go along with it. Sometimes, decorating your coffee table is as simple as throwing a plant in the middle of the table and moving on.
Sometimes, all it takes to decorate your coffee table is a bowl of food and we mean that quite literally. Sure, these decorations are a little bland but with wood flooring, it is sometimes your best option. Some people even go as far as to decorate their coffee tables with a tray of some of their favorite items.
This white multi-level tree stump coffee table by Alicia at Thrifty and Chic is pretty much mind-blowing. 1 The contrast of a rustic basket and industrial wheels works to create a unique and functional coffee table. 3 This coffee table makes a bold statement with its metallic gold Greek key inspired base and white lacquered tray.
6 For those of you that like to get really comfortable, how about a coffee table with a lift-up top? 10 A round, natural seagrass coffee table adds casual style and is a great spot for snacks or to put your feet up.
13 Old steam trunks (or new ones) make fabulous coffee tables and give you extra storage space. This beautiful and unique balustrade coffee table adds a stunning aspect of elegance to this family room and Tricia at Simplicity in the South made it entirely herself.

I only have a teeny bit of experience building furniture, but I think I could handle this big box! Whether or not you are an artist, you can create a one of a kind art piece on your table top. Coffee table books are great, but why not make your coffee table top just as interesting and informative? Turn your coffee table into a piece of memorabilia that friends and family members will love to see. There are various decorative tips and ideas that one can take advantage of to be able to transform a simple coffee table into something stylish, and culturally appealing depending on the kind of theme you may prefer for your setting.
If you have a coffee table that isn’t your typical coffee table then you may want to consider decorating it like this.
Depending on the titles, the way the books look, and much more, you may have yourself some quality decor. Take some random items in your home (it could be a compass, an old radio, and a vintage Coke bottle) and use them as decor.
We hope that you found something here that you really like and will consider sharing this list with your friends.
She got five pieces of seasoned stump wood for $20, and transformed them into a show-stopping coffee table for her off-white living room. Furniture you can see through doesn’t seem to take up space and keeps the room from feeling cramped. She believes that style is about embracing your unique sense of life and expressing it in your home and the way you live. Over at Addicted 2 Decorating, this awesome rolling factory cart style coffee table was made using reclaimed fence pickets.
Paint the coffee table a plain base color like white or black and use the top as your canvas. Paint the table top a creamy off white color and with a sponge dipped in a darker cream or brown color, dab the edges of the table to it looks like an old piece of yellowed paper.

Gather photos together, trimming and cropping the best bits out of the less satisfactory ones, until you have a collection of different sized and shaped images. At her blog, she tells how to find the wood, how to select the right wood, and how she treated and painted the stumps to turn them into the coffee table. In 2012, Peggy launched the blog Decorating Files to share her experience and knowledge to help readers create a home and lifestyle that reflects their own individuality and personal style. After seeing a salvaged wood balustrade coffee table at restoration hardware she replicated the look with this beautiful knock-off. I love the jute rope handles and casters (oh, and the reclaimed wood, of course!) I could see a rolling coffee table being very useful around the house, and it definitely looks sturdy enough to serve as extra seating if needed. Cover with a solid base color, and use strips of masking tape to mark out stripes, criss-cross, or any other shape you fancy.
Use a permanent marking pen to write your favorite sayings and quotations all over the table top, or a piece of prose, poetry or a journal entry.
Arrange them over the table top into a pattern that pleases you and glue them carefully into place.
Then you are bound to have a collection of magazines, maps and other ephemera with images that cry out for display. However, I still think the right table is out there and that I’m going to find it soon. We’re always posting new, exciting content on a wide variety of topics related to home design. If you want more colors and more stripes, just repeat the process, putting the masking tape in different places.

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